Saturday, October 27, 2012

I Threw a Fit (Surprise)

Just one picture from yesterday. This was taken from the Durango Burger King's parking lot. I'm so sure!  Even in the BK parking lot, it is picturesque!  


Okay, let's get real here. We are a married couple just like everybody else, and even on vacation, we have our moments of marital stress. Yesterday we were taking a little drive and I had the map and was giving the Captain driving directions (NEVER a good idea and a perfect recipe for a blow-up). You know it's true!

Of course, he was not listening to me, and he's been doing this the entire trip...I tell him to turn this way or that, and he either completely ignores me or asks really dumb questions like, "What do you mean turn left?  Is it a hard left or just a veer in the road?"

WTF?  "How the hell should I know!! I've never been here either, but if you need to turn left, you probably should be in the LEFT lane regardless! DUH!"

And he went on and on about whether it was a veer or a hard turn, and I totally lost my shit with him and said, "IT DOESN'T MATTER!  Forget it! You have not followed my directions this whole trip! Just drive off the damn cliff for all I care! Don't ask me anything EVER AGAIN! I am really annoyed with you right now!  @#$%^&! (Understatement.) I pitched a huge hissy fit and wadded up the map and threw it in the back seat like I was 12 years old.

Ha-ha-ha! It must be the elevation sickness again. It is still sucking the life out of us, by the way. I thought you might enjoy knowing everything is not sunshine and roses every minute. I got over it after a few miles of silence, and everything was fine once again.


We will be on the train to Silverton and back all day today. Hopefully I'll get some great pictures and a little video to share from that trip. Thank goodness the Captain is NOT driving. 



  1. Captain needs a gps from Santa this year. Enjoy your trip :)

  2. Men are sometimes just big butt heads. I love my husband and I am lucky he is a really good guy, but regardless he is a guy.....and that says it all.
    Hang in there,

  3. Hope are on the train and not driving. It is the altitude for sure. In fact, we just now decided to fly to FL this winter and not drive. Can you believe that we were even considering driving down. Not a good thing us two in a car for a long time. So when I say, I know.... I know. That's why I just do all the driving. I'm the "Driving Mr. "Scott" Daisy" now a days.

    Have a fun train ride.

  4. Oh Pammy Sue, you are not alone! Some of the worst fights we have ever had were over directions. I can't read a map for beans! And now, when he asks me to look, or to google something, or to read the map on the ipad while we are driving, I freak out. I can't SEE it for one thing, unless I have glasses on. Then I have to fish them out of my purse, and by the time I find them, he is fuming, and I am fuming, and ready to jump out of the moving car. Men are idiots sometimes!!!
    Have fun today!
    xo Kris

  5. Hi Pam, OK, I got all caught up on your adventures! Wow, that was a funny deal with the traffic cop! And I love the video.. wowowowow.. that is some scenic place! Love seeing all you're up to! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Well, one thing about the train trip....he won't be driving, lol. I know how that is, we went to Niagara Falls a few years back, was the first vacation we had since our kids went to college and I thought we were going to go up into New England states, cause I sure wanted a fresh lobster, just once in my life. Well, he said we didn't have time and he wanted to go home, so all the way home we traveled the Ohio Turnpike and I was steaming mad, some vacation, then he asks me if I wanna stop in the Amish country, down around Walnut Creek, and I told him no, that he could take me to Shipsawanna Indiana, to the Amish country I hadn't been to before. We made a pit stop at home and our youngest daughter asked us what we were doing coming home, I told her "we live here, that's what we are doing here", lol.....and we left the next morning for Indiana. Just so happens it was a good thing we didn't go to Maine, they had an ice storm and power lines down all over the place. I never told my hubby that though, lol.
    Have fun and for heaven's sake don't kill each other. I don't think they allow yarn and hooks in prison, hah.
    Susanne :P


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