Sunday, October 28, 2012

Durango-Silverton Train

Just a couple of short videos of the train ride (less than a minute each). We sat in the very last seat in the train and were just inside the back deck. These videos were taken from that deck. I was sitting in a lawn chair out there! It was magnificent! Glorious! Awesome!

Sorry this one is so skinny.
I forgot to turn my camera sideways.

The "smoke" you see in these pictures is from the engine, which was way ahead of us since we were in the very back.  Some pictures below show you how far back we were.

Now a few pictures...

Inside our train car looking up.

Frozen waterfall.


We are beat from the trip yesterday. My back is paying the price for all that rocking and jolting for hours. Probably not a good idea if you have a bad back. We're taking it very easy today, and I was smart enough to bring my heating pad with us, so lots of cabin couch time during NASCAR and football.

I think I see some brownies in our future this afternoon. When we get home, I am not eating until Thanksgiving. Hahaha.

Oh, I wanted to show y'all one more picture from the trip from Santa Fe to Durango...

This was on the Captain's side of the road (driver's side).

CAP:  Look, Pam! It's Penis Point!

ME:  OMG! Seriously?

CAP:  No. It's actually Chimney Rock.

ME:  Oh.


  1. I knew you would have a fab time. Glad to hear you are taking it easy today before the drive home. We are off for a quick ride in the 40s and then home for our early turkey dinner and tivo bears game. Yes, I do the breast early so when we are in FL with 28 we do not feel deprived. But, not potatoes and stuffing, guess we will suffer. But, yes to the gravy. What's turkey without gravy and cranberries. Even if I made the crans with splenda, that were tastie.

    Rest up today.....

  2. Okay the last picture has me laughing. Enjoy your quiet day.

  3. Definitely looks like Penis Point to me!! What a fabulous trip! Stunning views! Is that the Rio Grande? Can you imagine building that train track??
    Rest up today!!
    XO Kris

  4. Hi PS.. just loved the videos of the train trip. You were high up there and it was a bit scary! You know Dayle was a railroad engineer for 30 years? So, we love trains. Love your "point"! LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. Always get my laugh for the day when I read your posts. Penis Point: hilarious!!!!

  6. I am a train nut . . grew up in a town that you had to plan on leaving 20 minutes early to get anywhere because of all the train crossings.

    Would love to ride the train you did . . not dure about the vertigo though :)

  7. I told Mr. S. that our next vacation I want to go to Durango! I'll have to get the particulars of your cabin when you get back, cuz I would love to stay there, that view is spectacular.

  8. That is truly God's country!

  9. I much prefer the name Penis Rock to Chimney Rock. ;-) Thaqnks for taking us along on your vacation.

  10. It's such a beautiful place! Love the last photo, it's funny! :)


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