Friday, October 12, 2012

Crochet & Quilt Ribbons

Here are a few of the ribbon items.  I'll just show them and not comment.  You can think what you may.  Sorry some are not great pictures.  I was taking the pictures of the crochet stuff through glass and sometimes couldn't get the camera to focus...

You will recognize most, if not all, of these patterns.

The first one below is made of squares of material crocheted together.
Click on any of these for a larger view...


The above quilt fascinated me.
Look at all of those teeny-tiny squares that had to be sewn together!

The above was the Captain's favorite.

I liked the above flower basket quilt the most.
I wish I'd gotten a better pic of it.

This one was prettier in person.
They all were, really.


The Captain has a full-blown cold.  He started getting it the day we went to the Fair and shared drinks all day.  GAH.  Our trip is coming up in less than two weeks, so if I'm going to get it, I wish it would just come on.  I threatened to lick his face and up his nose so I could just get it and get it over with.  So far I have no sign of it.  (Knock on wood!)

When I tell people that we went to the fair, they always ask what we had to eat.  When we first got there, I had a corny dog (always a must-eat) and the Captain had hamburger.  Later in the day, we both had an ear of roasted corn on the cob with butter, salt, and garlic pepper.  The corn was THE BEST!  Then right before we left, the Captain had a big smoked sausage on a stick.  It was good, but I just wasn't hungry.  We didn't try any of the weird sweet foods, like deep fried Snickers or Oreos.  I swear, they had fried everything, including fried jambalaya and fried mac & cheese.  

I always ride only one ride...

I love the swings!

The Captain refused to ride it, so I rode it alone with the rest of the 8 year olds.  Hahaha!


Have a great weekend!

Pammy Sue!

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  1. Pammy, I love that you rode the swing alone! You go girl! What fun. My husband wouldn't go to a fair with me if his life depended on it!! The crochet items were nice. Although I didn't care for the yellow dress at all. It looked like icky yarn too. The white ensemble was very pretty. But you do much prettier dresses and next year ENTER!!! The quilts always fascinate me! Such work!!!!
    Where are you going???? Hope Cap feels better soon, and get yourself on Vit C NOW!!!!!
    XO KRis

  2. What great crochet and quilt projects! I love the first crochet picture and would love to try that. You are so brave to try the swings. Last time I rode fair rides i threw up in my husband's hat! :-o

  3. Pammy Sue, thanks for showing the crochet and quilts at the fair. I was very impressed with the white lace christening ensemble - no wonder it won the Blue Ribbon! I agree with Kris, you should put some of your things in next year. Where are you going on your trip? Inquiring minds want to know! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I never understood the idea of giving multiple ribbons for the places. I mean doesn't one item deserve the blue ribbon on it's own?

    Oh, well, I think all state fairs do that . . as do county fairs P0{

    Must eat for me at fairs: Smoked Sausage sandwich, ribbon fries (or is it ribbon fry since it comes from one potato?), elephant ear (or elephant bites if they have them, and Kettle Corn to take home.

    Oh, and I love the Captain's choice in quilts :0}

  5. Loved all the pics. The material in the squares of the first pic were very pretty. I never go to any fairs (I hate being in crowds) so it is nice when I can see pics from them :)

  6. Hi Pammy Sue...please don't get the cold! Just don't do it! Looks like you guys had fun at the fair!

  7. You are right. None of them are that special. The blue ribbon flag one, however, is pretty darn cool. What fun to go to a fall fair. Glad to see you are getting out and about before your big trip. Walking a little each day will help you get along better on your travels. Next year we want to see you entered in the contest kiddo.

  8. Thanks for the pics. Yes You enter next year. Oh yeah add some Zinc in with that Vit.C.

  9. Was that your name on two of the prize winners? Some lovely exhibits there! You two are really kids at heart - you're so brave to ride that thing. Obviously you had a great time. Xoxox

  10. Thankyou for sharing those fantastic pics..
    A lot of work has gone into them and the colours are wonderful..
    You are one brave lady going on that swing.. lol..

  11. Found your blog and glad I did. Can't wait to read through it.
    Lovely pictures and awesome crochet.
    Come over to my blog anytime for a visit.!

  12. Hi!

    First of all, Thanks for stopping by my blog!

    I love that afghan with the Squares / pictures in it! That is sharp!



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