Saturday, October 20, 2012

(Updated) A Little Knitting?

I have just about convinced myself to give the knitting needles one more try...this time the circular needles, although I'm not even sure I know what that means.  LOL.  I'm an idiot, or should I say knit-wit?  Ha-ha-ha.

BUT...when I saw THIS, I followed her link to the free Ravelry pattern.  Look how many people have made this hat!  2,329 people!  And that's just the number that took the time to post their project on Ravelry.  If that many people can knit this hat, so can I!  Right?

Plus, I have tried a time or two before to knit, and I just could not get the hang of it.  So you know what that means?  A challenge!  I can do anything if I want to bad enough.  I just haven't wanted to very bad in the past because my one true love is crochet.  It still is, but I just have to prove to myself (and now y'all) that I can do this.

I really really really wish that I had someone sitting here with me to show me how to do it, but instead I will rely on YouTube videos to teach me the stitches.  I taught myself to crochet, so I can teach myself to knit too.  It just may take a little longer.

Does anybody want to try this with me?  I don't care if you've ever knitted before or not, but it would be nice if you did so you can answer any questions I might have.  I do know a few of you who knit (like Lovestitch and Stitchy Mc Floss), but I would love some new knitters too so we can feel the pain together.  Ha.  Now that's not a very good mindset, Pammy Sue.  We will be so excited if we learn this new craft and make this hat!

Anybody?  Let's do it!

I even have several kinds of sock yarn in my stash that I can use for this.  I will, however, have to make a run to Hobby Lobby for those circular needles.  In fact, I'm getting dressed right now to go get them.  Hobby Lobby closes in an hour and won't be open on Sunday.

Where's my bra and car keys??


This is the style of the one I am making and the colors.  HERE is the link to the Ravelry page belonging to the lady that made this one.  See her notes for her changes.

Here is the yarn I bought at Hobby Lobby for the brim, pom-pom, and the body:

I had to get baby yarn for the brim & pom-pom,  It's a bit darker than it shows here, but you get the idea.

Off I got to look at YouTube videos and get started!

I'm skeered!
But I shall not fail, even if it kills me!


  1. Just find the keys...screw the bra.

  2. I tried knitting in high school (And threw the needles across the classroom) forward 20 years and I try it again....and I can't say I am a great knitter but at least the needles don't get thrown now :)

  3. I can knit.. it's just so much more frustrating for me, especially when you drop a stitch or they fall off the needles and then.. and then.. oh goodness.. nightmares. But I know you can do it! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Got me!! I am the perfect friend. You can tell me anything and I will believe it! Sooooooo gullible!! ha ha ha

  5. Oh Pammy Sue! I know you can do it, for sure! Do you remember I taught myself to knit as well? Just like you, about a year ago I started to learn to knit, everything is based on my first knitting book and the videos on youtube. Everything is new to me, even I didn't realize I knit a knit stitch through back loop instead of the front one! I can remember how excited I was when I finished a simple dishcloth, the very first one I have ever knitted! Even now I can knit much more better, I'm still learning a lot! Let me join you so I can share with you how much painful I felt at the beginning of knitting! But don't worry, Youtube helps a great deal!
    Move on! Yay for you!!!!!

  6. I am reading your posts in reserve, so I responded to your other post before I even saw this one...

    I would love to knit this with you. I have to get my supplies together, but I will be more than happy to join in. Please, please e-mail me, or PM me on Rave for any questions.

    If you haven't found the 16 inches needle, then head to a yarn shop, you really must find one, you can do it on double points (which I might do) but for a newbie, it's so much easier on a circular needle.

    I have no doubt that you will master knitting. My first love is crochet, always has been, always will be...but knowing how to knit allows you make even more cool things..and you will be surprised at just how the two really do go together.

    I knit at the speed of paint drying, so I am slow, but I enjoy the process and the softness of the finished piece.

    I am working on a knitted afghan and a shrug right now...very slow going, but I can't stop because I really want both items.

    I accept the challenge to join you!

  7. Check out my post today (sunday) I have started a KAL on my blog and have asked others to cheer you on as you learn to knit.

    I am digging thru the stash right now and will cast on later today....

    Yay...what fun. :)


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