Tuesday, September 04, 2012

Trees & Dogs

 I took a couple of pictures of the crepe myrtles in our backyard.  They are so pretty right now.

Have you ever noticed that the spot on Ollie's side is shaped like a heart?  Perfect.  I love him so much.  GAH.

The always-happy, crazy-ass Fletch.
He's so misunderstood.
I love him too!
I love ALL of my dogs to the point it hurts.


I had another go at my hair.  Better this time...

All teased out.

I thought it looked bigger and ridiculous in person, but it doesn't look overdone in this picture at all.  The Captain said I looked like Joyce DeWitt.  LOL.  Remember her from Three's Company?  I couldn't find one picture of her wearing a headband, but I swear I remember her wearing one all the time on that show.

No more pictures of myself, I promise.  Ugh.  Puffy McPufferson.

I'm off to work again.  
I'm on a lunch break.  Bye.


  1. Has anyone mentioned that they don't get your heading anymore on your blog? ANd all of your side information is on the bottom of the page?

    I have noticed this on your blog and another one I follow. DOn't know if it's me or what :0{

    By the way, Joyce DeWitt graduated from the same college I graduated from . . her name was ALWAYS on the list of alumni doners :0}

    Then, a couple of years ago, David Letterman, another alum, gave a bazinga amount of money to help in building a new building for telecommunications/journalism . . .guess the celebrity stopped in their classes :0}

  2. Looks like a beautiful day there. Glad you and the kids got out for a few this morning before work time.

    Now, don't go and get a head band craz like I did. You know I've been collecting them for years. I have a whole basket full. They are fun to jazz up our short hair. I am dying for a cut but one more week until the wedding too wait. Boo - Hoo, I need one bad.

  3. Love the trees. Love the dogs MORE. Is Fletch a Boston? Too cute! And the hair is looking GOOD Girl. I especially like the headband!

  4. Paula, No one has mentioned that my blog isn't showing correctly.

    ANYBODY? It looks fine to me on both my laptop and desktop.

    It may be your browser needs to be updated. I used Google Chrome.

  5. Your hair looks Great....
    I love headbands too.
    Your blog is fine on this end. No problems.Your trees look real nice too. Bright color.


  6. Your blog looks ok to me too Pammy Sue. You've done real well with your hairdo .. I love that second picture. Also love the pics of the doggies, of course !! Never noticed Ollie's heart before - its cute.

  7. Those pups are cute... trees are beauteous.

  8. Love the crepe myrtle, the doggies and your hair. You're sooooo glam!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. The trees are so pretty. We had one in our old house, and I miss it! We should plant another. But we have SO many trees here, we just never did.
    The heart I have never noticed. How fun!!! I know you love your fur babies like the dickens!!!
    Love your hair. Good teasing!!!!! My daughter got me a brush for teasing and boy does it work!!!!
    I remember Joyce DeWitt. I also remember the headbands!!! Yep, I see the resemblance!!!

  10. Your blog looks fine to me too - on my computer and on my iPad.
    Love the hairband and the teeny heart on teeny Ollie's side. How cute is that? :o)


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