Tuesday, September 11, 2012

Rainy Day Shawl & THE Trip

The Free Pattern:  Festival Shawl
Yarn:  Lion Brand Jiffy in Silver Heather
Hook:  Size K (6.50mm)
Alterations:  At the end of each row, I added a trc in top ch of ch-4 from previous row.
Edging:  (Hdc, dc, hdc in each chain space, sl st in next stitch) across both sides.
Point:  I don't remember what I did!  I just winged it.
Top Edging (Neck):  As pattern.

Somebody likes it, even for a sunny day.

We've got our 20th Anniversary trip to the mountains of Colorado planned soon.  This shawl will definitely be going with us, sans the dog(s).  The dogs will be at the doggie spa (don't tell them it's just the vet's kennel).  They seem to like it.  They have a big fenced yard to play in there a couple of times a day.  You'll get details of the trip upon our return, but we've still got over a month to wait before we leave.  We've had it planned for a couple of months now, and I am getting very antsy for the departure date.

It looks something like this...

Planned side trips...CHECK!

Mountain stream...CHECK!

Mountains & day trips...CHECK!

Random dog picture...CHECK!
I know.  Don't try to make sense of it.
But isn't he gorgeous?
Hey!  He's the same color as my shawl.

A private cabin on the mountain...CHECK!

Rest, relaxation, and enjoying each other's company...


GAH...I can hardly wait.


  1. Love the shawl. Your upcoming anniversary trip looks heavenly! Enjoy! :)

  2. Your trip away looks like a dream holiday/vacation. No wonder you're so excited about it! :oD

  3. Oh My that shawl is beautiful. And your trip looks like it is going to be wonderful, nothing like mountains, a river and a beautiful view. We celebrated our 20th this year, too. Good for both of you.

  4. Na-na-na... I know all the sordid details. I know you are going to have a fabulous time. What's with the gray dog at the end again?

    Just finished Chicken Stuffed Peppers and a side wild rice salad with black beans for Scott. Glad to have dinner behind me already. Time to chill with a magazine for a few.

  5. Oh wow! You have a fantastic plan for your 20th anniversary! Love all the photos, such a beautiful place! I'm so happy and excited for you, it's going to be a wonderful trip! Have a lot of fun, take a lot of pictures to share us! :)
    Hugs to you,

  6. SInce I had Tavish, my 2nd dog as an adult, I have taken my dogs to our vet in Indiana . . .I always say they are going to the "puppy motel."

    We have even taken Indy there, when we were in Logan and didn't trust her staying at my BFF's house . . . we call that Sandberg's Bed and No Breakfast."

    The vet's wife, who made the arrangements for Indy to stay there, told me later that she wasn't sure of there would be enough room, but for me, she would take my b aby home with them and keep her until I was ready. That pleased me to no end, to think she thought that much of how I would have trined a dog she had never met.

    Enjoy the thoughts of your trip.

  7. Meet you there!!!!!!

  8. Oh boy, that looks like a fun trip! I do hope you share photos when you get back. That looks like a Mastiff puppy? Love the big dogs, but they have a very short life span. We had a St. Bernard/Great Dane cross and he looked like a Mastiff. They only live about 8 years. You did a great job on your shawl! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Sounds like the perfect holiday to me !!

  10. That shawl is gorgeous! Nice work! You guys are gonna have so much FUN! Can't wait to see photos of the surroundings! Hugs, Annette

  11. Did you see the doogies pretty eyes? Don't get me wrong I love my dog he is just...well....fuggly LOL. Love the shawl!

  12. Love your shawl! And the mountain pics are gorgeous. I'd be antsy too if I were you!

  13. Your shawl is beautiful! Love it! :)

    Your trip sounds very nice. That is the cutest doggie....hmmmm are you shopping around for another four legged friend?

  14. I don't blame you getting antsy for your trip I would love to do what you are doing and going too looks like a fun place to go. I can't believe how big the paws on that puppy he will be huge. He is cute. I am now getting into some serious knitting I want to make these beautiful prayer shawls with fancy stiches. Well take care my friend.

  15. Beautiful view of that lovely cabin, wish I can visit the place too. :)

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