Friday, August 31, 2012

Not About Crochet

I know...weird!
But put your hooks down and listen up.

I found the funnest blog and have spent hours today looking through it.  I came across it on Pinterest, and then I followed the link to her hair videos on YouTube and then her blog.  I have finished watching nearly every single one, including a few of her make-up ones, but since it's midnight and I am a wimpy granny, and granny needs her beauty sleep -- believe me -- I had to force myself to stop watching for tonight.

And because I am a good little bloggy friend, I had to pop in here and share it with you before I go down for my granny beauty sleep.  ZZZzzz...  Snore, snore, snort, whimper, poot, startle awake...

Oh, jeez.  I nearly fell asleep before I gave you the links.  Did I mention it's after midnight?  I'm so WILD for staying up so late!

So anyway, watch some of her videos, and for God's sake, do something about your hair tomorrow!!  ;)

I started with the How to Blow Dry Your Hair and How to Tease Your Hair and How to Use a Curling Iron videos and then progressed to the hairstyles and braiding stuff. All I know is I want her hair and I'm super-pissed that I just cut mine even shorter!  Bleh.  So I can't even do these things until it grows out. I don't care.  These are things every girl (and yes, grannies) should know.


  1. Her just out of bed look even looks great !! She does have beautiful hair and obviously knows all the tricks.

  2. Okay, I will check her out only because she might have a tip on getting rid of a mustache and I don't mean the one on my husband's upper lip!
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  3. Well... that dang girl is way too pretty and young for me to emulate.. I'll leave that to you young and pretty ones. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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