Sunday, August 12, 2012


I've got absolutely nada for y'all today picture-wise.  I probably have nothing fun to say either, but I'm gonna just ramble and slap this entry up.  Sorry.  It's just been really slow around here.  From the looks of blogland, it's been slow for most everyone.

I haven't been into crocheting ANYTHING since the animals I showed you.  The poor things are staring at me from their basket with no legs.  Note to self:  Don't sew on the eyes until the end.

I did find a pattern and some really pretty blankets HERE.  (Do not go to my links until you finish reading here and leave me some love, DAMMIT!)  Her pink and blue daisy blankets are so pretty.  I have been staring at her pattern for three days, but I'm not up for starting a new blanket anytime soon.  Now that I've said that, I will start one tomorrow.  LOL.  That seems to be the way it goes.

The Captain is at work today so I'm here watching "my NASCAR shows" and race by myself today.  That reminds me of my grandmother saying she was "watching my stories" when she watched the soap operas on TV.

I also made myself pancakes for breakfast.  I must be feeling better.  In fact, I know I am because I have gone out two days in a row now.  I'm meeting my momma at the indoor swimming pool two or three times a week starting tomorrow.  It's too hot to walk, but I need to do something to strengthen those back muscles (and all my other muscles too).

I'm a little worried about Ollie.  He has not been using one of his back legs about 75 percent of the time.  Sometimes he seems perfectly fine, but most of the time he holds it up and just uses three.  I can't see anything physically that is obviously wrong or different from the other one, and he doesn't cry or seem to pay it any attention.  It's not the one that he broke earlier this year either.  That was a front leg.  I may be hauling him to the vet soon to see what's up.  Of course, I'm thinking the worst, the Big C.  That is just silly of me since it's much more likely that he just hurt it playing with the other dogs, but I'm just a drama queen, I guess.

Some random stuff:

1.  I got my toenails painted silver this time.  I like it.  It's '70s FABULOUS!
2.  I bought a red lamp for my living room.  I'm going to ass-backwardly buy a chair to match.  Ha.  How stupid.
3.  I would like to withdraw my comment about Ollie and the Big C.  I don't want that out there floating around the universe looking for somewhere to land.  Ya know?  So I take that back.  I do not think that's what it is.
4.  I bought a new quilt for our bed.  I swear, I buy a new one every few months.  Sheets too.  We wear them out quickly.  (No, not why you think.  Ha-ha.)  Because the dogs sleep in the bed and we wash & dry our bed stuff to get the dog stink off!
5.  I truly think I will win the lottery some day.  I do!
6.  I can't get back into the swing of cooking.  Cooking is hard.  I hate it.  None of that is like me at all!  Y'all know I usually love to cook and bake.  Nothing tastes good or even sounds good, and that includes takeout.  Bleh.  I'm living on those crackers & peanut butter packets, bagels, and Tootsie Pops.  And I guess pancakes since I made those this morning.  Carb-o-licious & healthy!
7.  I don't care one iota about the Presidential race.
8.  I, I, I, and me.
9.  That's all.
10.  Bye.


  1. Loved the reference to watching the "stories". My mom who will be 80 in Novemeber still calls them her stories! Love your humor and have a great day!

  2. Thought it was about time for me to let you know I am still visiting you in blogland. Just not leaving comments..I love your comment about the presidential race..I feel the same..Hope Ollie gets to using the back leg. He is a little dog and they break bones(not saying that is what it is) easily. Have a great day watching your "shows". Blessings to you

  3. Pammy Sue, I can always count on you for a good chuckle! And believe you me, I needed one today!!!!
    I am so glad you are up and out now.....that is a very good sign. And the swimming idea is perfect. I swim every day in my pool. And I do a water aerobics routine too. It is good!!! I sure do hope Ollie hasn't injured his leg badly. Hopefully, it is just a little tender from wrestling with his pals. Let's hope so!!!!
    New sheets.....a lot? Hmmmmmm.......are you reading 50 Shades?
    I am going to go look at the link now. But I wanted to give you some love first!!!
    XO Kris

  4. Here is some love :) My Casey will do this weird leg hop thing with her back leg every once in a while, vet told me it is just a chi. thing.. Better check it just to make yourself feel better though. Gotcha on cooking.Maybe its the heat?? Have a good one...

  5. Rrrrrrrr... pancakes...rub those carbs in will ya. I know you are going to have fun in the pool with mama tomorrow and this week. Perfect place when it's so hot out. I sure hope the oll's is ok. All right, off to stare in the frig for a few. sent email not text. shall i keep rambling or shall i go. bored, bored, bored, i am too.

  6. silver toes, too cool. plain old french peddie here.

  7. I'm not interested in the Presidential race either ...but that might be because I'm Scottish. :oD

  8. Hi Pammy, I haven't commented in a while and just wanted to say Good afternoon to ya!

  9. I swear I left a message here first....
    I am really glad you are feeling better. Swimming is gonna help alot....I wish there was someplace I could go to swim, I am sure there is I am just to lazy to find out......
    Love the silver toes. I want to paint mine yellow....My new color.

    Little dogs sometimes do that limp thing. I had a dog do that too. Nothin really wrong with her. She just limped once in a while. She had a big brother to play with. Maybe they play to rough sometimes.

    Have a fun day

  10. Glad you are feeling better. I see you still have a great sense of humor. I don't think you have anything to worry about Ollie. I've had dogs that did the same thing. Ditto on the Presidential race. I'll be glad when it is over.

  11. I thought I was the only one who watched "My shows" with Grandma.

    AS a matter of fact, there are two men who were on The Edge Of Night, when Grandma was alive, that I still call Peter Ames when I see them on the onld black and white tv shows . . and I was in 4th grade when Grandma died, so you know I watched a lot of "her shows" with her . . lolol

  12. My son has a Min Pin that has done the same thing off and on for over a year. Even when she eats, she sometimes holds up on of her back legs. Ollie is probably just fine. These little buggers just love to make us worry!

    And about the presidential race: I live in Ohio. We have had almost constant presidential ads since June! And we've got about 3 months to go yet! It's not fun living in a swing state!

    Hope the pool therapy does you a world of good! Sounds like the perfect thing to do!

    Hang in there, Pammy Sue, and enjoy your lack of appetite! It will be back all too soon.

  13. I love silver toes! Im sure the way your feeling is completely normal for post surgery. Im sure the swimming is going to help also. I also have been visiting Tillie Tulip and admiring her blankets actually have one started fora new baby in our family so my wool eater is on hold. I worry about my animals like you do ..I always ask my husband do you think Kody is depressed? He thinks Im nuts?

  14. You're killing me! I love it all! Ramble on Girlfriend. And just so you know ~ I can't get into the cooking thing anymore either {used to love it, take aggressive meds for my RA that take my appetite now}, every time my chihuahua gets a fart crosswise I think he has the Big C and I have to wash my bedding conitinuously to rid it of a 3 dog night too! So ~ we have a whole lot in common. Oh! And I could give a real rip snort about the Presidential race.

  15. Love your crochet success from the last post. I've tried doing that before and failed miserably.

    I am not interested in the Prez race either. They are all a bunch of idiots and until they change a LOT of things in congress, the house and senate, this country will continue it's downward spiral. It sux.

    I don't want to comment on Ollie but you already know Misty's story. I am hoping it's not the big C. On another note, Leo is not doing good.

    Glad you are getting up and about and out!! Keep up the good work! xoxo

  16. Glad you are feeling better ! Swimming sounds great ! Hope Ollie's limping doesn't continue.. he is a cutie !

  17. I wonder do dogs have the same problems we humans do like when you sleep on your arm and it falls asleep cause ya cut off the circulation? Ya think maybe that could be why the limp with Ollie? Guess it best to have the vet check, maybe an x-ray is needed? Hope it all turns out well. Dear girl, I think you have been laid up too long and do need the outing. I realize that you needed to be resting because of your surgery. I think just knowing that we are stuck inside drives a sane woman batty after awhile. I would love to have my toenails polished RED! Have a good week.
    Susanne :)

  18. Oh dear, I do hope Ollie is ok. Give him a big hug from me. One for you too. Your posts are always entertaining, even though (as you would say) you're having a bleh day !! Keep calm and keep crocheting. xoxox

  19. I was sooooo tired until I read your blog! You really should take it on the road. So, so , SO funny! Thanks!

  20. I love YOU! After reading you I forgot to click on the link! Let me give you a hug before checking it out! ;)


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