Tuesday, August 28, 2012

The Sampler Blanket

I went nuts crocheting on my sampler yesterday and doubled it's size.  I guess I crocheted about 4 hours on it.  I started writing down what I'm doing so I'll have it if anyone wants it.  Here are the first 31 rows...

Pammy Sue’s Sampler

Worsted Weight Yarn & H Hook

Ch 150

Rows 1-5:  Hdc in each stitch.

Rows 6-8:  Granny Stripes

Rows 9 & 10:  Hdc in each stitch.

Row 11:  Double Crochet Cross Stitch across.

Row 12:  Hdc in each stitch.

Row 13:  Double Crochet Cross Stitch across.

Row 14:  Hdc in each stitch.

Row 15-17:  Dc across.  Ch 1, turn.

Row 16:  Sc in first sc (same st as turning ch-1), (trc in next st, sc in next) repeat ending with sc in last st.  Ch 3, turn.

Row 17: Using same color as Row 16, work one sc into the top of trc in the prior row, into the next sc, work one trc. (Sc in next st, trc in next st) across. You will work a trc into the final sc of the prior row and then a dc into what was the turning ch in the prior row.  Change colors, ch 1, turn.

Note:  Rows 16 & 17 create 2 rows of bobbles, one row on each side.  Credit and a big thank you goes to Petunia Pill for this fun bobble pattern:  http://petuniapill.blogspot.com/2012/03/pattern-for-rainbow-blanket.html

Row 18-21:  Repeat Rows 16 & 17 two more times, changing colors every two rows.

Row 22:  Hdc across.

Row 23 & 24:  Dc across.

Row 25-27:  Repeat Rows 22-24.

Row 28:  Hdc across.  Ch 1, turn.

Row 29:  Sc in same st as turning and in each st across.  Ch 3, turn.

Row 30:  (V-Stitch row)  Skip first st, (dc in next, ch 1, dc in same st, skip next two st) across, ending with a dc in last st.  Ch 3, turn.

Row 31:  (Another V-Stitch row)  V-stitch in ch sp of v-stitch in previous row, repeat across.



Here's a picture of my new favorite IKEA chair.  It's the most comfortable chair for my back.  I love it.  The chair itself was $140.  I paid way more than that for the gray lamb's wool cover.  Bastards.  That's how they get you.  "This chair is ONLY $140!  And, by the way, you'll have to spend way more than that to use it!"

But I love it anyway.  You see all my junk around my chair.  I always have to have all my "stuff."  Laptop, drink, crochet stuff, house phone, iPhone, crochet light, and on and on.

This is Little Woollie's last Sampler blanket she made.  Isn't it great?  I love it.


Back update:

Doc says for me to quit panicking.  It's not unusual for the side that was not affected prior to surgery to begin symptoms afterwards due to favoring that leg for four or five weeks after surgery.  The swimming has also probably aggravated it.  He said no swimming, but I can just get in the pool and walk in the water.  He also gave me some stretching exercises to do daily, which I will do religiously, and started back on the prescription-strength anti-inflammatories.  He said he will keep prescribing the pain med too so I can stop hoarding them.  Ha-ha.  I've been only taking it when I absolutely can't stand it, usually late in the day or evening, because I was afraid he'd quit refilling them for me.

Okay, enough about that.  I'm sick of it.


I will enjoy watching Shepard Smith on Fox News the next few days doing the hurricane coverage.  I don't even care if anything happens.  I just like watching it.  I hope all of you in the affected areas are all safe.



  1. Hey Pammy,
    I missed your last post. I LOVE that sampler. I have seen it on Pinterest and I adore it!! ADORE!
    Glad your Dr. told you not to be too concerned about the pain you still have. Take what you need!!! That chair looks awesome! I love your little stash of necessary "stuff" around you. I do the same thing!!!
    I hope you won't get too much of the Gulf storm!!!
    Be safe!!
    XO Kris
    PS Thanks for your last comment!!!

  2. Oh I love your sampler blanket and the done up one over your chair. Keep taking your pain meds for that back!

  3. Well, isn't this the funniest. Great new chair. I was just at IKEA too. How's Shep looking these days. Do we still think what we thought before?

  4. The new chair is great, glad the back update went well. As a therapist I hear this all the time, you compensate so much you throw everything else off. It will all calm down once both sides are used equally. Love, love, love the blanket.

  5. Your blanket is coming along nicely and it looks like you are making great progress. Hope you are feeling better soon; take care of yourself. Heather

  6. Love your sampler blanket - the colors, the stitches, the idea !! I reckon crochet-a-longs are a great motivator. I was 'challenged' the other day to get something out of hibernation and finish it. Managed to dig something out that was started 15 months ago. Your crochet corner looks very comfy. I do hope that back of yours gets better soon. Take care. xoxox

  7. Hey girlie.. thanks for filling us in on the back progress.. I guess there are all these steps to go through before it's all better, but I hope it goes fast. I loved the photo of your "nest". I have one too! I have this tall cabinet, about 4 feet high, next to me with all these drawers with all my beads and stuff in it. On top is a file holder with magazines and papers and all kinds of crapola in it. I have a BIG nest! LOL!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  8. I love this.. may have to give it a try, as it would make a great stash buster. I have a really dumb question.... what is a "Granny Stripe" stitch and/or how do you do it??

  9. Really like that sampler. It is coming along at a pretty good clip. Your crocheting space resembles mine with all the things at your fingertips. I spent over an hour trying to clean up my act and actually can now see the carpet next to my chair. I was clearing out the baby yarn and deciding about that Kitty Kat pattern. I tried to copy and paste it but it just wouldn't work and now I will have to sit in front of the pc to do the pattern. Any suggestion as to how I can copy it so I can take the copy to my chair?
    Susanne :)
    ps....don't suffer needlessly, take the pills, as long as you aren't abusing them then there is no reason why your doc shouldn't allow you to have more refills.

  10. I love your blankie. It's coming along nicely!

    Keep taking the meds. I think we're conditioned to put up with pain when it's really not necessary.

  11. Hey Friend
    I love that sampler.
    And Little Woollies.
    Now thats what I call a awesome chair.
    Sayin a prayer for ya. Pain stinks.


  12. Hi Pammy! Thanks for sharing your sampler pattern! I want to make one so bad but worry about all the different stitches coming out right on the rows. I can hardly keep the sides straight when it is the same stitch on each row! LOL! Hope your back recovers quickly.
    Take care of you,
    Eileen :)

  13. Love your new blanket and am glad the doctor had good news for you -- you mind him, ya hear? My doc told me that it's better to be ahead of the game when it comes to pain killers than to get behind so stop hoarding them. You silly girl! I'm glad you are doing better.

    I might have to check out that chair. Looks awesome!

  14. Your 'area' looks like mine! I was ashamed of mine but seeing yours makes me feel better....normal I guess. :o)

    Glad your back is better. Mine is worse. It's going to have to wait on Mr. Leo's departure. And I hate to say that but I can't worry about him and be down with my back. His care right now is too much to have to deal with my back too. My left leg goes numb just standing there washing dishes. Good thing I don't cook!!

    Love your sampler. You always make the best blankies. Wish I had your tenacity. xoxoxox

  15. I love the sampler you are making. If I ever get done with "The summer shawl from hell that is sucking the life out of me" I will start a sampler too. Along with the bazillion other things I want to do LOL.

  16. thank you so much for some directions for you sampler rug... much appreciated :)

  17. I LOVE that red in there! It just pops and makes everything pop! Such a pretty blankie!

  18. your blanket is going to be awesome!!! I just love projects that you can't put down. Take care of your back, healing takes time!

  19. Of course you know I love both of these colorful samplers! Thanks for sharing the pattern. I would love to make one AFTER my Rainbow Scrap Afghan is finished. Your crochet corner looks just like mine. I have to have all my junk around me too. Coffee cup, TV controller, crochet stuff...two heating pads, pillows and blankets. Oh forgot book and/or magazines. Even in our travel van I have all my piles around me. Hope you are feeling better soon. You just have to give your body time to heal kiddo!

  20. Love your sampler... That looks like my stuff. I always seem to have 2 crochet projects going. And right now I have one quilting project going. ( I have to find out why the needle on my sewing machine keeps getting bent though.)
    Yes... always have to the STUFF near me. ;-)


  21. Hi! I was wondering if you are going to update the pattern of your sampler blanket!

    I would love to follow along!


  22. Anonymous9:32 PM

    Does anyone have the rest of the pattern?

  23. I would love to start this sampler blanket but need to know where to find the rest of the pattern before I dive in. Any help would be appreciated!

  24. All~ You can find instructions for a blanket much the same as this here: https://notyouraveragecrochet.com/as-we-go-stripey-blanket/
    Also on Ravelry search "Stripey Blanket" to see all the wonderful color combos others have made.


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