Tuesday, August 14, 2012

Ollie's Diagnosis

That's right...

Diagnosis:  A "luxating patella," as I predicted and described in my previous entry.  I'm a damn genius and an expert in veterinary medicine.

Treatment:  Pain medicine and rest, no playing with the other dogs, and no going outside without a leash.  If he's better in 10 days, no further treatment.

Prognosis:  Dogs as small as he is will sometimes get better with rest like this.  If he were a big dog, it would be surgery, no question.

It would have been better if he'd just had a sticker in his toe, but I guess it could have been worse with surgery as the only option.   He is under the covers right now sleeping off his $258 pain injection.  GAH.

When we walked into the vet's office to drop Ollie off, I told him what I thought was wrong.  When we came back to pick him up and after we had paid the bill, the vet asked me if I wanted to hang around and diagnose the sick cat that was coming in next.  I said I would for $258.  Smart-ass.


  1. Poor Ollie. Hope he is feeling better soon, and that no surgery will be required.

    Ha, I would have said the same thing to the vet!!

  2. Oh no! Ollie! Stop getting hurt, Dude! It's a good thing Ollie has a smart Mommy! Now he needs a really rich Mommy too!

  3. You are so funny..My yorkie had grade 4 luxating patellas and the surgery cost me for both legs almost two grand. But what was I to do she was only 6.. But it went well and she did great.

  4. Looks like Ollie may need to take a mini-siblingvacation every month or two. Maybe that will help him.

    Poor little boy . . not being able to play with his brothers for a while again :0{

  5. Poor Ollie. My little boy chi is bow legged and I'm always worried that his joints will become an issue. He walks funny and reminds me of Festus on Gunsmoke. Vets can break that bank that's for sure. Hope Ollie recovers without any additional vet visits. Take care..

  6. Oh Poor Ollie!
    But I love it that you were right! We know our babies. I'd hang out for that $258! I've had 2 dogs to the vet in the last 2 weeks. A weenie that got stung by a bee {second time in a month!} & puffed up like a melon and a 3 lb. chihuahua who is having the asthma/allergy flair from hell along with his regular IBS flair! Can I come make some money for your vet?!! Big kisses to Ollie!

  7. Poor little guy. Hope he is as good as new in a snap.You are a good mommy to your little four-legged friends. Vet bills are terrible, but unfortunately so necessary. Just getting the Heart Worm and the Flea and tick medication for my 2 dogs cost $250. What a bummer!
    Susanne :)

  8. Oh poor Ollie! Pamper the baby and he will be better soon. You two...what are we going to do with you?
    So, the vet didn't go for it when you suggested the 258 to diagnose the cat!!

  9. Whoa! Those vets need to keep up their celebrity lifestyles. That's why they charge so much. JK
    Hope Ollie mends well and does not have any more probs.
    Gorgeous pool! Glad you can get in and enjoy the water a bit. Say- Would that support tape the Olympian swimmers used on there backs and legs help your back while swimming? Might be worth asking your doc about. Or would he charge for asking a question? Now that I think about it- my specialists do- Punks.:-)
    Happy Swimming-
    Ren in Az

  10. I think you should have got money off for telling the vet what was wrong with Ollie. Sheesh!

    Get better soon, Ollie Wallie!

  11. Poor Sweet little Ollie.
    Hope he and mama get lots of rest.
    Beautiful pool.


  12. Poor little Ollie. Hope he's feeling better soon. And hope you're continuing to be better. What a beautiful pool (last post). Take good care.

  13. Awww, poor babe. That bites, but you are a damn good mama and detective. I was hoping it would be that and not more. Although if he had to have it amputated he would get around just fine, like he is while he's not using it. I was amazed at Misty when she had hers done. Give him a big hug for me. xoxo

  14. I think you'd better just send Ollie to me. Just kiddin' -- at $258 a pop, I'd go broke before long. Poor little fella. Two problems and both with his legs. Kiss him better from Auntie Bev. As far as your smart ass vet goes -- you go girl! Loved it.

  15. Just look what has happened when I stepped away. Oh, no, maybe the Ol's need to go for a swim with you in that therapy pool. So, jealous that you have a pool to go to. What fun you and your mom must have. Do they let you float on noodles there? You two take care.

  16. Aw poor little Ollie! You are so darn smart to figure out what was wrong. Vets are so expensive especially when one has more than one doggie like you do. Hug her and give her lots of loving.

  17. I just <3 him so much! His pictures are so sweet. My dad's pom has the same thing. He had to have the surgery, which was hard on the little guy, but it has gotten so much better since, and he's an old guy to boot. I hope he starts feeling better soon!



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