Wednesday, August 08, 2012

Crochet Success, Kitchen Failure

I saw a doily like this on Pinterest and made myself one.  There is no pattern that I'm aware of.  I used Red Heart SS (dark brown) and L.B. Fisherman's Wool (the cream), and Vanna's (honey).  This would be pretty in lots of different color combinations too.  It only took about two hours to make.  Very easy.

I could not find a source for it or a pattern, but here is the original picture that I looked at to make mine...

I wish I had some of that milk chocolate color in my stash, but I didn't.  I like their color scheme better.


In other news., my first attempt at baking in over three weeks was a big fat bust...

I made some home-made rolls yesterday AND BURNED THEM!  GAH.  What a waste of time and energy.  I was pissed.  This is them as they had just begun to rise.


Ollie would like an Animal Cracker, please.

Bye now.


  1. Ahhh Ollie is so cute! I think he should get more than just one Animal Cracker! :)

    Love the doily you made....hang in there with the baking. :)


  2. Love the crochet, the colors you picked remind me of Fall. Hope you are feeling better,

  3. What a great doily and how neat that you just sat down and created it from seeing it. I'm impressed! Awww, did the little fella get his animal cracker.

  4. I like your color choices just as well as the ones used for the model. I have had some flubs in the kitchen too. I wasn't too happy with myself either so I know how you feel. I have seen some great looking recipes on your posts so we all know you must be a good cook. Don't beat yourself up over it, tomorrow is a new day. Cute doggie!
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  5. The pot holder is nice! I can't believe how you just see something, then recreate it!! You are so good!
    That is frustrating when something doesn't turn out that you are cooking! Food is so darn expensive, I hate to waste it!!!
    I hope you are feeling more like yourself by now! Ollie is looking fit and chipper!!!

  6. Love the crochet doily reminds me of Oreo cookies and then lots of chocolate too both would be nice. Ollie deserves more than one cookie he is such a good and cute baby boy. He has the cutest smile he really is precious. Bet mommy spoils him too. Take care friend will be touch again.

  7. Hi Ollie ..... Tell your mommy that I think her doily is beautiful and she's a very clever lady for working out the pattern. Shame about the rolls - did you get to eat any of them? Big hugs from downunder xoxox

  8. I really like your doily. Love the pic of Ollie! Question, Is he an apple head or a Deer head? My Little girl Casey looks so much like him. I am just a follower of yours you can answer me here at your space. As for the baking,Try try again :)

  9. Hi Pammie Sue!

    Ollie is so cute! Now for my question... Do you have a pattern for that candle shade on the top left of your blog page?


  10. Mary I: Ollie is a deer head. He looks so much like a little deer when he's laying in the grass.

    Susan: The votive crochet cover pattern is here:

    Robin Sanchez: I used 3.5 skeins of D.N. Serenity Garden yarn for that shawl

  11. Almost missed this one. I too don't do well with the whole yeast thing and rising. Maybe, the bread/roll are not meant to be. Fun new dollies. Still no hook. But, still working out, so I guess I'm OK. Another 4 gone. Off to treat myself to a manny/peddie this afternoon for doing 1 hour/ 3.5 miles this morning. I may even get a lip wax....he-he... Will check in later... S is off tomorrow for long weekend.

  12. Thank you for the answer. I Just Knew he was:) When my girl runs well its the deer in her...

  13. The crocheted doily is just lovely! Love the colors. And we all have those baking flops ~ mine usually happen when there's company involved. And I have to say, Ollie captures my heart! Check out my blog post today to see my little chihuahua ~ Jose' ~ curled up once again in my yarn basket. What BIG personality these little fella's have!


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