Wednesday, July 25, 2012

Wednesday Chick Talk

I made this owl last night while watching TV.  I see several things I would fix the next time I make one, but overall, I like the results.  I made mine with a G hook and worsted yarn, so I didn't make as many rounds in the circle part, and I'm sure he's bigger than he would be if I had used fingering yarn like the pattern calls for. You can find the pattern HERE.


My sweet sister brought over two plates full of peanut butter cookies with chocolate drops in the center.  YUM.  This is the lid on one of the plates.  Hee-hee.  The were delicious, and they are ALL gone.  I think The Captain and I both ate our share and more.

She also brought over a casserole filled with Verde Chicken Enchiladas and a Cesar Salad that was so freakin' good.  We ate all but two of the enchiladas, and I have since eaten the leftovers for lunches.  Oink-oink.  And before that, my mom made a huge batch of her potato soup and brought it over.  It was also delish and warmed me to my toes.

So as you can see, I have been well taken care of.  The Captain has been a good nurse-maid and catered to my every whim.  I know he's looking forward to going back to work on Friday.  

I'm doing great, and the pain level is almost nil now with the meds.  I'm still taking the muscle relaxer and pain med as directed every day.

Okay, enough talk about that.  I'm ready to be well and get back to normal.


I got a big box of yarn from JoAnn's the other day.  This is what I ordered when they had their sale & free shipping.  I got 4 skeins of pink and 4 skeins of cream Deborah Norville Everyday yarn, 4 skeins each of two different colors of her Serenity Garden yarn...

This is my favorite one.  I love these colors.  It's called Earth.  I don't have specific plans for any of these yarns yet, but I'm sure I'll figure it out.  I have bought so many crochet patterns online this past week I have lost count.  I'm stopping now.  I mean it.  For real.


Look at this:  Sophie’s Dog Bed…Cutest thing ever!  When I can get out of this house and shop a little, I'm on a mission to find an old suitcase like that so I can make Ollie a bed like that.  I think it'll be a fun little project decorating it.

These cookies really sound good to me:  Soft Tropical Mango-Peach-Coconut Cookies

Okay, that's it from me today.
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  1. Glad you're starting to feel better. Blogland is so booooring with you gone :)

  2. I love those cookies. We call them Peanut Blossoms. My son has an x-rated name for them. LOL Glad you are being taken care. Love that Earth yarn! Pretty!!

  3. Looked at Sophie's bed . . told the husband about it. He laughed and said for our Indy we would need a steamer trunk . . . LOLOL

  4. I'm so glad to hear you're doing well.. I imagine that getting a big box of yarn had a healing effect. :-) That suitcase bed is aorable.. I have seen one similar on another blog - it even has a crocheted blanket inside. Keep feeling better.. you have a VERY nice family! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I am glad your doing better. Keep up the crocheting. I think that helps too.
    Thank God you have people around you that can baby ya a little. That makes recovery much better.
    Sending Prayers

  6. I'm so glad you're doing better. I've been sending "GET WELL!" vibes to you all week. Did you get them? ;-)

    Can't wait to see what you do with that yarn. I love that color as well. Now dang-it, I'll have to get some. It's all your fault.


  7. Glad you are feeling better. Love the owl! I would have eaten all of those cookies!

  8. I'm so glad you're being so well taken care of...way to go husband and sister! ^_^ ...And that earth yarn......WOW! I love those colors!

  9. Cheese and Crackers that is one stinkin cute owl. Oh my I love those cookies. What a wonderful sister you have. Wanna share her? hehe I always wanted a sister :)
    I love woolie yarn too.
    Hugs & JOY

  10. I am so happy to see the pain is down to nil... Love that you are being fed.. I worried you might be languishing away, with nothing to eat... :)

  11. Even though you're still laid up, I can see you've been very busy - the owl is cute, that yarn is gorgeous and I'm dying to know about all those patterns you've been gathering up. Sophie's new bed is absolutely adorable - what a great idea for an old suitcase. Glad to hear you're feeling better - obviously you're surrounded by very caring loved ones which I think is one of the best medicine's ever. Hugs xoxox

  12. Yaaaay for feeling better and being loved and cherished by friends and family! You ARE well cared for! Can't wait to see what you make with your "Earth" yarn!!!

  13. How nice to read that you are being well taken care of!!! Such thoughtful family!!! Glad Cap is taking great care too. Milk it baby...milk it!!!
    Love the yarn!!! Can't wait to see what you whip up!!!
    Take it easy, and continue to heal!!

  14. Look at all that yummy yarn!
    Thanks for the email. Sorry I didn't get back. I lost it in a upgrade to my email that my ISP so thoughtfully provided without notification.
    Just got back from a trip to Flagstaff to get away from the heat and saw that you are feeling a bit better. I'm so glad for you. Just think of all the grand things you can do once healed... Marathons, swim competitions, golf (just kidding hee-hee. Keep mending and glad you posted.
    Oh--When well again, could you please post your sis's recipe for the Verde Chicken Enchiladas? Love New Mexico cooking.

  15. I am so glad your doing some what better. I love peanut butter cookies it has been a while since I had some. It is good that your getting loving attention to get you through recovery sooner. Nothing helps like good food, family, friends and yarn and patterns and of course can't forget the fur babies too they understand a lot about us.Take care my friend think about you all the time.

  16. Glad to hear you're getting better! Love the owl, I had seen her shop a few months back and wanted to get one of her owl patterns but never did. Yours is nice! Thank you for the Ollie fix! :o) And I just got some LionBrand cotton they had on sale. I was very surprised at how big the balls were!! I will definitely be watching for more on sale. I like it!! And you definitely have a keeper in the Captain. He's sweet. He loves ya. :o) xoxoxox (I wrote a bum post...then it turned out I won a giveaway at one of the blogs I read! Funny how stuff like that happens.....not very often to me but it does happen. Now I'm going to go crochet. )


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