Friday, July 27, 2012

Cute Ollie Video


Excuse my big fat hand in the lens...DUH.  At least you can see the important part.  Those are Eli's feet that come into the picture.  I was hoping Ollie would do just what he did when I turned the camera on.  Good boy.  Too cute.


More on that overnight case my hubby brought home...

I didn't really like it when he first brought it home.  I figured I would end up throwing it away...

But the more I looked at it...

The more I liked it.  It's a keeper.  With a little work, it'll be good as new.  I opened it up and really inspected it this morning.  It smells like old ladies' perfume!  Not in a bad way, and not too strongly either.  I need to rip out that liner and give it a good cleaning because it's kinda gross. It looks like something leaked inside it...probably old-lady perfume!


I'm at home by myself for the first time since my surgery today.  The dogs are being angels so I think I'll be fine.  I think I'll put a few new rows on the ripple again.  See ya.


  1. That IS exactly like my old one. Right down to the mirror missing. Same brand even. OMG that makes me feel old.

    You be careful. No dancing with the doggies while The Captain is away.

  2. Awww... you're spoiled too with that sweet hubby! I enjoyed the Ollie video.. what a ham! :-) Your rainbow blanket looks just lush.. I'm glad you're keeping it. Have a great weekend! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. Ollie is so cute, love that video. Hope you are feeling okay, glad the dogs are behaving for you today.

  4. Awww. Such a sweety he is. Glad you're doing better, at least good enough to stay home by yourself. Have a wonderful weekend! xoxo

  5. I can't wait to see what you make this into. What fun you will have. Just imagine the old lady who cared this around. I wonder where she traveled to and from. Do you think she went over seas? Do you think she rode a train? Do you think she was famous? I'm thinking it's Marilyn's. I read she loved blue luggage. Ok, I just made that up.

    Two veggie quiche out of the oven for the weekend. House was cleaned. Time for a good nap with my People mag that just arrived. Gotta love a Friday.

    Boring weekend here, watching the Olympics I'm sure.

  6. Oh boy he's a real sweetie, was he just chewin on his paw?????? that a scream!!!!
    Love the look of that ripple, great colors & I'm half blind so I def won't see any mistakes
    Have a sweet weekend Pam, keep getting better
    Lol Karen x

  7. Hi Pam!!! Been training my son to take over the shop while I took a vaca, the 1st in 12 yrs (will blog about it soon) seeing a new gentleman, sooooo busy, no time to blog. Missed you!! Wow, since I've been absent you got a fireplace makeover, a new baby boy in your family, made some shawls, 'ghans and the cutest owl ever, had a surgery (hope it handles your body owies) and I love that recovery shawl you're gonna make. Get all better super quick, k? oxox

  8. Glad you are feeling better!!!!

  9. Such a cutie pie !! Is he chewing on his nails? Have you decided what you'll be doing with the case yet? Have a good weekend. xoxox

  10. Oh so cute.
    What he biting his nails.
    I had a sweet ChiChi girl who bit her own nails. She did not like then trimmed. :)
    I miss my girl.
    Oh the story in that train case.
    Still praying for you Friend.

  11. I just found your blog and love all your projects. I hope you start recuperating soon ... Just think of it as a good time to get all this crichet projects done :) :) feel better. :)


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