Thursday, July 19, 2012

Boho Hippie Shawl

Yarn:  Deborah Norville Serenity Garden Yarn (Fine or Sock Weight)
Hook:  Size E
Edging 1:  Rows 1 & 6 of Doris Chan's All Shawl Border
Edging 2 (Neck Edge):  SC into first 5 stitches, ch-3 picot into next st, repeat across.


I'm home and doing great.  No leg pain at all, but terrific low-back pain and back spasms galore.  Doc says that was expected, and he also said I may have a couple of bad days this first week as it is healing.  It's difficult to move without pain.  It's amazing how many things require back muscles to do.  As long as I'm taking the pain medicine and muscle relaxer, I'm okay.  It's approximately a 5-inch incision.  I go back in two weeks to get the stitches taken out.  So far so good.  The hard part is over, I think.

Again, thank you for your kind comments and thoughts.

I shall return, but I'm not sure if it'll be tomorrow or a week from tomorrow.  It just depends how things go.


  1. Ok, I'm sure hoping that you took these fabulous picture before you surgery. It's turned out great. I love the colors in the yarn. OK, now back to bed with you missy. Seriously, 5 inches, ouch. But, I know you will be better in the long run.

    Speedy Recovery Hugs,

  2. Wow Pammy Sue, the shawl is really gorgeous. Such a lovely yarn!

    I hope you feel better and whitout pain very soon.

    Take care,

  3. The shawl looks beautiful, Pammy Sue. I love it.

    You be careful now. Take it easy and don't try to rush things. I hear you saying "Yes, Mum"! :oD

  4. LOVE the shawl color . . . makes me want to make one . . so, will have to find and save the pattern.

  5. Glad to hear you are on the mend. This shawl is exquisite and must be a comfort to you as you heal.

  6. Dear Pammy Sue, I'm so glad you're done with the surgery and that you felt well enough to let us know you're okay. I am in love with your shawl! I just ordered 4 skeins of that yarn in the color "Gems" - I hope that is the stuff. You take care of yourself and follow doctor's orders. Do let us know how you're recuperating. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Glad it went well....Now REST!!

  8. The shawl is amazing, you might have started a massive shawl trend. Glad you are home safe and sound. Take good care of yourself and rest.

  9. So good to hear that you are back home. :) Prayers for healing soon and the pain to go away, too.

    The shawl is so pretty. :)

    blessings always

  10. So glad it went well Pammy Sue!! You stay in bed, and let The Capt' wait on you!!! Love the Boho it!!!!
    Love the bunting too. Hope the pain subsides a bit each day. Take it easy kiddo!
    Love ya,

  11. Oh my! I am drooling over your lovely shawl! I am glad you are doing well. I hope you have a speedy recovery with the least amount of pain possible. keep us updated when you can.

  12. Love love love that shawl.
    Sayin a lil prayer for you Friend.

  13. Glad your surgery is over for you. Best wishes, prayers for a speedy recovery. The shawl came out beautiful! As far as the fire place, gorgeous! Relax and enjoy.

  14. Love your crochet projects. The shawl is very nice. Hope you are all back to feeling well right away. Take it easy!

  15. Sounds like the surgery has gone well and is doing what it was supposed to do. Hope you continue to improve.

  16. Love your shawl!! Take good care of yourself.

  17. Love, love, love this shawl! It can be worn with anything - jeans and tee or a skirt/dress! Great job!

    We can be recovery sisters - I'm recuperating from a total hysterectomy a week ago. We can compare scars - NOT!!!

    Hope you feel great in no time!

  18. Pam,
    Glad you are doing well ! Hope you keep feeling better !Love the shawl , the yarn is beautiful !

  19. I love your shawl! I just finished the Dory shawl, I saw yours on Ravelry. and now this one is calling my name! Take care.

  20. I'm so pleased to hear that your surgery went well and hope that the next few weeks will be comfortable for you. Your shawl is beautiful. xoxox

  21. Glad your surgery went well and sending prayers for a fast and pain free recovery.
    Love the shawl immensely and may make one myself.
    Speedy healing :)
    Ren in Az

  22. Glad to hear all went well, hope the healing is quick & as pain free as possible.
    Love the shawl, amazing colors, I want!!!
    Lol Karen x

  23. Oh your shawl looks absolutely gorgeous! Love the color so!
    I'm glad you are feeling better and hope things are going well. Take rest as much as you want.
    Take care, stay safe!
    I hope you have a happy weekend!
    Best, LS

  24. Oh Scoty, so beautiful! Congratulations!

    Your brazilian follower: Ana

  25. Pammy Sue this is just gorgeous! Love it. Glad all went well knew it would. Hugs! REST

  26. Bless you,Pam, and warm healing thoughts sent your way. You do what the doctor says DO YOU HEAR?

    Beautiful shawl. Absolutely beautiful.


  27. Love the shawl colors!

    Take your happy pain meds and sit in your happy chair and crochet happy crochet. :o) Hope you feel better quick. xoxoxo

  28. Glad your surgery went well. Love your Boho Shawl! Another one to add to my long wish list! Take care and get lots of rest.

  29. I kept looking for posts from you - wanted to see how you were doing...and somehow managed to miss this one (until now). Sorry to be so late in commenting. I was, indeed, thinking of you even if the words weren't written here. Glad you're on the other side of the surgery. Sending healing thoughts your way. Hugs and good wishes, Annette

  30. Hi, long time no catch up sorry to hear you have had surgery and are in pain, hope it all heals up soon
    Love the shawl gorgeous colours
    Hugs for a speedy recovery x

  31. First I want to say hope your are feeling better!!

    I LOVE your shawl and am inspired to make one of my own. I was in Joann's today and the yarn is on sale....lucky I scooped up some. How many skeins did it take you to make this wonderful shawl??
    HA...not that I don't have MANY other things to work on.

  32. Robin: I used 3.5 skeins of D.N. Serenity Garden yarn for that shawl

  33. Thanks Pammy Sue...I bought 6 so I should have more than enough. Im anxious to start on this project and I really like the red in it.....although I have 4 other WIP to work on. A girl needs some variety in her life!!

  34. Did you hold two strands together as the pattern suggests? How did that work out with the color changes? I can't wait to try this!

  35. Lisa ~ No, I only used one strand of yarn.


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