Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Hi, y'all!

I've been lazy about getting a post up the last few days, but here I am.  And away we go!

The Captain was off Friday - Sunday last weekend.  On Friday we went over to McKinney, Texas for some antique window shopping.  They have a quaint shopping area in the old town square.  This is a restaurant we ate at, Churchill's.  It was still really nice out at lunch time so we ate on the patio...

View of the old courthouse across the street.

Our table umbrella...

I was trying to get a nice picture of the streets and brick sidewalks...looks like I managed to snap a great picture of a light pole.  Duh.  It's a nice one though.  Ha-ha.

There was a big police presence on the square that day.  I don't know if they've had a big crime problem or what, but we saw these two guys on horseback and a couple of bicycle cops riding around too.  I have to say, these two guys were not very friendly.  I took their picture anyway and said thank you.  They never said a word.  Hmpf!  I hope they got horse shit on their boots.

Back to our lunch...it was FAB.  The hamburgers and fries were great...


Not much shopping was done other than a short walk with some window shopping.  My back wasn't up to it.  The steroid shot is wearing off.  I'm still about 50 percent better than I was before it though.  That's something!
I spent the last several days crocheting away on an American Flag afghan for my daddy for Father's Day.  It seemed like it was taking FOREVER and I'd never get to that last stripe so I could start on the stars and get it done in time for Sunday.
I was thrilled when I finally got that last stripe done and I cut the yarn.  Then I laid it out on the dining room table to admire my work...DOH!!!  Can you see it?  It doesn't show up really well in this picture, but the top three white stripes are bright white and the bottom three are antique white!  DAMMIT!  Why don't I pay more attention?!

So I've just been mad and pissy about it.  I'm a perfectionist with my crochet, especially when it's going to be a gift for someone.  So I'm just all hacked off and not sure what I'm going to do now.  What I am sure of is that I'M NOT RIPPING IT OUT and redoing those stripes!  At least not right now.

I have one smaller crochet project I made that I'll show y'all tomorrow.  Now I'm going to get back to work on my flower blanket.  I'm going to attach the next 20 squares I have done and start crocheting the flowers onto those last 40 middles.

I have to go feed the dogs now before they eat my face off.  They are so spoiled!  Ollie has been crawling all over me and fussing for breakfast the whole time I've been making this post.  The other three are hovering and glaring at me.  Pushy!

Here they all are waiting for the Captain to give them a pistachio!  He eats them out on the porch and they all follow him out there because they know they'll all get at least one or two.  They love them.



  1. Pammy Sue: Put the entire afghan/throw in a tea bath and stain the whole thing so it looks antique? I have done before with white items to make them come out antique and it comes out quite well.

  2. What a fun day trip. We need to get out and do one of those two. That cheeseburger looks so good, I now want one for dinner. OK, maybe tomorrow after my cholesterol blood work. Oooops, now I see the color. Let it go! Let it go!.... Look at those cuties out there begging for a nut.

    I'm off to the Vitamin shoppe, we are out of Pysillum for our breakfast shakes. Did I tell you we are back on the smoothie kick in the morning. Then it's out to move the hose. Please send rain this way. Bone drying heat again predicted this weekend. Rock of Ages for sure.

  3. Sparky turns his nose up at pistashios (or any nuts). Little bugger.

    Love the blanket. I know it's of little comfort but I've done the same thing myself and not seen it until it was finished.

    Thanks for taking me on your little adventure. I want that burger!!!!!! (or at least 1/8th of it)

    I'm sorry your shot isn't lasting longer. They never worked on me. I had three and they had no effect. I'm glad it's giving you at least some measure of relief. Back pain is truly awful. I hope you are feeling better soon.

  4. I love the flag affie. Your Dad will not notice, nor will anyone else!!! BUT...if if bugs you a ton, you can do what we quilters do, and tea dye the whole thing. I do that to a lot of the fabric I use. It works great. I would think it would work on the affie too.
    Good luck. And wow, that burger made my mouth water!!!!
    I hope your back gets better too kiddo. Ouch!!!
    XO Kris

    Why can't we make burgers like that over here!!!!!!!
    Karen x

  6. I had lunch before reading this and now I want a damn cheese burger. lol. Looked really super good.

    I know that bugs you, but you can either tea it, like the others said, or give it to him like that. Do you think he'll notice? I would be mad at myself too. I've done dummy things like that before so I know how you feel.

    Poor babes are hungry....look at them all bones a-showing and all that! J/K! Leo is like that too. Time to eat mom....whatcha waitin for????

  7. I agree Pammy with a couple of the other gals about tea dying it. I have done that with a couple of my mini quilts and they look antiqued and it was an improvement. Most older things have variations in the colors anyways, it just gives it character and charm. Love that pic of the burger (of course I would go right to the "meat" of the matter and pick the food photo, lol, but it looks so yummy.) The pic of the cops, well even their horses don't look too happy, maybe it was donut time, ha ha ha .
    Susanne :)

  8. I LOVE that flag afghan...even if your whites don't match! That would bug the crap outta me too! And is SO something that would happen to me! I would cast it aside for days and eat my insides out about it; finally ripping it. That said, I really like the idea of the tea dye...but it would scare me cuz I've never done anything like that. Loved all your photos...and I'm stuffed full of dinner but I still stopped and obsessed a moment on that burger...I think it's the bun...it looks so appealing! Hugs, Annette

  9. Beautiful place and that was SOME burger !!!! Do you think your dad will worry about the shade of white? I think he'd be more thrilled that you made something especially for him. Hasn't Ollie grown ... he must be eating too many pistashios. xoxox

  10. Yes, I think the tea dying is a good idea. That way you don't have to undo any of that wonderful stitching!

  11. Thank you for sharing a little of your part of the world..It looks such a pretty and tidy town..( Love the horses too.lol.)
    Love the rug you have made your dad .. The pattern creates a folded affect. :))

  12. I would tea dye it also.. not a big deal..I like the blanket and I am sure your Dad will too !

  13. Girl, you are always so busy. Love the flag afghan and I agree with the other girls to give it a tea bath. I think it will look even better and you will be very happy with it! Do your stars first though, so they will also be done as well. What a great gift for your father. Was he in the Military?
    You sound so much like me. I'm always searching for new projects and twisting them to make them my own! I know how it is to have more than one project going too. But, I'm getting better these days not to wonder off too far.
    That burger does look delish, the umbrellas are devine, love the brick paved walks and streets and those stuck up cops, well... who cares...lol! Those planters are very nice too on the street corners. McKenney looks like a great clean place to visit.
    Thanks for showing us your adventure!
    Hello pups! Couldn't forget them.
    Have a good one! huGGGgggs

  14. Love your flag throw and your dad will be thrilled. What a great suggestion by our fellow bloggers to tea stain it! That's what I would try if it was me. When crocheting at night it is so easy to pick the wrong shade so don't beat yourself up Pammy Sue. Your food photos are making me hungry - I'm thinking either hot dogs on the grill or sending Hubby out for pizza. After all I worked hard (NOT) today doing the laundry.

  15. Love your flag throw and your dad will be thrilled. What a great suggestion by our fellow bloggers to tea stain it! That's what I would try if it was me. When crocheting at night it is so easy to pick the wrong shade so don't beat yourself up Pammy Sue. Your food photos are making me hungry - I'm thinking either hot dogs on the grill or sending Hubby out for pizza. After all I worked hard (NOT) today doing the laundry.


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