Saturday, June 23, 2012

Grannies & Watermelons

So what is my solution to being disgusted and depressed about all my unfinished stuff?  Make something totally new!  Ha-ha!

Double-sided Granny Potholder
All CottonYarn, F Hook

Watermelon Potholder
Cotton Except for Acrylic Shell Edging
G Hook

I saw a pair like this on someone else's blog (different colors), and I liked them so much I decided I had to make the pair today.  I can't remember where I saw them or I'd tell you.  I do know it wasn't one of my regular blogs.  It was one of those where I clicked on a blog on someone's sidebar, then clicked on their sidebar, etc., and I ended up deeper and deeper into blogland where I never go.

Edited to add:  I found it!  Find it HERE.

That's my problem, see.  I like to look at what other people are crocheting then HAVE to have what they made NOW.  I can't wait until I'm finished with what I'm working on.  Oh well.

I spent a pleasant morning crocheting and watching dumb TV.  I watched some Diamond Divers show and then a couple of episodes of some show like Storage Wars, only it wasn't Storage Wars, it was better.  And now I'm hooked on the Diamond Divers show and will have to watch it on Wednesdays after Dallas at 9PM (Central) on Spike TV.  I don't even have a clue why I liked it.  It was a bunch of old trashy biker dudes that went to South Africa to take a boat out to sea to mine for diamonds.  They all think they are going to be rich.  Ah...the American, er, I mean, the African Dream.

Waiting for the steroids to fully kick in.  I'm feeling the leg pain start to ease up this evening and my face just turned red so relief must be on its way.  Yay!  I'll take it, even if it's just temporary again.


  1. I Love 'em! I've kind of been in a slump myself. I've been playing the 'under the sea' things to make. I hope your leg gets better. I don't understand why you have to keep taking steroids. Sounds like they are making your blood pressure go up if your cheeks get red like that. huGGGGggggsss your way!

  2. I bet our crocheting ancestors didn't have a many UFO's as we twenty first century crocheters do!!! They didn't have the blogs and Ravelry to keep their creative juices flowing!!! I'm blaming all my UFO's on technology!

    Glad your getting little relief. Hope you feel even better when you get up tomorrow!

  3. Those are gorgeous! I need to make another watermelon one as I have one and you need a pair, right? The granny one is neat too. Can't have too many hotpads! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I know what you mean about seeing something and having to make it right now. I have been working on an afghan for over a month and have made several pillows and bags in the meantime and don't seem to be getting anywhere on the afghan. I have started taking apart unfinished things from years ago and using the yarn on newer stuff. I free up some storage space and have "new" yarn to work with.

  5. Pammy, love your potholders. Thanks for showing your pretty things.
    ~~~ Debbie

  6. We share the same philosophy! and the little watermelon is adorable! Love them! :)

  7. Congrats on finding your crochet mojo again! Sometimes working on small projects can do that.
    I'm glad your leg is better, but I hope the steroids aren't causing any other problems.

  8. Hubby was on steroids for awhile and he loved them too. They helped him gain some weight which he needed. Of course his reason for being on them was different than yours. Guess your doc has given you the ins and outs of why they are short term drugs. Hope they do help you and that the docs solve your problem for needing them and they concentrate on finding a real cure for what ails, down to the serious stuff, lol, the potholders are a fun, fast fix to wanting to do something new. I laughed at your post, I hear ya. I am the same dang way, just like that ice cream cone afghan, do ya think I could stop till I found that pattern, H NO! Now I want to make that too. I swore I would put down the hook and bring out my sewing machine well over a month ago, have I done that, NO I HAVE NOT! And that deep diving into the corners of the labyrinth of blog land reminds me of when I started for 5-6 hours of visiting so many blogs I was becoming delirious and thought my eyeballs would fall from their sockets, but oh, what fun.
    Hang in there, Susanne :)

  9. These potholders are wonderful! My fave is the granny one. I know what you mean about getting hooked on "dumb" tv. An easy side effect of crochet as well I know. haha.

  10. Cute pot holders Pammy Sue!
    Glad you are starting to feel some relief!!!
    XO Kris

  11. I love the way you finished the granny potholder.

  12. You sound a lot happier today Pammy Sue. Glad to see you're back to your normal self. Those potholders are lovely - the colours are so fresh and nice looking too. I think us crocheters are all a bit alike - see something, have to make it right away. I have 4 WIPs within arm reach of where I am right now. Might fiddle with one tonight. xoxox

  13. I had a horrendous case of poison oak a few years ago and I was on several doses of steroids, and I LOVED them. I could not get addicted to recreational drugs or alcohol, but give me a steroid and day, I didn't have any neck pain and I was actually able to go on rides at Universal Studios. Well, I almost had to sit by myself because I looked so hideous my kids did not want to be near me. Love the watermelon crochet.
    Feel better,

  14. Glad the pain easing a bit, hope its gone soon. Love the potholders ... "sigh" ... another one I have to make. Keep finding these wonderful projects, keeping me busy and adding to my in progress work! Take good care.

  15. Oh how cute!!! Love the watermelon!!

  16. Hi! Darling potholders. Sorry you have pain, Pammy. Such a bummer. Hope you heal up so you don't have to do anymore steroids.

    I don't have cable so I can't watch any of the shows you've mentioned. Maybe someday when I (if I can) retire, I can catch up on some shows.

  17. Ahhh, I knew you'd find a way to sooth your disgust. :o) We crocheters have that common bond, it's inevitable. I love the granny. I have a whole tote of cotton I need to use. And I thought of you this weekend. I picked up one of my wip's that has been around for 3 years now. It's done!!! A scarf of Red Heart that the edge was hurting my hand. I decided to get it done because I was tired of looking at it. Now I need to wash it and see if I can get it to feel a little less stiff. Who wants a stiff scarf??? xoxoxo


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