Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Dallas Tonight! Rose Booties

This pattern is called "Rose Booties" by Paula Leach on Ravelry.  I had a fun time making them but a hard time getting a good photo of them.  If you follow that link, you'll see her photos which are better.  Next time I'll be sure and use my 3.75 hook.  I used a 4.25 hook and they were not as tight and sturdy as I would have liked them to be.  My roses needed to be slightly smaller too, I think, and the smaller hook and crocheting more tightly would take care of that.  I used Loops & Threads Snuggly Wuggly baby sport yarn.  Love them!

Note:  I love the way the rose is made for these.  It's different than any other rose pattern I've seen.  I hate the ones where you crochet a long strip of shells and then have to roll it and sew, roll it and sew, until it's done.  Mine NEVER turns out looking right.  If there's a trick to this and you know it, let me know.


Are y'all going to watch the 2-hour premier of Dallas on TNT tonight?  I've been waiting for months for it to finally start.  I'll be watching with my popcorn and an icy-cold Dr. Pepper!

I'm so hoping it's going to be good.  I need a good new show to watch, and I loved the original show.  The only thing is, J.R.'s eyebrows are going to drive me crazy!  Look:

No, J.R., NO!  That's just WRONG and it drives me nuts to look at.

By the way, I live only about 5 miles up the road from Southfork Ranch!  Y'all look for my house while you're watching!  Hee-hee.


Thanks for all your comments on the "inappropriate bra" incident.  I'm still getting comments, and have enjoyed hearing all of your opinions, even the ones that didn't agree with me.


I sat outside (still in my jammies) yesterday morning, had my coffee, and finished crocheting that second bootie.  It was so nice out.  I was enjoying myself immensely until some fool rang my doorbell around 10:00.  There was no way I could answer the door in my attire (or lack of) so I have no idea who it was.  It wasn't a delivery truck because I can always hear the rumble of their engines as they come and go.  The dogs went nuts, I got up to rush around and put some appropriate clothes on, and by that time whoever it was had gone.  We have a "No Solicitors or Handbills" sign on our front door, but some people don't pay attention to it or can't read.

Anybody that knows us knows to call before they just drop by, mostly because I'm NEVER dressed appropriately, i.e. wearing a bra, unless I'm going somewhere.  Plus, I like to corral the dogs before anybody comes over because they are spoiled bratts and get too excited.  Nowadays, since nearly everybody has a cellphone, there's no reason to not do so.  It's just good manners to call first!  Doesn't anybody teach their kids good manners anymore?  (Jeez, I sound old and crotchety!)


I need to make a cake tomorrow to take to a poker party on Friday night.  Do y'all have a good cake or dessert recipe you can share with me?  I've made most of my favorites for that group and need some new ideas.  It doesn't have to be a cake either.  It can be brownies or any other type of dessert.  I made home-made cinnamon rolls for them a couple of times.  pammysue8 (at) gmail (dot) com.  I'm going to delete this email address from here tomorrow so write it down if you want it!

I had a list of things in my head yesterday that I wanted to be sure and mention to you today.  Mistake.  Never keep a list IN YOUR HEAD, Pammy Sue!  Write it down!

So that's it then.  Send me some dessert recipes that you've tried and love!  I'll be waiting for your email.  Don't forget about Dallas tonight either! 


  1. Great eyebrows, makes me sorry I plucked mine!!!!!
    Showed your BIKINI post to my two oldest daughters, we laughed sooo much, thanks for that.
    I put a recipe on my blog a few days back for a pear, blackberry cake (pure experiment)its a good one, & quick & easy to make
    Karen xxxxx

  2. Did you ever try that crock pot cake I posted a while back? It's really easy and moist. You can add or change stuff on/in it too.

    I used to watch Dallas many years ago. I might dvr it for later...if I can remember.

    I'll have to have a gander at those booties. They look cute. And any rose pattern that's different is good in my book too! Hey, did you see that flower from Crochet Garden that I made? Did you like it? ;o)

  3. The booties are darling!!! Darn tootin I am going be watching! Yep, he needs to wax his brows!!!
    Oh, and that was ME at the door yesterday!! I was in town, and wanted to come say hello!!!!
    ; 0 Kris

  4. I'm so excited for Dallas tonight too! Should we be looking for a lady in her pjs crocheting? hehe :)

    I don't like when people don't call first! If I go somewhere I call before, I expect the same for coming to my place. I like to have time to clean before anyone comes in, even if it's already clean, I still go crazy picking up lol My FIL never calls, he just shows up and walks in, drives me nuts!

  5. Love those booties! Am sending you a recipe I haven't tried but the pictures look absolutely sinful. Those eyebrows are SCARY!!

    Thanks for the comment on my blog makeover.. no, you are not crazy, I did re-do it.. ha ha!

  6. Cute booties! Don't know when we'll get Dallas over here. I remember it first time round, but wasn't a fan. I thought Dynasty was better :)

  7. Loving the booties! My Grandmother use to make these!
    I meant to DVR the Dallas premiere. Dang it! How was it? Those eyebrows need a trimming big time!
    I too hate when peeps ring our doorbell! why cant they call first? Everyone that knows us knows my three dogs will go crazy! grrrr!

  8. Agree re: JR's eyebrows. They look like wing feathers. Also agree re: not wearing a bra until I have to. Those who ring my doorbell unexpectedly will definitely see me in a state of dishabille, no matter the time of day. Comfort before fashion, always.

    LOVE the booties! :)

  9. I run around all day too in something not quite appropriate to answer the door in, and when I do get dressed even our 2 dogs know I'm leaving the house. The kids use to do the same when they were little, "Mom why are you getting dressed? Where are you going?" Dallas was a favorite, but nothing ever seems the same when they try and do a remake. LH does need to tame those eyebrows, but I guess he has a sinister look by leaving them so unruly. He better watch out, some bird might come along and decide to nest in them, ha!
    Sending you an easy peasy recipe.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  10. So, did the bell ring twice. Maybe I was right behind Kris. We both wanted to just bug you into getting dress quickly. Te-He.... So, any thoughts on DFW. Some good and some bad here. Like the twist. Love J.R., Bobby and Sue Ellen, they still have it. Jury is out on the boys. I think they may be too pretty or something. Time to go and move the hose again...

  11. Aren't booties fun? I always feel a grand sense of accomplishment after finishing a pair. And it's a pretty quick project! I remember my first pair...trying to puzzle through just exactly HOW to crochet down the opposite side of the starting chain when diong the sole. That was a white knuckler for me! LOL Love the rose on your bootie...I'll have to check that out! Dogs that get too excited...oh my, I have that at my house too! Although today we had a new washing machine delivered and there wasn't ONE bark...I had a newspaper rolled up in my hand and kept swatting it against my opposite hand in a show of dominance! Ha ha...I think it worked! Is it wrong that I'm REALLLLLY excited about my new washing machine? Just sayin'.

  12. Love the booties! Was thrilled to see Dallas again ... not sure about the "youngsters" ... either. Just hearing the theme song got me! Used to love this series, hope it will be so again. By the way, I've the Field of Flowers on the hook (not sure yet what background colors to go with, but loving making the flowers) and just started a red granny (your post of May 23rd). I love your picks, just can't resist them! Have a great weekend.

  13. Love the booties! I'm going to give them a try. Thanks for sharing!

  14. I hate JR's wild eyebrows! Get some sissors and thrum those things. Ugly!
    It's too late for your potluck but for the next one I made Hershey's Doubly Chocolate Chocolate Chip cookies (recipe on their website) for RV Rally pollock and only had two cookies leftover. Pioneer Woman (Ree) has a recipe I want to try - Pig Cake. Love the name.

  15. So was it good? I missed it. Shoot! I think JRs eyebrows are like that to make him look more devilish...hee hee....I have been to South Fork when I visited my brother n law a couple years back, he is in Plano...~~Debb


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