Thursday, June 28, 2012

Blue Jeans Neck Warmer

Okay, so I'm in love with this one.  It's super thick and soft!  I made it in about three hours last night while watching Dallas, Diamond Divers, and some of what came on before and after those shows.  This is an excellent pattern.  Every pattern should be this good...lots of pictures and very clear instructions.  Here are the details:

Free Pattern:  City Neck Warmer by Donna Okoro
Yarn:  2 skeins Lionbrand Jiffy in Denim
Hook:  Size J

I'm still always amazed that you can take this...

And a few hours later have this...

I love crochet!


The dogs are all clean!  This picture shows how slick Eli is with a fresh shave.  I know it's a shame to shave a dog with beautiful hair like Eli's, but it's just such a pain in the ass!  It's much easier to keep him clean, and there is way less hair around the house with it shaved.

I took the weirdest picture yesterday totally by accident.  Wanna see it?  Okay, here ya go...

Two dogs, one head...creepy!


I've got to go find something to crochet.

Thanks for dropping by.
You sure do look pretty today.



  1. Oh Pam, that is truly beautiful. I love it -- and the closure is so unique. (But most of all I love your clean doggies. They are so cute.)

  2. You couldn't have taken that picture again if you it..I have thought about shaving Buddy..I have hair all over all the time..the heat doesn't help either. I have been having trouble leaving comments on your blog, only yours..weird huh? Hopefully this one will get to you..Blessings

  3. I new get over my amazement at starting a new project from a ball of yarn and creating something amazing. Love your scarf and the two dogs and one head picture made me laugh. Have a great day,

  4. Oh I just got Kody Shaved also..He looks so clean.. Your doggies are just precious. I love the neck warmer I def have to get that pattern..

  5. Love the jean color & the warmer! FaBuLouS! (whisle, whisle) Here pups! ....and thanks Pammy :']

  6. I can see why you love it! It's gorgeous!! I just might have to try this pattern out! Your dogs are too cute. :)

  7. I think this is great. I also think you might really wear this one. Love the pic of the two dogs, too funny. Lots of family in pre-evac mode in Colorado fires. Four houses near Air Force Academy and two in Boulder. Dad is in Denver so fine. All are still OK, but cars are packed and ready when called. Missed Dallas last night, watched SYTYCD, bummer.

  8. Scariest doggy pic EVUR! (and also, a little hilarious)

  9. Wow, what a gorgeous scarf and what a beautiful colour.

    I like the double dog picture!

    Groetjes, Monique

  10. You need to find something to crochet? I have a suggestion. How about a muffler/scarf/neck warmer? LOL Love this one too, Pammy. Great color. And I feel the same as you about creating something from skeins of yarn. Amazing! That dog photo is outrageous! Ha ha ha.

  11. Three hours and this beauty come out of it ... love it. Your little Eli is precious. Bet he's very happy to have the cut withthe heat.

  12. Now that is a gorgeous cowl/scarf! I agree, it's amazing that you can take a ball of string and create your very own fabric! Love it! That dog photo is a crackup! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  13. Love the neck warmer a great pattern and free to boot :)) gotta love that.

    Eli is so sweet I love the necktie. so cute..

    Hope you have a great crafty weekend..

  14. Pammy, I LOVE this!!! It is so pretty, and different than so many others. Love the color too.
    I cracked up at the dog picture!!!! So funny. I keep Ducey pretty short in the summer too. It is so hot here, and he has such long, thick and curly hair!
    I need a new crochet project too!!!!!
    XO Kris

  15. Beautiful! Love the color.
    Cute dogs :-) Today's Photo a Day Challenge subject is soft, and they really do look soft.
    I get that "gotta crochet something" itch all the time :-)

  16. Oh Pammy Sue you are hilarious, girl. The two bodied dog. Ha, ha!! Your royal blue scarf is so pretty. Yes, I am amazed, also how we can take yarn and make fabric out of it. You do such a beautiful and like I've said b4 FAST job of it, too. Hope you're enjoying yourself this wknd and find some more stuff to make. Pammy's eye candy blog! ox

  17. What a great color !!! You always find the neatest patterns



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