Saturday, June 02, 2012

Blah, Blah

Ollie-Wally says hi.  Several of you have asked about him lately, and he is doing great.  You'd never know he had a broken leg.  He's happy and healthy and such a sweetie-pie.

I will probably be MIA a lot of this next week around blogland.  I'll be working more than normal because my partner is on a well-deserved vacation so I must man the fort.  I all ready have a few jobs lined up for the week, and of course, everybody wants theirs yesterday.

I had my epidural steroid injection yesterday.  All went well.  The pain is gone today and has been replaced with numbness and tingling...better than pain any day!  It could take several days or even a couple of weeks for it to take complete effect.  I've had several of these shots previously, and sometimes they work and sometimes not.  I'll just have to wait and see.

I'm all red-faced and chatty today from the steroids.  Thankfully these high dose steroids have the opposite effect on me as far as being hungry.  They make a lot of people ravenous, but I'm not hungry at all.  Makes it easier to stay on my diet.  Now I just have to make the right choices when I do eat.  I've been off of it for these last two or three weeks.  At least I only gained a pound or two.  Time to get back on it.  My short-term goal is to lose 13 more pounds.  I can do that.

The only crochet I've done in the last few days is on another purse like the one in my previous entry.  This one is a cranberry color.  I showed my mom hers earlier today, and she wants the straps crocheted.  I'll probably do that sometime this evening or tonight since I'm sure I won't sleep much (steroids again).

I'm going to force myself to shut up and post this entry now.  Otherwise, I'll go on and on.

Talk at y'all later!


  1. The purse you made your mom is very pretty. I hope you are feeling better soon. Ollie doesn't look like he's missed a beat. Take care. Heather

  2. I am a funky crochet strap person . . I always make them too long and then knot them to the right length . . . I never know if I want them long or short so I can vary them this way.

  3. Glad to see you say "hey" to us.. Ollie looks great, little punkin. I hope this shot had the effect that you want and you feel better. Don't work too hard! We have one more day of packing then off we fly across the country. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. So,glad you let us know you are alive and survived your shot yesterday. I was thinking about you all day....while we were cleaning the windows. Yes, another chore day here.....and wait for it.... we had my Mom over for dinner since Ray is with his son and family up in Wisconsin. It was a nice visit and she just left.

    Anywho...I must find some yarn and get started on something.

    Oh, and glad to hear The Ols is back to norm and scampering around like his old self.

    I'm sure I'll check in with you this week.

  5. Lovely to see Ollie's sweet little face again and glad to hear he's doing well. Take good care of yourself over this coming week and don't work too hard. Your crochet bags are beautiful. xoxox

  6. Oh are looking great! I am so glad!!! Pammy, I am happy you are feeling much better since you had the shot. I know a few people who have had great results with those. And congratulations on being so close to your weight goal!! I am in dire need of doing something!!!!

  7. Good Morning! I have been relaxing on a wonderful beautiful Sunday morning and found your blog! Love it! I saw a photo of a Cowl Poncho on your photos. Can you tell me where to find the pattern? I would love to try it!

  8. I wondered how the little man was doing.

    I'm having a lot of problems with my back and I need to go back the ortho doc but am putting it off. Love the purse and can't wait to see the flower blankey.

    I too am MIA for a while. Work. Hope you feel better and the weight you want to lose comes off. Can you believe Bev?? I'd love to lose a quarter of that!! xo


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