Tuesday, May 22, 2012


I'll give you (and me) and break from the flower squares today and show you somebody else's pretties.
I had a fit over this pretty poncho.  Isn't it gorgeous?  I just love the colors.  It was made by Indyf9 on Flickr.  HERE is the link.

And I saw this square this morning...
I thought it was so pretty.
I'm saving the pattern for later use.  I've got to try this one.
Here it is done in different colors.
It's amazing how using different colors can change the look so much.
I love it.
You can find the free pattern HERE.
I'm off to get a much-needed and much-overdue mani/pedi.
Have a wonderful day!


  1. Love the poncho for sure I went right over there to check out the pattern, the colors and those roses just grab you right out the gate.... :) like the GS too, great in the red...Have a great week...~~Debb

  2. Love that square... the pink and green are my favorite colors right now.

  3. Those are neat projects. The poncho.. I started one for my granddaughter and it did not fit down over her shoulders well.. but that is a cute one. Love the squares and how it alternates colors in the flower! Cool! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. I'm here finally! Loved all the crochet here. Pretty post. I'll have to check out those patters. I'm pooped from standing to make my fudge. It seems to be setting up ok. I think hubby will get a quick dinner tonight. LOL

  5. Purrrrr-dyy flowers! I love the "chain link" join that you are using. I have a 'ghan that I started in, oh, I think 2007? Just couldn't decide what to attach the squares with. Then I thought I found one I liked and then lacked motivation with all the relationship issues I was dealing with and would lose interest. I think that this might be the one. I had such a great time making all the original squares but hit a brick wall when it came to joining them. I know I should pick up my hook and maybe now is the time! You've inspired me to get it out and work on it again. I know whatcha mean about it being a big job! You go girl.

    Get those fingers and tootsie toes prettied up, it's sandal wearin' time. ;)

  6. What! No flowers today? I love both of those squares and when I was little, mu Auntie made me several of those ponchos and I loved them!!!

  7. What a pretty square .. but
    the poncho has to be my favourite.


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