Friday, May 18, 2012

Let the Weekend Begin

Twenty six flowers are made.  I'm going to put a few together and see how the background and joining colors I've chosen are going to look.  I can't wait to see it!

I can't tell you how much I've enjoyed making this blanket so far.  And I mean all the little tedius bits like weaving in those pesky ends too.  I retired to my room last night at about 8:00, propped myself up on some pillows, and devoted about an hour and a half to weaving in the ends of another baggie of black circles prepping them for the flowery fun part.  Then I made another six flowers before forcing myself to stop and turn the light out around 1:00 AM.

If you need a flower fix over the weekend, you know where to come!  Have a good one.

Updated to Add:  I just realized that I have been emailing y'all the wrong link for the joining method I am using.  That DROPS one is not correct.  I will have to find it and post it here later.


  1. I'll be right over, I'd love to smell the roses :)

  2. If I know you, you will have that done this weekend. :o) Enjoy!!

  3. Oh Pammy! I have also been having this photo saved since I saw it on flickr. You have some lovely beginnings here. Such colorful delights!

    I also got this pattern recently, but I got it FREE for asking Better Homes & Gardens for that 92 issue on March 29th. The sweet Jeri @ BHG Editor sent me just the pattern snail mail. That was very kind & I was so happy to get it. I posted it on Flickr for anyone that wants a copy.

    Yours is looking good & those flowers are faB, aren't they?


  4. They look so pretty.

    I love that you stayed up so late crocheting!

    Hope you have a great day. :)

  5. Oh Pammy...I want to jump through the screen of this here computer and smell those flowers!! They are glorious!!!!
    LOVIN whats blooming over there!!!!

  6. The flowers are simply charming, so sweet, and can't wait to see what they look like when you join them.
    Keep on hookin' and have a great weekend.
    Susanne :)

  7. The flowers are looking fantastic and you are very persistent getting them all done. I make myself weave in the ends after every flower or motif, I can't handle doing a million at once. At the rate you are going you will be done in no time. Happy Weekend,

  8. Just beautiful! At the rate you're going it should be done by next week.

  9. Those flowers are GAHgeous! (My Texas accent) I have just the yarn for that.. my big bunch of KnitPicks I got some time ago. Might just have to join you.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. I love your bright colorful flowers they are wonderful. I hope that you have a great weekend have fun crocheting too. Take care my friend.

  11. Love the colors..can't wait to see them with the background

  12. I can't tell you just how many nights (almost all) I get into bed with my crochet hook and a project in hand...and darned if it isn't midnight before I know it! There's something so serene about the whole craft! My hubby wakes up and glares at me in a sleepy stupor because the light is still on...I just giggle to myself and keep on keepin' on! I love these flowers! I'm trying to see the pattern link that Wild About Color success yet...but I'm off to take a different approach! Have a great weekend. I'll be posting soon. Took photos this morning. Hugs, Annette


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