Wednesday, May 16, 2012

Let the Fun Begin

  The middles are finished!

I made the green flower last night.  My time was 15 minutes to make them and sew in the ends of the middles and flower, but I'm sure that time will become less once I do a few.  I think I will make 25 before putting the background on them and do them in 4 batches like that.
This is what 100 middles looks like.
20 middles in each snack bag.
I think I'm obsessing just a tad...
No, I'm just organized.
Yes, that's it.
No more crocheting until this evening.
I have to work and pay for my yarn.


  1. They are precious! I love your color combo already. I know what you mean working for the Yarn thing.

  2. Do you crochet over your ends?

    I do the unthinkable . . .I knot my yarn when I add a new color and then I crochet over the two strands . . then I know the item won't fall apart . . .Oh, sometimes it isn't a knot, I just do the first twist in a knot, but I feel more secure that they are secure.

    Now, I am being lazy again . . what pattern are you using? The flowers look so cute already.

  3. Love the flowers! I bet that would be a great way to use up all my bazillion balls of scrap yarn too lol.

  4. This is exciting, seeing this project come alive. Funny story.. my sister read your blog and sent me a link on your post of that blanket and said.. "You need to make one of these!". ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. I am a bit obsessed that way, too. I think it keeps things interesting. It takes me 21 minutes to make a square for my crochet vest, with 153 total to make, yikes that is a lot of time!
    Have a great day,

  6. I know I need to get started on this one. Hey, when did you go and get all organized on me. Good Pammy Sue, Good good Pammy Sue. Hope you are all well and not having to work to hard. Have you been out in the garden yet?

  7. I can see clearly how you organized the yarn and the flower centers, Yipeeeee!!! And I can even see that burned up mess you made yesterday, don't go Paula Deening/Martha Stewartess on us now, lol. Seriously, those flowers are going to be loverly.
    Susanne :)

  8. Love the flowers! I am OCD and do the same thing!!!
    Can't wait for more!

  9. No offense but your middles look like black spaghetti in the bags. lol. But I love the flowers. It's going to be so pretty.

  10. They are really coming along nicely. :)

    I love that you are using the snack bags, I do that, too when I make a bunch of little things to put together. :)

    Wishing you a wonderful day.


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