Monday, April 02, 2012

Sewing, Swimming, Sleeping


This is my newest project, and it’s TO DIE FOR.

I am so happy with it.

You will love it and want it for yourself too.  I’ve had a picture of it saved in a folder since I saw it on someone else’s blog last year.  I was looking through my crochet stuff and came across it again on Saturday.  I swooned.  I stared at it for a long time.  I wanted it.  So I went through my crochet patterns and looked online, and I came up with a suitable pattern by combining and tweaking a few I found that were similar.  I had a heck of a time getting it right, but I finally did.  I can’t wait to show it to you, but it’s not quite finished yet.  Soon, I promise!

Here’s a peek at my polar bear…


He still has no arms or legs, but isn’t he cute?  I made the nose and mouth by sewing black yarn on his muzzle instead of a button.  I got it a little crooked (okay, A LOT), but that’s okay.  It gives him character, right?  I am a terrible seamstress.  I sew like a first-grader.



I went swimming with my mom on Friday morning, and then we had lunch at the clubhouse dining room where she lives.  We had a nice visit and got some exercise too.

Other than a little crochet, my weekend was very uneventful.  I didn’t feel very well so I didn’t leave the house and spent a good amount of time sleeping.  But I wasn’t alone…

IMG_0700 I had my buddies with me, as always.


  1. Ack!!! The suspense!

    I love the colors, though. =)

  2. You are SO FAST with what you do . . and I am jealous.

    Well, if I didn't try to type on this thing when I crocheted I could probably get things done faster too . . lolol

  3. Yea but look at all those ends!! lol Really, I don't mind ends unless they are endless. Can't wait to see what it is. I love your polar bear. His mouth position says 'Hmmmmmm'. I am not a seamstress/sewer either so we are in the same boat there. I had that baby shower yesterday with the elephant I made and was putting everything in the bag I got and discovered I hadn't put any pupils on his ghostly eyes!! So I got out the black thread and sewed him some pupils on. She was so thrilled when she pulled it out of the bag. I didn't take a pic either dang it. :o( Eli is so cute. They all are. :o)

  4. Yep, you definitely have my curiosity up.... I am playing catch-up reading your blog. You young lady have been a very busy girl....

  5. Such a tease you are!!!! Can't wait to see it. The sweater is indeed the hex pattern. The collar is made of the same stitch as what I used on the rainbow blanket...edged in sc. The edging on the bottom is also the TC/SC stitch. You made my day with your're so sweet.

  6. Hurry, hurry, I can't wait to see this.

  7. He is sooo cute and so is your little buddy!

  8. Geez.. I am so impatient.. I wanna see what it is! I love your almost done polar bear. When I had to give my #3 Mr. Mint Teddy Bear to my grandson I was like.. wah.. I need one for myself that I don't have to send away. Love that you went swimming with your mom!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Uh oh, did you catch Kate's bug? Feel better soon. Can't wait to see what you are up to with that yarn. Love the polar bear, even armless! That pool sure did look inviting. I love to swim!
    XO Kris


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