Monday, April 16, 2012

Miscellaneous Rambling


When I saw this amongst the magazines at Walmart yesterday, my first thought was, “Chickens?  Really?  A whole magazine devoted to chickens?”  And then I thought of Kris!  You get this magazine, don’t you Kris?  You can tell us.  It’s just us!  Do you need a chicken intervention?  Hee-hee.

IMG_0836 I have a few crochet things going at the moment.  Who knows which ones will stick and I will finish.  This is the beginnings of a throw.


Some Links

1.  I made a couple of THESE  yesterday.  I made a black one and a white one. 

2.  I made THIS RECIPE last night.  They were good, but not as good as I thought they’d be.  The crescent rolls are a little too sweet and they kind of just disintegrated in the au jus.

3.  I bought THIS BOOK yesterday and started it last night.  So far it’s just so-so, but I on got through the first chapter.  I wanted to see what all the fuss was about since I really enjoyed reading the Twilight books.


I was sitting in my bedroom the other night doing a crossword puzzle and minding my own business.  I stay in there a lot when The Captain is working.  It feels weird sitting in the living room in the evenings when he’s not here. 


This is a picture of where I sit in my bed and crochet, read, watch tv, read blogs on my laptop, etc.  See all my mess all around me.  I have to have all my stuff and the ever-present coffee or water cup with a lid.  I have to have a lid (or a sippy cup as The Captain calls it) because I spill things constantly.  You can see that when this particular picture was taken, I was making the girl Amineko Cat.  Sammi is also always there.  The others come and go.

ANYWAY, as I said, I was minding my own business when all of the sudden…WHAM!  Something hit my bedroom window really hard (in the back yard).  I froze and I felt adrenaline spread through my body straight down to my feet.  Fletch started barking.  WHAT THE HELL WAS THAT?  I got up and grabbed my gun out of it’s usual place.  I looked out the back door but didn’t see anything, so I walked out onto the back porch.  This is what I saw on the porch about five feet from the window:

IMG_0806 Mr. Dove had flown, full speed ahead, into my bedroom window and knocked himself silly.  Dumb-ass bird.  I couldn’t believe he wasn’t dead as hard as he had hit, and I couldn’t believe the window wasn’t broken.  He just sat there blinking, apparently in a stupor.  He’d look at me when I got close, but the only thing that moved was his eyes.  Did he break his neck and was paralyzed?  No, he wouldn’t be standing up if he was paralyzed, would he?  I felt so bad for him.  I figured his little brain was swelling bigger and bigger by the moment and he would fall over dead any second.  I left him alone and went out to check on him about every ten minutes to find him still sitting there awake but unmoved.

When The Captain got home about 30 minutes later, he went outside to see him after I told him what had happened.  When he got close to the dove, he flew off about 30 feet into a tree in our back yard, and then a few minutes after that, he flew into a tree in our next-door neighbor’s tree.  I have no idea what happened to him after that, but I didn’t find him dead anywhere so hopefully he survived.



IMG_0762 Here are a couple of pictures I took of the TV screen the day the tornadoes were EVERYWHERE.  I was calmly crocheting Stormy the cat while watching this on LIVE TV and hoping they weren’t coming straight for my house.  That’s scary stuff!  If they were, I wouldn’t have been calmly crocheting.  I would have been in a closet with the dogs.

IMG_0842 My little Sammi is so sweet!

She always thinks someone is going to kill her at any moment.  I don’t know why she’s like that.


I’m gonna go now and stop rattling on.

Y’all have a great week!


  1. There seems to be a lot of buzz about that book and the movie. My oldest (new mom)downloaded it onto her Kindle but has yet to read one word. Baby is keeping her busy. Poor little dove. We had a bird or two do that too, but was during the day. Doves mate for life. Maybe he/she was looking for their partner. That would have scared the crap out of me too. This day in age you can never be too safe. Those tornadoes are terrifying. We get them here too. I have family who live in Texas, near Waco/Satin and around Texarkana, and an aunt who is in Kansas. But, the way the weather is anymore it doesn't seem to matter where you live, they can strike anytime and anywhere. My heart goes out to anyone who has to deal with the aftermath of such a scary experience. Be safe.
    (((HUGS))) Susanne :)

  2. I love that picture on your bedroom wall. And I would have done the same thing you did when the dang dove smacked the window. Isn't that weird? Your window must have been just the right angle he couldn't tell it was glass. Poor thing.

    Sammi is sweet. Hope the other babes are good!

  3. Well hello..Just stopping by to say I love reading your blog..always good for a smile or two.

  4. I like the new header Pammy!

  5. Hi Pam, Like your new banner/header. In your bedrm pic, there is a pic on your wall that looks like it could be a mirror refection of your bed but of course it isn't just an optical illusion. Too bad for the bird but glad it wasn't an intruder. Be careful with those sippy cup lids. I just had my coffee in the travel mug and sipping away on it as I was reading your post and then I felt wet on my shirt and the damn thing wasn't screwed on as tight as it should be and was dripping. At first I thought OMG I'm turning into an old lady and spilling on myself, damn. So the moral of this story is get your screw on tight.

    The chicken mag., how funny, I thought of Kris, too. But what got me is the "Who's on Top"! Sorta risque but that's me with my dirty mind. You have a gread week, too!

  6. Hi Pammy. I love the throw that your working on. I was wondering what pattern you were using and where I might find it.

    Thank you, Linda

  7. I know Kris gets this mag and she will never fess... he-he.... So, two things popped out at me..."Get your gun"...what you have your own. Oh, that's right you are a texan. Second, laptop by your bed, come on girlfriend.

    Hey, is that the same bird as yesterday.

    So, six loads of laundry done. 150.00 bucks of groceries in the house. Still going through a month of mail. Did I tell you I could have guess the house wasn't going to be as clean as I thought, since I wasn't the last to leave here....
    It's going to be a long week catching up.

  8. YES silly goose, I get that magazine!!!! I love it! I don't have a subscription, but I buy it at Barnes & Noble. It is VERY informative for the chicken farmer!!!! Now stop laughing, I can hear you from here!!! I missed the post on the bread. my! That is right up my ally. But, I like you and and Kate, have to be more mindful of what I am eating and watch my ever growing waistline!!!!
    Sammi is a lovey, dovey, isn't he? Or is he a she? Those tornados are SO scary. I don't ever want to be in one!!! Do you have a basement to go to for safety?
    Now, about the dove. It is a window strike. They are quite common in the spring when birds are mating and reproducing. It happens here all the time. It helps to put something on your window if you get them in one spot frequently. If you find a bird that is stunned, like you did, try to put it in a box and get it from the precarious danger of cats and such. It usually doesn't take long for them to revive themselves and regain their wits and fly off.
    Now I have to go check out your links. Oh, I love your cozy space for blogging, crochet and telly. I have a very similar spot!!!!

  9. We have a big window plus french doors on the back of our house and I regularly hear the stupid birds bang against the glass! I often find them outside sitting dazed for a bit, then off they go. Crazy ass birds!!

  10. Oh the throw you are working on is just beautiful! Can't wait to see how it turns out when it's finished - beautiful for sure! Mr. Dove look so cute and I love your "rambling" post! Sounds relaxing!!!
    Hope you enjoy the rest of the week!
    Best, LS

  11. I adore your lacy jar jacket - are you going to show us your pair? I love your "nest".. mine is in the family room in front of the TV.. it's baaaaad! LOL! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)


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