Sunday, April 29, 2012

Mad Housewife

Two reasons to never leave the wine choice to my husband:


Bwa-ha-ha!  Fancy!  But the one person that drank wine said it was actually really good.  I don’t think she was just being nice either.  Can you read the name?  Mad Housewife Chardonnay.  Hee-hee.


Here’s the food we had. The taco dip (good recipe given in my prior entry), meat & cheese tray from Sam’s Club, crackers, snack mix, and the star of the show: The Chocolate Heath Caramel Cake.  Oh my, that was really good cake!  (Recipe also given in my prior entry)


I mean REALLY GOOD, and it was EASY to boot!  YUM.

The party went well, except we didn’t finish playing until 1:00 AM.  I’m still trying to recover, and I didn’t drink a thing except water.  After everybody left, I did the dishes and cleaned everything up, and then I couldn’t get to sleep until after 5:00 AM. 




I didn’t do a lot of crocheting this weekend, but I did make these two Granny Mandalas.  It maybe took me 2 hours to make the larger one and 1 hour to make the smaller one.  The blue one is prettier in person than it’s showing in the picture.


My sister sent me this picture yesterday.  It’s the Valentine Granny Blanket and pillow that I made for her a year or two ago.  She keeps it on her granddaughter’s bed.  I just love that bed.

I gots nuthin’ else.



  1. Good Girl. You know I know why too. Love that awesome bed. It one of my favorite colors too. Lazy rain day here in the basement watch the tube, eating popcorn and girl scout cookies found in the freeze....oooops...

  2. "Mad Housewife"...I'm not a wine drinker, but would buy it just for the bottle! Your crochet looks awesome on that little bed!

  3. We love Mad Housewife!!! Glad your party was a success! Food looked so yummy! Love your sisters youth bed with crochet gifts from you!!!

  4. Oh.. the wine hubby bought.. ho ho ho!! Good one! Your spread looks yum-o and that cake.. wow! I love the granny circles.. they are just so cool to look at. What a good sister you are to make all that for her.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  5. What great colors on your mandalas! Love your sister's bedroom set; it looks really good on the bed. Did you make the flower pillow as well?

    Have a good week,
    Renee :)

  6. Gosh that bed is adorable! The afghan looks perfect on it! How proud she must be to display like that. Looks cozy. All the food looks amazing...

  7. Lovely party food & lovely crocheting! The stuffed animal next to the bed is precious... I bed her Granddaughter loves it too. I need to see if Mad Housewife comes in White Zin!
    Happy Week to you!

  8. Your sis' bed with your pretties on it is so adorable. Cute wine labels. Delish food. Sounds like you had a fun time. Pretty new mandalas!

  9. I love this post! First of all the 'Mad Housewife' I gotta find this! Your party table & foods look totally awesome girl! Bet it was a great party. Lastly, girl, that granny blanket is a beauty! Looks perfect on that little bed. Love everything, you busy girl!


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