Tuesday, March 27, 2012

Bears & A Treasure Trove


This is a little bear I made copying Kate’s cute bear project (both of ours shown below).


I thought we both bought the same color of Bernat Mosaic, but I like her colors better (hers has the aqua color in it).  One is “psychodelic” and the other is “calypso”.  At last I think that’s right.  Not sure which is which though.  I love all the colors that this yarn comes in, but it breaks easily.  Mine broke off many times when I was sewing the bear together.  If you’re just using it for crocheting, it’s fine, but if you put any tension on it at all, it will break off.  Be warned!

I have all ready started another one using a different color scheme and yarns.  It’s fun to make.  I used the free pattern HERE.  I find it easier to follow than the Bear in a Jif pattern on the Lion Brand site.  Plus, it makes a smaller bear, which I like.


Now lookie here!

My BFF, Boon Pappy, went to an estate sale last weekend, and he got something very cool for just FIVE BUCKS:


It just looks like an old piece of crap, doesn’t it?  But look what’s inside:


It’s a huge collection of hand-written and clipped recipes!  The lady he bought this from said her husband worked at an old hotel in Dallas years ago, and many of the recipes came from there.  I just love looking through stuff like this.  I just did a quick dig through them when I first got it home, and look how old some of these newspaper clippings are…


This one is nearly 50 years old!

Very cool, eh?



And finally,

Sam March 2012

Miss Sammi would like to say hello.

Her face makes me laugh.


  1. Wow! What an incredible collection of recipes! Fantastic.

    Love the bears. That stinks that the yarn breaks so easily. It's pretty yarn.

  2. LOL Hi Sammi!

    Love the bear Pammy- very cute!

  3. How adorable are both of your teddys! I'm going to have to get some of that kind of yarn to make one of my teddys with. Love your dogs MUG. I look forward to seeing some of the recipes you make out of that trove! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Well, first off, hello Sammy! And second....oh WOW! What a find on those recipes!!! I am green with envy my friend!!! Bright PEA green!!! Lastly yours and Kate's and Teresa's bears are darling! I must say, I am feeling a little left out now and feel that I too must make a bear...or three!
    So glad that Ollie is doing so well too! What a relief that is!!!
    XO Kris

  5. Oops. Don't tell Sammi I spelled her name wrong!

  6. I have some Calypso (3 skeins) in the drawer upstairs. I bought it last year when I was into...oh what lacy scarf is that...the one with all the scalloped edges...can't think of its name presently...but I bought it for that...still haven't done it. I think that bear might have to be a new project for that yarn! Bah, it breaks? Phoooey! Hate that! I've made three UNMATCHING cowboy boots...in search of the ultimate pattern. I think I found it just now as I'm happy with the third try. Still lovin' the star! All those recipes....ooooooo eeeeee! What fun! They're almost as old as me! Ha ha Hugs, Annette

  7. What a great find.. so many recipes to choose from , where do you start??
    The bears are lovely.. :))
    have a great day :))

  8. Piękne, sympatyczne, wesołe miśki!!!Serdecznie pozdrawiam

  9. Okay Pammy, you have got me "hooked" now on those darn bears! :) I am starting to feel a little left out so I am going to make one too. With a new grandbaby (my first) on the way in August I must make one of these cute little Bears. What a wonderful find for $5 bucks, woo hoo! And Sammi...gotta love it!


  10. Dang! What a find! And for 5 bucks, can't beat that with a beater! lol I bet there are some good recipes in there.

    Love Sammi, she always looks so serious or disgusted.

    And I can't believe you're doing bears Pammy Sue! They're great! I just love Bernat Mosaic. I've bought quite a few of the Mosaic colors and never had a problem with any of them. Of course I haven't made toys with them yet. But the colors are just awesome aren't they?

    You don't offend me with saying balls. A ball is a ball, be it cheese, a toy or well...ahem...you know. xoxox

  11. Oooops, I'm so far behind. I must be in full on vaca mode now. My arms are nice and crispy after a long afternoon in the pool. It's a full house now and some younger one's {ok, 30s-40s} have arrived to keep me busy chatting away. Love the bears, are they not the funniest. And that recipe box is a treasure trove of goodness.

  12. OOOoooo, looking forward to all the goodies you'll make (and then share the recipes with us, pretty please?) Captain really knows how to find the deals!


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