Monday, March 26, 2012

4th of July Dress

I just made a really long entry here and LOST IT!  GAH!  I’m trying again.  It’s never as good the second time you try.  DAMMIT.



This ended up being a 4th of July dress totally by accident.  I was just making it red and white, but I ran out of the white yarn and couldn’t find a match for it at Hobby Lobby, so I just decided to do the bottom in blue and trim it in white.  I found a little star pattern to go on the chest.  I screwed it up though, and will have to redo it so that it’s not so wonky.  It’s a hodge-podge of patterns and yarns.  The pattern is basically the Baby Girl Sleeper pattern that you can find for free on Ravelry.  I just adjusted and tweaked it a little.

PK This is the Captain and I this morning at the H & R Block getting our taxes done.  He was looking all serious and trying to be professional.  I was bored and was taking pictures and sticking my tongue out.  Ha-ha-ha!  He said he has that look on his face because he had no idea what I was doing.  The CPA lady was sitting right in front of us.  Are we done yet?  Can we go now?

How about NOW?


What’s that you say?

More vacation pictures?

Well, okay…


Here is the cute little house that Kate and I stayed in all to ourselves.  It was so fun sitting on that screened-in porch in the mornings drinking coffee in our jammies!  The weather was just perfect.


This is the little entrance trail to the beach.


Here I am in my yellow bikini getting a tan.

I can’t believe Kate cut my head out of this picture.


Okay, okay…that’s not me.

My bikini was RED.  LOL.




Ollie-Wally is so happy his momma is home.

His leg is doing just great.

I think that’s all behind us now.


Y’all go get those taxes done!

And come back tomorrow for yet another…



  1. What a cutesy dress!

    I just LOVE that you were taking pictures of your tongue while he was being so serious! Perfection.

  2. I LOVVVVE that red, white and blue dress! How adorable! Is the star pattern anything you might share with me? I'm looking for a small star to adorn a little Western boot I made - haven't looked really hard for it, but if you have one and can share it, I'll stop looking! Your yellow bikini photo made me laugh out loud! You're too funny! Hugs, Annette

  3. Hi Pammy-

    Dress is adorable! How cute!

    Glad to see you back and Ollie is all better!

    I tried to comment but internet flipped out on me. In case of a double comment delete this one.

  4. I got my taxes done 2 weeks ago!..And YAY! The tax man isn't looking for me with a bayonet!! ^_^ We actually got a nice refund!

  5. Glad you took some time out and had a holiday with the Garden Bell. Cute striped dress. When it comes to taxes I stick more than my tongue out at it! Abolish the IRS, I say. Pretty vaca pix thanks for sharing.

  6. Wonderful dress! We just won't let Noodle see that or she will bug me to try and make her one :) She is such a diva! And the 4th of July is one of her favorite holidays...even if the oooh-aaah's scare her LOL!

  7. I must steal your idea for the dress . . have a great niece coming in June and she MUST dress for the holidays!

  8. I'm a sucker for red, white & blue.. and your dress is stupendous! I hope we get to see it on your sweet lil granddaughter. Love the vacay pix.. I just bet you two had a splendiferous time. Hubby has not finished the taxes.. he needs to concentrate on it, huh?
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Was so looking forward to seeing the pics you took and for some reason your post doesn't even show any pictures. Can't figure it out since your yesterday's post has photos. I read all the other comments and they all comment on your pics....what the heck!
    Susanne :(((

  10. The dress is gorgeous!

    I love your holiday pictures. Miami looks great. Beautiful weather and nice beaches.
    I am very jealous ;-)

    Groetjes, Monique

  11. cute cute cute!
    Love the dress, the cottage is grand, and Ollie is just precious! Taxes? Crap! We just finished paying 2010! Looks like Im gonna have to ask (pay) for an extention AGAIN! I hate taxes!

  12. That little dress is just darling!!! Is it for your granddaughter? Cute pic of you and The Cap! And your little bungalow in Florida is just perfect. When I was 40, I went to Hawaii for a week with a best friend. We had a ball! Sat on our lanai each morning with our coffee, watching the ocean. We ate when we were hungry, we slept when we were tired, and the best time in the world!!! I think us ladies need to do that more often!!

  13. Wow! Love the 4th of July dress. So cute! You are so talented. TFS

  14. Awww there's the baby. I bet he did miss you while you were gone. My taxes were done in February. I am just waiting on my state tax refund and done for another year!
    I love the dress Pammy Sue. I bet it's just Harper's size. :o)

  15. Looks like you got it all covered here. Love the dress. Glad to see Ken had the day off and you got to spend it together, even if it was just getting your taxes done. Nice tongue by the way. The gang at the pool missed you yesterday. We had popsicles again. Guess it's my turn today. Which by the way, is another cloudless sky and very mangageable since I plan on going no where but to Jo's for my eye buttons.

  16. Dress turned out cute. Taxes done long ago. We use Turbo Tax and do them at home. It's a really good program and takes you step-by-step through the process and the best thing is you don't have to pay an accountant to do them whoo hoo!

  17. Such a cute patriotic little dress! I have my bikini I wore in my skinny 20s. Every so often I take it out look at it. It's my proof that once upon a time I looked pretty good!

  18. Such a cute patriotic little dress! I have my bikini I wore in my skinny 20s. Every so often I take it out look at it. It's my proof that once upon a time I looked pretty good!


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