Thursday, February 02, 2012

A Winner, Bead Crochet, Birthday Wishes


Can you see who it is??

 DSCF6078 Let me give you a closer look.

Apparently cussing in your entry comment is lucky!

Bev, I have to admit I smiled when I pulled your name out.

You’re right…It IS “about damn time” you won!


You win!  You win!

Wish it was the lottery, but it’s just a pair of gloves.

Pink Gloves 1

They are yours, and they will be on their way to Utah today.



FYI…I am going to be making at least one more pair, maybe more, of fingerless gloves.  They may be from a different pattern, and they probably won’t be this color, but they will still be pretty…guaranteed!  I don’t think I will be wearing any of these so I’m going to give them all away just because it’s fun.  I’m going to save my pile of entries and draw a name for each pair I make.  AND I can fit them into a small envelope so it doesn’t cost that much to mail them off.  So stay tuned…you could still be a winner! 

Thank you all for playing!

I wish I could make each one of you a pair.



Now…on to the bead crochet I did last night.


It’s a candle holder cover!



It looks cute, don’t you think?

I was pleased with how it turned out.

Although, I did nearly hurt myself doing the math on how many beads to use, how many stitches to place between each so it would come out evenly, etc.  You have to do some figuring before you begin.  I don’t see myself doing this kind of crochet very often, but I will keep it in mind when I make little things like this that need some decoration, and I’m glad I now know a little bit more about how to do it.  I’ve seen some really cute purses that incorporate beads into the pattern.

funny people divider


Happy 79th Birthday, Daddy!

I love you GOBS!



  1. Congratulations Beverooni!! Damn well done - hehe :D

  2. The beaded candle holder is very cute and the beads sure do add that certain something extra. Nice job Pammy Sue :D :D

  3. Congrats to Bev. Now, don't go hurting yourself counting beads. It did turn out cute. Like the colors too. No hook in hand here yesterday, maybe this afternoon after the house is clean.

  4. Way to go Bev... it's about damn time.. LOL :)

    Love how your beaded candle cover came out.

  5. I WON????? I WON????? Oh my gosh, I don't believe it. I'm so excited. AND they are PINK! YAY! I'm so glad that the cussing helped. I really wanted these fingerless gloves. Thanks Pam!!

    Love the beaded candle cover. Is that your next drawing? I mean, I could cuss even louder and longer . . .

  6. Congrats Bev! :o)

    I like the beaded thingy there. I wasn't real excited about doing it when I did it either.

    Hope you're enjoying this weather and Ollie's doing good! xoxo

  7. Yea for Bev!! And love the beaded doo dad. And happy birthday to Daddy!!!

  8. Congrats to Bev on winning the pretty gloves. Your beaded candle cover turned out great. Happy birthday to your dad! :-)

  9. Way to go Bev! I love the candle holder with beads. I have loom knitted hats with beads but have not tried to crochet with them. May have to give it a try.

  10. Yay Bev! And love the beaded project! Hope you are well...

  11. Pammy!

    I took one look at those gloves and thought to myself, HOW DID SHE GET MY SCARF!!!LOL That is RXACTLY what my scarf looks like! ( I used Pink Bamboo yarn.)But it's the very same stitch... same size stitch.

    ~ Susan

  12. Congratulations Bev - the gloves are gorgeous aren't they? Pammy Sue, you did a great job on that little candle holder cover - the beads look really nice.

  13. Lucky Bev! I just love those gloves.. the color and the pattern are very feminine! I also loved how you did the beads in crochet.. how did you do it? Fun stuff!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. Congrats Bev! Love your candle holder with beads. It sounds to complicated for me. Not a math person! lol :)


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