Saturday, February 11, 2012



This is what I’m doing today.

I dragged out my Rainbow Granny Ripple to work on.

It’s a cold weekend in Texas!


This is some Roasted Red Pepper Hummus I buy at the deli at Wal-Mart.  I really love this stuff!  I’ve decided I can’t make hummus that tastes as good as this.  It’s so good.  You should try it, even if you’ve never really been a fan of hummus.  This has great flavor!

IMG_0197 The fire pit was going in front of Whole Foods when we were there the other day.

Love that RED Tractor.

I’m desperate for blog material, people.

I’m in a slump.

I take my camera everywhere hoping to find something worth sharing.

This is the best I could do.

B-O-R-I-N-G ! !

At least I’m trying for you!

Hey, I noticed in that picture of my fireplace that my bricks are turning black.  How should I clean that??  Please leave me some love and your suggestions if you know a good trick for getting that black off.  Maybe it’s easy…I don’t even know.




  1. You know I'm loving your colorful rainbow ripple!!!!

    It's beautiful Pammy Sue!

    I have no idea what hummus is? Never heard of it and wouldn't know that it is something one can eat.

    I'm no use to you today...I don't know how to clean black marks off a fireplace. Luckily none of our fireplaces ever had black marks.

    Off to bake brownies for Hubby for Valentine's. It's true the way to a man's heart is through his stomach.

  2. I know all about that slump stuff are singing to the choir. I also know all about the humus, as it's not a staple during the day. Red Pepper is my favorite too. So, let's start our secret count down, will that cheer you up. Glad to see the rainbow back out making an appearance. Oooops, there's the micro, my W.W. Smart Ones is done for lunch. Never enough but they were on sale.

  3. GREAT Idea with the camera. I am ALWAYS seeing something I want to take a pix of.

    I have a cousin who LOVES purple . .family joke, "Good God. Debbie. PLEASE don't make us wear purple for your wedding!"

    LOLOL . . . she didn't care what we wore, one tall thin, one short and VERY petite and me, the busty, wide hipped one in the middle.

    ANyway, I keep seeinf all of these houses painted purple, or odd blues, pinks, reds, etc. Gene and I call them Debbie HOuses. I keep telling her I am going to make her a photo album of her houses for christmas some year.

    Oh, I have had a heavy baby blanket on me th elast couple days because of the cold . . makes working on it and using it a great combo.

  4. Not boring Pammy Sue .... I've learnt at least three new things reading this blog post.
    1. - Never heard of fire pits outside shops - why not just go inside? Looks good though.
    2. - You come from Texas !!! - for some reason I thought you were in England.
    3. - Ollie is being very well cared for - puppy pen nice and close to the fire. How is he anyway?
    Oh, by the way, your blanket is looking fantastic.

  5. You look so cozy underneath that afghan!!! Nice! How is Ollie?

  6. Your rainbow blanket is looking gorgeous and warm.. fun to see your pup cuddled up next to you. The black on your fireplace might be able to be cleaned with a grease cutter and scrub brush. But I actually think it gives the fireplace a nice "broken in" look and like you use and enjoy it. Clean fireplaces mean no one ever enjoys a fire in it. As for the blog.. don't worry about it, it will happen when you feel it. We'll be here.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. I do not know how to clean the black off your fireplace but I can send lots of love. Been in a slump here too. I have tons of crocheting being done but don't have the care to take pictures and post them :( But I am sure we will both be back to chipper soon. BTW Love Love Love the granny ripple. (I have yet to to try making one)

  8. Oh sweetie, just keep working on your gorgeous rainbow ripple, and the inspiration will come! :)

  9. Can we slump together? I've been working on a birthday present only to get almost done with it and not like it and start something else. I hate when that happens!! I'm running out of time.

    How's my baby doing? I see Eli's enjoying the ripple with ya. I love the colors in that blanky. It's cold here too. 19 this morning when I left to come to work. I hope Leo got in his little house in his little blanky and bed and covered up to stay warm.


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