Wednesday, February 01, 2012

Not a Clue


I thought I’d try my hand at crocheting with beads this evening.  I got this package of beads at Walmart earlier today.  It was the only package they had that had holes big enough to fit yarn and a needle through.

DSCF6066 Here’s a closer look.  I think they’ll do for now until I decide whether I really even like it or not.  I’m sure Hobby Lobby will have a much larger selection of these bigger beads.

I don’t have a clue what I’m doing either.  I have an idea of how to do it so I’m going to give it a try.  I saw Lucy of Attic 24 doing some about a week ago.  I thought she was going to give a little tutorial on how to do the bead crochet, but I was wrong.  So I’ll just figure it out on my own.  Can’t be THAT hard, now can it?  (Famous last words)



I was reading a book by Jackie Warner a while back, This is Why You're Fat.  I picked up this idea from her.  (That’s right.  I don’t have an original idea in my head.)  Since green tea is supposed to be ALL THAT and it doesn’t really taste all that great, make your tea with one teabag of the green tea and one teabag of herbal fruit tea of your choice.  I got the sampler of fruit teas so I could have whatever suits my fancy.  I’ve been drinking one of these tea cocktails a day for a couple of weeks now.  Love it.  It’s the perfect thing to have in the evenings (note it’s decaffeinated green tea) when you’re apt to be hankering for a sweet snack.  Drink some of this tea and think about how much better it is for you than a half dozen baby Snickers bars…I believe they call them “Fun Size.”  Oh yes, they make it sound like such fun to get a GIANT ASS.


But my favorite tea is still Earl Grey.  I love the stuff.  This one I’ll have in the afternoons since it’s definitely caffeinated.  I’m sure they make a decaffeinated one, but I’ve never looked.  I like it with a big splash of milk and about 1/4 of those tiny packets of Truvia.  That stuff is sweet!  A little goes a long way.


I’ve completed a couple of small crochet projects over the last two days, but I can’t show them here just yet.  The recipient must receive them first so I don’t spoil the surprise.

I’m off to string some beads and see what I can whip up with them and my hook…




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  1. I think you will figure it all out. Can't wait to see what you come up with. Great idea about adding a second bag to the green tea. I for one do not like the green tea flavor alone. Is that the StyleCraft yarn?

  2. I'm a beader from way back and have wayyyyy too many beads around here. I look forward to seeing what you do with those. I like tea but just never make it for myself.. I need to do that. Hope I win your drawing!! ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. When I bead in my crochet, I slide all the beads on before I start. But, if using a smaller yarn and hook, you cound crochet them in as you go.

  4. I like your tea idea. I have some fruity tea and some green tea in the cupboard. I've always put a pack of splenda in the green tea. I drink my coffee and other teas plain just can't handle the green tea that way.

  5. I love Earl Grey too. Not so big on the green teas, but I know they are good for you.
    Why can't Snickers and cookies and diet soda be good for you too?

  6. Can't wait to see what you make with the beads, sounds like fun. I've been drinking a lot of tea this winter myself. I've been using an extra bag of the decaf green tea to make it stronger flavored, but I like your idea of adding the herbal flavored tea, sounds good. I'll put it on my grocery list for Sat.! Have a great day Pammy Sue.

  7. looking forward to seeing your beaded crochet! I've been interested by it for quite some time now, but I find it a bit intimating to try myself!

  8. Ooh, I do like the extra tea bag idea as I dislike the taste of green tea but 'know' it's good for me, even with sweetener, and I do have fruit teas. Now..where did I hide the green tea? ;0)
    I bought some beads from a charity shop with the intention of trying them in crochet but haven't 'had the nerve' to try yet. Let us know how it goes won't you? and if successful ,you could do a tutorial for us? Pretty please ;0) Ah..thanks :0)
    Have a great day :D

  9. I tried crocheting with beads a long time ago, never did quite get the hang of it. Am anxious to see what you make.

    Thanks for the tip about the tea, I will try it. Oh, and my SIL gave me a great quinoa recipe that I am going to try - if it is good I will post about it!

  10. I should have told you on my last comment....I used little beads and just strung a bunch on the thread before I started crocheting and when I needed one I would push it up in place and keep on crocheting. Worked pretty good that way.

    And I'm talking GA (Giant Ass) from GA. lol. I'm sick of looking in my closet and seeing all those smaller clothes I could be wearing if my ass wasn't so big. :o( I keep telling myself that I'm going to lose it but every time I look it's still there.

  11. Crocheting with beads is so much fun! Once you get the hang of it (and it's not that complicated...I can do it, so I'm sure anyone can!) you'll be envisioning all sorts of little designs to make. I learned how to do it from this bracelet tutorial by futuregirl:

    When you find yourself buying graph paper to map out beaded designs, you'll know you're addicted! :)

  12. OMG you crack me up! Fun size to get a giant ASS!!!! Thanks for makin' me laugh as it's been one of those days, blah! Earl Grey is a fav of mine, too. Love your beadwork on the candleholder. Lovely! Have a fab wknd, my friend!


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