Friday, February 17, 2012

My New Pinny!

Who even knows what a “pinny” is?


It’s an apron!

Anne, my friend from Scotland knows what it is.


She generously shared her pattern and a very good tutorial on her blog a while back.  When I saw hers, I knew I had to have one.(Or two or three!) Since I don’t sew, I begged my momma to make me one.  I really didn’t have to beg.  She was happy to do it.  So I printed out Anne’s tutorial and took it over to her, and she whipped this sweet thing up in no time.  She said it was easy.  I love the material she chose too.  She said if I found some material and wanted another one, she’d make it for me.

IMG_0289 Ain’t it cute???

Thank you, Momma!


You can find Anne’s tutorial HERE.

If you’d like a nice, neat copy of it that I put together in a Word document for my mother, email me at PammySue8(at)gmail(dot)com and I’ll send it to you.  Just be sure and give Anne credit and a link if you post a picture of yours on your blog.  She has a tutorial for a Half-Pinny too.  Check out her sidebar labels to find it.


And for Dorothy in Australia:



This is what Mrs. Dash is.  You can probably find something similar in Australia, or you can just add whatever individual spices and/or herbs you like.  There are at least ten different blends of this stuff at the grocery store here.


I’m off to work a little bit.

And then we are taking Ollie to the vet for a check-up.

We are hoping for signs of bones fusing together today!


He’d like to thank you for your thoughts and well-wishes.

Here’s a kiss…


Pucker up!



  1. Thanks for the kiss Ollie! Good luck at the Vet's.

    Pammy, love your new blog header and your pinny!! I'd love to have time to come up with a crocheted one but alas I am usually tied up running myself silly.

  2. That apron is beyond adorable! What a sweet Momma you have! And she has awesome taste in material! Good luck, Ollie...we're all out here rootin' for a fusin'! Hugs, Annette

  3. Hope Ollie's getting healthy. Love your apron, tell your mom she does great work.

    Have a good weekend.
    Renee :)

  4. I love your pinny. I love wearing them :)I used to have a large collection of ones I would pick up from antique stores.

  5. Oh, I like it. You are too funny with the kiss today. Just what I needed. I'll fill you in over the weekend. Nothing major just not fun.

    Kiss, Kiss back at ya....

  6. I have known what a pinny has been for years . . we always had to put them on in PE classes when we had team against team activities . . when I retired from teaching, in 2006, they were still usingthem and still called them pinny's.

    Ask your readers if they have ever worn them in gym class . . then I'll bet they know what they are . . just didn't know how it was spelled.

  7. I remember pinnies from gym class. When we played team sports, one team would wear the pinny so we could tell the teams apart. Of course, our pinnies didn't have the pretty ruffle. Puppy dog kisses back to Ollie; hope his bones are nice and crocheted (NOT knitted) back together :).Bye...

  8. New header photo! Love it and the apron. What would we do without mama? Have a great weekend.

  9. Your pinny looks amazing, Pammy Sue. Your mum did a grand job! Thanks for the plug!

    My fingers are tightly crossed for Ollie. :o)

  10. Oh and "pinny" is short for "pinafore" which was worn over your good clothes to keep them clean. Hence pinny = apron. :o)

  11. A pinafore! Of course! It makes perfect sense now! I never made the connection. I just thought it was a Scottish thing. ;)

  12. Very fun and summery apron! Fun!

    Hope Ollie had a good check-up. =)

  13. blog is NOT updating when you post!!! I am about three posts behind here. I love the Pinny!!! Mom did a great job!!! You don't sew???? You should take a stab at it. You guys are doing great on your diets it looks like. Cap did good on the dinner the other night. Love the shots of the dogs all across him. Love Ollie's kiss. Can't wait to hear what Dr. said. Sure hope you got good news.

  14. Awww...there's my boy! Kissing too! :o) Hope his vet visit turned out good. Love the pinny! I've been remiss at blogging again. Can't help it, either I'm busy as crap or busy as crap. :o) I did post earlier but not sure how the pics turned out. Damn blogpress is about to p#@$ me off. I knew the iPad was going to be a challenge but not one that makes me want to throw it sometimes! Anyways....hope your block clears dear. xoxoxo


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