Tuesday, February 21, 2012

Dory Shawlette

Dori 1

Dori 2

Dori 3

Dori 5

I love the cuteness of this little scarflet!

I used a lighter yarn than the worsted that was called for.  None of these pictures shows the true color of it.  It’s not as grassy-green as the last pictures, nor is it as olive-green as the first picture.  I crocheted the whole thing in two evenings.

Pattern:  Dory Shawlette, by Lisa Gutierrez ($2.50)

Yarn:  Snowflake yarn in Limelight & Simply Soft Off-White

Hook:  I (one size smaller than called for)


  1. It is SO pretty Pam! Perfect for Spring!!!! Love it!

  2. Oooo I just love it! We have similar taste! Very pretty! I dont think I have seen that yarn before.. Must investigate!

  3. I love the shawl! It's so beautiful, green is my favorite color! Getting the whole thing in two evening, it's a talent's work!!!
    Have a great day!
    Much love,

  4. I really love it! Two thumbs up!!!

  5. Very cool, kiddo. I think the border is spectacular. It might be fun for a blanket too. I have to do another shawl soon. I love those two day projects. Already been for my walk and am now eating my Fiber One 80 cereal. Decided to take a break from the blanket and do one of A24s new flowers, just to keep my mind off things this morning. I'm back in my jammie bottoms so I guess I'm not going anywhere for a while.

  6. My likes! lol. (Got that from a little girl)

    You do the same thing I do, change something up in a pattern if not more than one thing. Sometimes it works out and other times I'm kicking myself for not sticking to pattern. Oh well...live and learn.

  7. Ooooo-eeee, Pammy! That's gorgeous! I love the ivory colored border! And that green is scrum-dilly-umptious! Like Kate, I was looking at it thinking about a blanket too. I may need to go explore that pattern purchase! Nooooooo, not another pattern purchase! I'm so bad! But it's so good! LOL Hugs, Annette

  8. Howdy! Thar she goes agin!!! (said with a pirate type accent) The fastest crocheter around! A really pretty scarf; it turned out lovely! I bet it IS prettier in person since you're saying the colors don't look right on the screen. You also can't see the flecks in the larger photos. How did Ollie's check up go?

  9. I love the shawl and the fact that it went so quick! My flower shawl may take ... 3 years? But I'm doing Teddy Bears now.. started #3. I bet that looks great on you!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. Very pretty. Good to see you have your mojo back. xox

  11. Oh, that is very pretty. I do a lot of changing of hook sizes and yarn weights. It can change the finished item more than you would first suspect, can it not.....


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