Thursday, February 23, 2012




I was at my desk working this morning when I looked up and saw this.  I had to grab my camera and capture it.  They looked so sweet sitting there looking out the front door.  Sammi was there too, but just when I grabbed my camera, of course, she got up and left.  DAMMIT!


I was inspired by Petunia Pill and her pretty little dresses and booties that she’s been making lately.  I started this last night, but I hate it in this yarn so I’m frogging it.  Hmphf!  I’m pissed.  I know better than to use variegated yarn or whatever you call it for something like this.  It’s always much prettier in a solid color so you can see the pattern better.  This just looks all lopsided and splotchy and YUCK.  And I’m too cheap to pay $5.99 for that silly little bootie pattern.  I think $5.99 for a single pattern is totally ridiculous!  TOTALLY!  So I’m just being pissy and a cheap-ass. I admit it!  I’ll freely spend $4.95 on a coffee at Starbucks though.  DUH.  DAMMIT!

IMG_0344 I had a lot of work to get done today and I needed a little help in the energy department so I decided to try one of these.  I have never tried one.  Have y’all tried it?  I had all ready had two cups of coffee and then I chugged this.  I feel nothing.  Nadda.  Zilch.  Absolutely nothing.  DAMMIT!

IMG_0346 So I only worked about an hour and then I got up and went and took my shower.  Then I put together these kabobs because The Captain is home today and he can grill them up for us.  The last ones I made were just chicken, and they were delish even as leftovers.  He wanted some red meat this time so I made a couple of those for him too.  When I was just about finished, I realized I was forgetting to put the mushrooms on that I had bought especially for these.  DAMMIT!  I didn’t want to unthread them all and start over, so I just added some where I could at the ends and on the last kabob.  Then I doused them all in Zesty Italian salad dressing.

And then The Captain went outside to light the grill and promptly came back in and said, “We’re out of gas!”  DAMMIT!!  So he went to the store to get some.

While he was gone, I was sitting at my desk and something caught my eye out the front door.  I looked up and saw a black person running by across the street.  (Not that the color of the person has anything to do with it…I’m just describing the situation to you.)  It was nobody I recognized, but they were older, like late 50s or 60s.  I couldn’t tell if it was a man or a woman.  Then less than a minute later, they caught my eye again coming back the other way and crossing over to my side of the street, again, sort of half-running.  They ran towards our side yard.  I got up and went out the front door to see what they were doing, and they were GONE.  I went around to the back through our side yard and looked in the alley…GONE.  What the hell?  How did they disappear so fast?  It was probably a burglar pillaging our entire neighborhood.  Yes, I’m paranoid.  Last time something like that happened, I sat right here staring out my front window at my neighbor’s house at the exact moment they were being cleaned out by burglars!  DAMMIT.  So, yes, I’m paranoid.

And now I have to get back to work and I don’t wanna.  DAMMIT!


I know I am spelling DAMMIT wrong.

I just like writing it that way.

Get off my back, DAMMIT!

(That energy thing may be making me irritable.  Ya think?)


  1. Ha-Ha dammit, that was funny. Yeah, it's probably making you irritable. Such great news about Ollie's leg. Yes the dress will be cuter in one color or in stripes but the varigation often times does make stuff look splotchy, I agree. Think I'll make those tacos. I got some chik breasts in the freezer I should use up. Hopefully they were looking for a lost pet and not burglarizing anyone. OK, that sounded bad. I don't want anyone's pet to get lost but I don't like people who steal stuff and that is what I meant, dammit!

  2. Whoa! I guess there's no question that you know how to spell "dammit," right? LOL!

  3. Yeap... I think...he-he...
    Those Ka-Bobs looks great. What time is dinner, we will be over. Don't you hate when you make something like this and then realize you forgot one of your favorite ingredients. No grilln' here tonight. The rumor mill has snow on the way.

  4. A 10 Dammit day!!! FUN E!!! I would have been very suspicious of the stranger running around the neighborhood. I probably would have gotten up to make sure doors were locked, then called the police!!
    I like the dress. And the cuties sitting by the front door is adorable!!
    That energy drink will probably hit you right about bed time, and you will be wide awake!! DAMMIT!!!!

  5. OMG too funny! Sounds like you need a vacation and a big guard dog :) I am paranoid too! But the last 2 houses I lived in had someone break in WHILE WE WERE HOME! So I have bigger dogs and one HATES men lol. (That works at keeping young men away from the teen daughter too). Hope tomorrow is better hun :)

  6. Wow, you've got a super interesting homey blog, I love it. I love your little white doggy I can just eat him up for desert after wanting to eat your delicious looking kebabs. In South Africa where I was born we marinate those beef kebabs in a sweet curry sauce and sometimes put sweet dried apricots between the beef, with the onions and peppers, it's to die for.
    I've just started to crochet, and I really love the color wools you used and that of the gorgeous shawl you made, your items are really romantic looking. I just wish I didn't have to learn how to crochet on youtube, I wish my mom could have taught me how to crochet, only problem is she's old and frail and now has to even use a Tracfone SVC phone which is especially made for seniors as it has bigger keys and letters on the screen.
    Thanks for the recipe for the tuna patties, my hubby and I are always trying to cut down on calories and trying to eat healthy. Please keep your blog going it's really teriffic.

  7. Oh dear Pammy Sue - you really are having a bad day !! Why don't you just go back to bed for awhile then get up and start all over again :) Love the pic of the doggies at the front door. Oh, by the way, I wouldn't mind popping over for lunch !! The kebabs look delish.

  8. Hi Pammy Sue.. some days just go like that. But the good things are your adorable dogs, a delish meal, a hubby who BBQs for you and great crocheting skills!

    We had celery with peanut butter in it for dinner.. so you're ahead of the game.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Sue in MI9:26 PM

    LOL.....I hate those kind of days...they just suck....The kabobs look delish....I am so glad about Ollie...Ive been worried to death about him and was waiting patiently for news...He is in my prayers every seems you have to be these days...sad but true....I Keep my doors locked all the time....Hopefully you will have a better day tomorrow....

  10. Oh my...I would be very suspicious of someone I didn't know half running back and forth. But that's me. I had a new recliner delivered the other day and the kid was standing at my gate just looking at it and I said, you can come in, and he said is it wired? I laughed and said no but ya know what? It's not a half bad idea! I was worried about when Leo is gone that I won't have an early warning sign for thugs but that I think is the perfect solution. Hot wire the fence and gate to a battery or something along that line.

    The kabobbles look yummy! And such a sweet pic of the babies at the door. Did they see the weird half running black person?

  11. ROFL!! I am gonna make you one of those Dammit dolls!!!! That was funny!

  12. Oh! I just loved this passive blog entry....dammit! LoL!!!! Hope your next days are "WooP WooP".


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