Sunday, February 26, 2012

Carnival Glass

Teresa posted some pictures of a carnival glass dish today, so I wanted to show her (and y’all) a few pieces that I have.  I have several more pieces, but they’ve been put away.  I’m pretty sure they’re in a box in the attic.  Go check out Teresa’s bowl after you’re done here if you haven’t all ready.  I wish I had a fun family memory to connect with these, but I got them all on eBay.  Maybe my boys will have a memory of me and these dishes one of these days.  I need to remember to use them!



This light green one is my favorite, although I’m not even sure that it’s “real” carnival glass.  I love the color and the legs and the design in it.


See the roses inside the bowl?


I’ve always thought the blueish-purple ones are kind of gaudy, but I still like them for some reason.  This is a candy dish sitting inside a separate dish.  They don’t really go together, but I think they look perfect like this.

IMG_0356 Here is the bottom of the bigger dish…


And the glossy insides.

I couldn’t find my favorite big bowl.  I know I didn’t pack it away because it’s the one piece that I use the most.  Maybe The Captain will know where it is when he gets home.  We recently moved a bunch of this stuff out of the china hutch because we moved it and I plan to give the hutch to my son when they move to a bigger place that can accommodate it. 


Today is the start of the NASCAR season with the Daytona 500.  My arse will be planted in my chair watching it.  And then the Academy Awards will be on.  I may have to switch back and forth towards the end of the race to see some of the arrivals if the race goes long.  Those are my plans for the day.

I have been fighting the SUGAR DEMONS the last couple of days.  I hope they don’t show up today!  I really hate it when all I can think about is getting my hands on something sweet.  There is nothing sweet here (except some baking stuff), thank goodness.  Otherwise, I would have eaten it in a BIG OLD SUGAR FRENZY and then felt guilty and horrible when it was over and I regained consciousness.   I’ve lost 17 lbs as of today, and I don’t plan on blowing it now!




  1. 17 lbs!!! Good for you Pammy Sue!!! What an accomplishment! I need to get on it. You and Kate are inspiring me.
    Love your Carnival Glass pretties!!!!
    Have fun with your arse in the chair and your furballs on your lap, watching NASCAR!!!

  2. These are true beauties. But, 17 lbs. even more beautiful. Staying planted in the chair is a great idea. I'm Oscar ready here, but nap ready first.

  3. What beautiful dishes!! I have a white milk glass dish that's shaped the same way, with fruit and stuff etched into it. I seldom use it. I just like looking at it! :-]

  4. Love them! My grandmother had carnival glass when I was a child. Always reminds me of standing on a chair to help wash up dishes at her house.

  5. Loved seeing your dishes Pammy Sue. The colours are quite fascinating. I think I had an apricot coloured dish like that some years ago but probably got rid of it when clearing out the cupboards !! Stupid eh? Congrats on the weight loss.

  6. Pammy, it was SO neat to see your Carnival glass pieces! My favorite is the green, also. Thanks for linking over.. I noticed some new "faces" in my comment section.. now I know why! :-)

    Good job on your weight loss! I've lost 8 lbs but would just love it if I'd lost as much as you! You've been inspiring me with your healthy eating.

    Have fun watching the TV today - we are going to our youngest son's house, his wife is making a turkey dinner for all of us!

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Good for you! You go girl! I am not as strong as you and have those sugar devils sneaking in the back of my brain tempting me. :o( I thought about you today when they announced that Daytona 500 was on today. I knew where you would be. :o)

  8. We grew up with a peach version of your green rose bowl! Funny!

  9. congrats on the 17 pounds..keep it up..I love carnival glass.

  10. Love your pretty dishes remind me of some that mom had love colorful bowls. Finishing afghan two and three and four started I hate sewing in ends. Take care my friend.

  11. I have carnival glass too!! My Mother used to use the pitcher I now have for her ice tea. She gave it all to me some years back. I have a candy dish like yours, a punch bowl with cups, a compote...All in that blue color. Just love it! I agree - it's a bit gaudy. LOL

    Congrats on the weight loss! That has got to make you feel AMAZING!!!

  12. Well done on losing 17 lbs, Pam! Stay strong, girl. Those are pretty dishes. I like the blue ones, too. I don't think they look gaudy at all.

    Now go to the freezer and pick up a some frozen meat that weighs 17 lbs. See, that's how much came off ya!! You're doing great!


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