Wednesday, February 15, 2012


My blog slump is turning into full-blown writer’s block.  I have no idea what to do about it other than just take a bunch of pictures, throw them up here, and then just start typing.  Doing nothing does not help a thing.

IMG_0222 The Captain in his chair with Eli & Sammi piled on top.

I took this picture a couple of days ago.


The Captain made dinner last night.  He did really well (other than everything being the same color!).  We could have used some green, but oh well.  I’m not complaining!  Everything was great.  The fish is Swai.  Have you seen it at the grocery stores where you live?  It suddenly started showing up here.  It’s supposed to be a type of catfish from Japan (or China or one of those Asian countries…I don’t really remember).  They are generally bigger and softer than the catfish we get here.  Usually catfish tastes kind of “dirty” to me, but this didn’t have that taste or any fishy taste at all, really.  It’s just a mild whitefish.  He just salted and peppered it and put some lemon slices on top before baking it about 25 min. at 400.  It was perfect.  He boiled some Yukon Gold potatoes with some chopped garlic and served them with some soy butter, and he also heated up a can of corn. 

IMG_0242 Ollie is doing fine.




There is no crochet going on here.  I’m just not into it right now.  After I dragged my Rainbow Granny out a few days ago, I ended up only doing four rows before I put it aside. 

We all watched the Westminster Dog show the last two nights for six hours.  I loved it…always do!  I was a little disappointed that the Pekinese won Best in Show.  I thought some of the bigger dogs were SO MUCH better!  I was sure it would either be the German Shepherd or the Doberman. 

That’s it!

Hope to be back soon!


  1. That's the word I've been looking for. Blockage. I totally am there 100% right now. I don't know why even. If I did, I would fix it, right. Oh well, I'm sure it's just a passing phase. I kind of figured when I saw the winner on the news this morning that you all were watching this. Maybe, we just need some sea air and sun....he-he...

  2. I hope your'll get a break through with your writers block soon. Your husband looks comfy in front of the fire with a sweet buddy on his lap. I finally have a new project on my hook and am making progress here and there. Take care. :-)

  3. Hi Pammy! Sorry for your writer's block, but I must confess, something very immature in me just wants to giggle at the word "blockage"! (0; Don't ask!... That aside, I'm loving all your photos, and the fish sounds very good.. I'll have to watch for it on my next grocery shopping trip. I hope Ollie is feeling better and better; and I thought the photo of Eli and Sammie on "the Captain's" lap was really cute!... Have a good day! ~teener

  4. I completly understand Pammy. I am not so much having a blockage as I am just in a blah grey slump. But I am sure blockages and slumps will be gone soon.

  5. Keep up taking the pictures . . it's fun seeing your meals . . . gives me ideas.

    The husband, who pays attention to what is available at the grocery store, says he has seen Swai . . must buy some and see what we think.

  6. Hey those pics of the dogs are cute and certainly better than not hearing from you! Captain looks like Scott with the cats piled on top of him, only the dogs are bigger.

    Hope Ollie's leg is healing!

    I'm doing some granny rippling myself a couple of baby size and mulling over the yarn I want for a big one of my own.

    Keep writing- that block will end soon!

  7. Sometimes you just need a bit of time out :-)

  8. I feel the same way. After staying up to see who got best in show (we were rooting for the dalmation) I too was disappointed to see the pek chosen. Actually there was alot of "What the hell was she thinking?" being shouted at the TV.

  9. For having a blockage, you do quite good. Ha! I think blogging is basically just sharing what you're up to... no stress there. Had a fun day of spinning.. maybe you need to start something new.. get a spinning wheel!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  10. I loved the photos of your sweet fur babies. :)

    Ollie is so cute...and that picture of the Captain cracks me up with the boys sleeping on him! Too funny.

    Hang in there with the writers block...and the crochet slump. Maybe start another project, something that you would to usually hook to get the juices flowing again. :)

    Wishing you a wonderful day. :)


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