Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Yummy Soup Recipe

I just had to post again and share this recipe I made today…


Chicken Taco Soup

It was delicious!

Recipe HERE

It is a little salty so you might want to use lower sodium taco seasoning mix.  It’s still really good though even with full salt.  I know some of you like to be healthy though.  It was very easy.  I chopped my onions and green pepper the night before, so all I had to do this morning was dump everything in the crock pot and turn it on.  I cooked mine about 7 hours on low before removing the chicken, shredding it, and then adding the cream cheese and sour cream.  I used the 1/3 lower fat cream cheese but full fat sour cream.  I only used three big chicken breasts (about 1.25 lbs) because that’s what I had, and it’s plenty.


Here’s what little progress I made today on my RR:


Y’all come join the flickr group even if you’re not participating so you can see everyone’s yarn and colors…and so I don’t look like a total LOSER with no friends!  Ha-ha.  But seriously…come join.  Really.  Do it.


  1. I'll start as soon as I can procure a copy of the pattern.... I love your colors...

    Trying the chicken taco soup... crockpot cooking is up my alley!

  2. That's looking really lovely. You're motivating me but I'm hopeless with colours !! I'd really like to give this pattern a go though.

  3. Yummy. I actually bought stuff to make taco soup at the store tomorrow. Your afghan is gorgeous!

  4. That soup looks yumm-O! I'll show it to Dayle, the chef of the family. Your round ripple is looking MAHvelous! I'm thinking I need to make a round pillow with my new yarn.. hugs.. T

  5. I'll be posting about my morning attempt at starting my RR. Let's just say things ended with swearing and an hours worth of work sitting at home to be ripped out tonight! blerg

  6. I'm always drooling over your soups! Yum!

    Wish I could join your crochet-along. Too many other projects to finish first...


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