Monday, January 16, 2012

A Walk in the Park & the Globes

We took all the dogs to the park by our house today.  It was really windy and overcast, but it was nearly 70 degrees so it wasn’t bad.





Ollie stayed in his papoose and was totally content to be there.



Fletch, Sammi, and Eli were a little harder to handle.


But we managed and they had a great time.

Not sure what we’re doing the rest of the day.  Maybe nothing.  We’ll at least go get some dinner somewhere because I forgot to thaw out some hamburger for a casserole I was going to make.  I was too distracted by the Golden Globes yesterday evening to think about dinner the next day. 

Speaking of the Golden Globes, there were so many pretty dresses!  But I have to disagree with what I’m hearing everyone on TV saying about how great Angelina Jolie looked, and she was best-dressed, stunning, etc.  I did not like her dress at all!  There were so many others that were prettier if you ask me.  I’m not a fan anyway.  She always gives the impression of talking down to people, and she definitely thinks she’s God’s gift to humanity and the only one on earth who feels sorrow and pain and horror at what’s happening in some Third World countries.  It doesn’t occur to her that most of America does not have the privilege of traveling around the world at will to see it first hand, but we still “get it”.  We also don’t have the money, individually, to make a huge difference like she does.  Don’t get me wrong…her work is wonderful and generous and all that, but she needs to drop the attitude that nobody knows it or feels it like she does.  Bleh.  Whatever.  Charlize Theron gets my vote for best-dressed, although there were several others I really loved.  It’s always so much fun to watch the red carpet arrivals and see what everyone is wearing and their hair and makeup, etc.  It did not disappoint.

Now bring on the Westminster Dog Show in February and then the Oscars in March!


  1. Thank you!!! I completely agree with you. We may not see first-hand the tragedies of others, but that doesn't mean we don't get it. I appreciate those that can help more than I can, but my heart breaks just the same.

    Anyway, since I didn't watch, I now have to go check out the fashion. ;-)

  2. Cute little doggin pictures!!! I didn't catch the whole show, but I thought the Golden Globes was really good! I loved so many of the dresses. I am NOT an Angelina fan at all. I think she is stunningly beautiful, but just as arrogant, which makes her look ugly in my opinion.

  3. Our day got hijacked by our son and 2 grandsons so we didn't get to watch the GGs. But that's okay -- I got some hugs and kisses from them and we also Skyped with my daughter and 2 GDs so it was a good day.
    Nice walk you all had! I hope you have a good dinner out. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Nice Doggy pics!! I am not a Jolie fan either..I don't know why..just not. Have an awesome week

  5. Aww, I love Ollie's papoose, it is so cute! Once Lulu has finished with her shots I will take her to the local dog park and let her romp around.

    I agree with you about Angelina Jolie... and about Rachael Ray. Both of them get on my nerves big time!

  6. So, I had this big long comment typed out and then it just disappeared. Anywho...let's try again.

    You know how I feel about that papoose. And Ollie all snuggled in RED. Totally fun. Glad to see someone got out to enjoy a beautiful day. Another totally fun. And that humus, well.... totally fun... but good for you too. I have no clue that that "T" stuff is, but I'm sure I can find it. Off to hop around, it's wasn't working to well up north so I gave up. Now I need to catch up.

  7. I SO agree with your impression of Anjelina Jolie. Thank you for saying what I have thought for a very long time. Love your blog. Candee H


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