Sunday, January 15, 2012

A Star, Ball(s) and Q&A


Free Star Graph HERE.

I forgot to tell you…we took the dogs to the vet this past week for their flu shot boosters. I knew it was about time to schedule Ollie for his neutering and microchipping, but I had noticed that his little testicles had not dropped yet and I wasn’t sure he could have it done before then. When I asked about it, the doc flipped him over and said, “You’re right! He doesn’t have any! And then he felt around a little farther up his abdomen and found one and pulled it down with his finger and said, “There’s one!”

What the hell? I had no idea you could do that!

And then he said, “He’s a unilateral cryptorchid.”

“He’s a WHAT?!”

“A unilateral cryptorchid…he only has one descended testicle. The other one will never drop.”

“Oh. So do I even need to get him fixed then? Is he sterile?

“No, he’s not sterile since he has one that has dropped. The other one is there, but it will never drop. You don’t want to ever breed him because it is genetic, AND you do need to still get him fixed and have the other one removed from his belly because a high percentage of them become cancerous.”

“Aww…no! My little Ollie!”

“Now don’t panic. We just need to get that other one out and he’ll most likely be fine.”

So there you have it. My little Ollie only has one visible ball. Bless his sweet little heart.

If you are interested and are in the dark like I was, I found this on the Internet about dogs with different testicle disorders:

“If a dog has only one testicle, he is monorchid. If he has one undescended testicle, he is cryptorchid (unilateral); two undescended and he is cryptorchid (bilateral). Popular but incorrect usage calls the dog with one undescended testicle monorchid and two undescended cryptorchid. Granted, you may not be able to tell whether a dog is monorchid or has unlateral cryporchidsm without exploratory surgery. Undescended testicles often become cancerous and should be removed. Furthermore, such dogs should not be bred since the condition is hereditary.”

I had no idea! And I had two sons too! Apparently human males can have the same condition. Jeez. Have I been living in the dark or what? Did everybody else know about this?


I haven’t done a Q&A in a long time so here ya go…

1. Is the bakeware I see in your photos Rachel Ray? Yes! I bought several pieces recently. (And blogged about it, skimmers! Hee-hee.)  However, I am NOT a fan of Rachel Ray in general. She gets on my nerves with her yammering on and on and on and on and on and…well, you get the idea.

2. Is the homemade laundry soap safe to use in high-efficiency front-load washers? I don’t know, but if you follow the link I provided in that post and read the comments at the end of the post on her blog, someone asks that question. I don’t know if she answered or not because I didn’t read all of the comments. There are over 200 of them!)

3. Is it okay to join the Round Ripple CAL group on Flickr and just be a lurker? Absolutely, yes! And you don’t have to use the featured pattern either if you are making one. I posted a different free pattern for a round ripple on that page that is an easier pattern to follow (in my opinion) that you can make and post on the group page.

4. What kind of dog is Ollie? Were both of his parents white? Ollie is a Chihuahua. I did not see his parents, but the breeder told me one was white and the other was buff or fawn colored.

5. I love Cheez Its! Okay, so nobody asked me about this, but it’s true! I have to force myself to not buy them every single time I go to the store. I only buy them once in a while. They are so good. Cheez-Its and a Dr. Pepper on ice = heaven. (The Dr. Pepper on ice, not the Cheez-Its! Ha.) I have to be careful with all crackers in general because they are one of my favorite things to snack on. Give me a cracker over a cookie almost anytime!

6. Spaghetti is my favorite food. (Nobody asked this either, but I’m telling you anyway.) Besides spaghetti, I love ALL Mexican food and crave it. I could live on spaghetti, Mexican food, and Cheez-Its! Eat carbs much, Pammy Sue? Heh-heh. I have no idea why my ass is getting bigger by the day, do you? (That is what you call a rhetorical question. If you answer that, I will hate you forever.)

I must be hungry because I have food on the brain. I’d better go eat something.


  1. Alrighty, I raised 4 guys and have had several male animals in our house... I didn't know that either.... learn something new everyday!...
    Yep, we are a Cheeze-it house ourselves... AND the laundry detergent can be used in an HE... but I am still debating if I actually like it or not

  2. Yep . . husband told me about it.

  3. FYI: Bad link for the star graph, Pam.

    Renee :)

  4. Either you fixed it, or she fixed it. First time I've been to Scraponique's blog. Good Stuff!


  5. That's a bummer that Ollie has to have a surgery to remove that lost thingie. When will you have that done? We Skyped with our 2 GDs in Ohio today.. it was fun to see them moving around and being goofy. The 2 and 3 year old GSs are coming out today.. eek. I'm worried about my dollhouse. :-)
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  6. Hi PS, Hey, you did another cute video!! I am now thinking that makeup diminishes the "effect" of chin #2. You looked so nice. I am going to remember that when I leave the house. I almost never do makeup when I'm just at home so my chin (#2) will just have to stick out! No need to put makeup on for the doggies, they love me as is. I realized that I didn't leave my email address just in case you might want to send me a Texas style "howdy". Last summer I went with my son to Arlington to Music Camp. We just about melted in the heat. Wow!! Good you got Ollie's "situation" care of-he is quite popular with your fans and we don't want anything to happen to him. xoxo Vicki

  7. ROFL More than I ever wanted to know about dog balls!! You crack me up Pammy! I enjoy your blog even when it's not about crochet.

  8. I have had 2 dogs that have both had the same problem. both were pedigree dogs. My first was a cavalier king charles and both didn't drop. We had a fantastic vet who took his time and eventually found both and removed them. Years later when it happened to my 2nd dog I knew what had to be done. we had a new vet and he wasn't as good. He said to leave it for 6 months. We took him to our old vets (over 3/4 hour drive away) and he removed it. I asked for him to take both away at the time. To be honest if you aren't going to breed a dog I think it's fairer anyway. Our next door neighbour had a female dog and she had major issue and had to go on antidepresents as she had fake pregnancies as she had never been bred.

  9. I bet Ollie likes his perch up there! :o)

  10. Anonymous4:29 AM

    I knew, BP


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