Wednesday, January 25, 2012

Rough First Night



“Let me see how pathetic I can look.”

Pretty good, Ollie!


Mr. Ollie only slept about three hours last night from midnight to 3:15 AM.  He couldn’t get comfortable and was whimpering and yelping every now and then when he’d move the wrong way and hurt his leg.  I finally got a clue and moved him into his pen (instead of in the bed with me) in the living room.  He settled in fairly quickly and then slept from 6:30-7:30 this morning when the Captain got up.  Looks like I will be sleeping in the living room for the next few nights.  Hopefully he’ll get used to it and I’ll be comfortable enough with leaving him alone and can return to the bedroom.

Yes, I crocheted him a little cover for his splint today.  It only took about 30 minutes to make.  I didn’t crochet the end closed because it would make that tip too slippery on the wood floors.  He uses it as kind of a crutch and it’s all ready slippery enough.  It’s going to get awfully dirty in six weeks.  This way I can remove the cover and wash it at least.  It’s much softer than the tape that’s wrapped around it too.  He’s been laying his head on it since I put it on about an hour ago.  It may keep him from biting and chewing at that tape too.

For those of you who have mentioned it, amputation is a possibility if the bones don’t heal properly, and that’s most likely the route we’d take rather than putting him through surgery and plates and screws, rehab, etc.  I just didn’t want to mention it before because it was such an awful thing to think about.  We’re not going to even entertain that thought until we see how it goes the next few weeks.

This is a full-time job keeping an eye on him, holding him, and making sure he doesn’t move around too much when he’s in his pen.  I’m not sure how it’s going to work when the Captain goes back to work Friday, Saturday, and Sunday on 12-hour shifts.  I don’t know how I’m going to get his medicine down him without another person to hold him still.  Maybe I’ll go next door and get my neighbor to help me twice a day.  I’m pretty sure she’s home most days.

I’m going to make a little video of him hobbling around on his peg leg later today so y’all can see how pathetic he is.  (Like you don’t know all ready!)  He has to get down and walk to go potty.  It’s gut-wrenching.  GAH.  Poor thing.


  1. Such a little sweetheart in those pictures though! I think that cast is bigger than him!!! Hope he sleeps better tonight (along with you!)

  2. Poor Baby..I didn't even think about amputation..ugh>>>>

  3. If i lived near ya i would be there in a heart beat to help. POOR BABY!!!!!
    Try and get some sleep. He is still on pain pills right????
    Saying prayers

  4. Poor little Ollie, my heart just breaks for him. I sure wish I lived near you, I would so help you out! If there is anything that I can do, please let me know!

  5. I saw that cover first thing!! LOL How natural for a crocheting Mommy! Hopefully he will heal OK- you never know, those little dogs are awfully resilient (sp?) as pups!

    Poor baby- he has Mommy to help him out though!

  6. Poor baby! Love his cast cover! Hang on there!

  7. I've had you both on my mind all day! It is so gut wrenching to see them uncomfortable.

    I love his little leg cozy!

    Sending prayers and good thoughts your way.

    Please keep the updates coming.

  8. What a trooper. I sure hope you two get a better nights sleep. But, his new cast cover is perfect. I'll be keeping you in my prayers and thoughts.

  9. Poor Ollie. Poor Pammy Sue! Let's see a photo of how pathetic YOU look with so little sleep! Seeing them so vulnerable and tough! Keeping you both on the prayer list!

  10. Poor thing! At least he has a good mama to help him.

  11. Poor Little Ollie! Such a little guy with little brittle bones! This zion girl is sending prayers for all of you! Hope it's a better night! Hugs!!!

  12. I wonder if you put a band aid on the metal part of his splint . . to pad the end, if it owuld make it less slippery?

  13. I noticed your cast cover right away and thought how much nicer that would be for him than a hard scratchy plaster cast. Good job, mommy! I sure hope you both have a better night tonight. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  14. Sue in MI9:12 PM

    AAwwwhhh.....such a sad face...poor baby....We had 3 dogs and had lost our Angel love to cancer of her nose and roof of her mouth last end of August... any way I had to give her pills for pain and she had got to the point the only way she would take them is if I would wrap them in some liverworst ... maybe that trick may help you...Yous are still in my prayers.... Hopefully yous can get some sleep tonight...God Bless...Sue in MI

  15. We had a little chihuahua once that had cancer in her front right leg "shoulder". That leg was amputated and die unbelievably well!! In fact, she did everything she did before the amputation including jumping up and off the furniture!! She was a real trouper! I feel, however, your Ollie is going to do really well and all will be fine!!!!

  16. Awww. I know he loves his new cast cover. Plus it smells like you mama. I so felt like such a monster when I had Misty's leg amputated but ya know what? I got to have her around for another year and a half. I loved that little girl so much. I suspect as much as you love Ollie. Did you know that Sandra Bulloch has a rescue baby with 3 legs? A little chihuahua I think. I know it's a little dog. But you're right, it's too early to think about and I hope and pray that Ollie heals perfectly and won't need to have that done. Much hugs Pammy Sue for you and Ollie! xoxoxo

  17. Wish I lived near you so I could help you with Ollie. Such a sweetie pie...I'm praying his leg will heal. How cute is that crocheted brace cover! You can tell Ollie likes it! Please make sure you take care of yourself too Pammy Sue. I know this is hard on you and your family.

  18. Poor little baby. He's going to be fine, I am saying a prayer for that! Love that you made him a cover for his cast. He is loved and that will make him better.

  19. It's a CAST COZY! And it's perfect. OK, Dr. Liz here...(hee, hee) If he can take the pain, give him less meds as it WILL heal faster without. Pain meds slow down the healing process because the body doesn't communicate with the damaged area as well and the blood and nutrients don't get to the needed areas so it takes longer. If he can go without any (maybe soon) that is even better! Do some web research on healing doggie broken bones for some natural ways like maybe cal-mag/mineral supplements in his food, etc. He is so young that he should be able to heal really well, yay! Such an adorable face in those pics and my heart goes out to you and him. Remember to get your rest too, Pammy Sue!

  20. Poor little thing. He looks so sad on that picture.
    I hope you both will sleep better from now on.

    Lovely cover.

    Take care,

  21. I'm so sorry to read that Ollie has a boo boo. Sha little Ollie. I bet it does hurt. It's so weird how things happen. Your so sweet to make a cast cover to keep it clean. That was a super, great idea.


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