Sunday, January 08, 2012

Pancake-Sausage Griddlers


Yesterday morning I made 18 little pancakes, cooled them, and stored them in sandwich baggies in the fridge.


This morning I made 9 sausage patties from a 1-lb roll of breakfast sausage and put them all together to make little griddler sandwiches.


I got nine of these sandwiches for approximately $4.  When I bought them ready-made at the grocery store, it was $4.98 for four.  I used 1 lb of sausage ($2.98), and about half of a small box of pancake mix that only calls for water to mix with (1.98) for the whole box.  I still have enough left in that box for at least one more batch of 18.

Next time I will double the batch.  They’ll last at least a week in the fridge (or you could freeze and thaw some out in the fridge overnight as needed), and the Captain will eat at least two, and me one, for breakfast.


AND they are so freakin’ good!  Three sammies for 35 seconds in the microwave on a paper plate, and you’ve got breakfast for two. I like putting grape jelly on mine.  Nom-nom-nom.

I’m not normally the thrifty type, but I should be, and I am very proud of myself this morning.  Plus, they were fun if you like to mess around in the kitchen.  It made it easier for me that I did the pancakes one day ahead and just had to fry up the sausage patties and put them together the next day.



1.  I gave up milk about three weeks ago.  Not milk completely, but drinking big glasses of milk twice a day.  The Captain gave it up years ago when we swore off it and never went back, but I caved and had been drinking it again.  I love milk!  I’m going to see if makes a difference in my weight at all.  Plus, it’s just healthier without it, I suppose.  I miss my cow juice though.  WAH.

2.  Where is Old Man Winter?  He seems to be missing in a lot of places around the country so far.

3.  I heard my doily pattern is on  I went to see for myself, and sure enough, there it was.  My teapot cozy pattern is on there too.  So who wants an autographed photo?  hee-hee.

4.  It’s Award Show Season…mark your calendars:  Golden Globes are next Sunday night, and the Oscars are Feb. 26th.

5.  Also for your calendar:  Westminster Dog Show is Feb 13 and 14th…3 hours each night on the USA Channel.

6.  The last two days my back/leg/hip pain has been better.  FINALLY!  Thank goodness.  Still ZERO hot flashes.  Yipee!  I’m so happy about that too.

7.  Get your asses over to the RR Flickr Group page and post some pictures, DAMMIT!  I mean it!  Pretty please?  Post a picture of your dog or cat or something…I don’t care!  Just post SOMETHING.  Man, is it sad or what that I have to beg for friends?  Winking smile  And YES, I’m going to post that link every day and be really annoying about it.  So there.

8.  About the RR pattern, I have rewritten the first three rows of the pattern in my own words and used a magic circle to begin instead of what is written.  Several of you have had problems with it so I’m going to post this over on the group page along with any other tips I have. 

That is all.  Goodbye.


  1. Hello Miss Newsy!!! LOVE your pancake griddlers! I make french toast and freeze in two slices per baggie for quickie breakfasts. I made breakfast burritos for my early morning off to work crew. But I have not done this. I sure will though!!!! Everything is so much better made by yourself. You can control the fat content and it is just fresher and better for you.
    So glad you are feeling better!!!!

  2. I am SO glad your leg pain is better and you aren't having those darn hot flashes anymore. They are just miserable. I haven't started on my blanket yet. I thought it would get me motivated but I'm not even motivated enough to start it. I need me some pancakes and sausage -- oh wait, I can't have pancakes yet. I am going to make some homemade turkey sausage today though. Wish me luck. I hope it's edible.

    Hugs from Utah

  3. Anonymous10:23 AM

    Give up milk pffff. I could never do it. BP

  4. I was lurking on Flickr and I see CroJulee is one of the members of your RR Flickr group. Cool! Nothing like having the designer of the CAL pattern as one of your followers, LOL.

    One question (I couldn't seem to find the answer, of course I'm blind, you know sarcasm): When does the RR CAL end?

    Renee :)

  5. Looks like a great breakfast. Are you drinking whole milk or skim? After I started drinking fat-free milk a couple of years ago, whole milk is like thick cream.

  6. I joined your group because I love you. But I'm not sure if the round thing is for me. But I support you in your love of it. :-) Glad you're better!!

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Just bought three lbs of homemade sausage this afternoon from our neighbor... I am so making these in the morning... I love these things... off to try and post something to flicker... I was having a tough time last night

  8. Don't have the time right now to make an afghan. I do have pictures of some round ripples I made out of a different pattern. I could always cheat and post them if you need more pictures.


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