Friday, January 27, 2012

Ollie Update/Give-Away Heads-Up

I wasn’t going to post today, but I decided I’d better let y’all know that Ollie is okay.  No problems so far.  I just don’t have anything to blog about as he’s consuming most of my time and is my main focus.

Just for a change, here are a couple of plants I bought at Lowe’s before all this happened.  I was feeling the need for some plants other than ivy in my house.


Don’t ask me the name of any of these because I don’t know and I threw away the tags.

IMG_0155 All of these little succulent/cactus mixed bowls were on sale for 50% off.  Aren’t they cute?  Please excuse the plant stand they’re sitting on.  It normally sits out on the back porch, but right now it’s just inside the back door holding these plants.  I plan on spray-painting this baby AQUA very soon to cover up all the rust and wear.  I all ready have the paint.  I’m just waiting for a good day with no wind.


He’s doing well and settling-in to the new routine.  I actually slept all night last night for the first time since it happened.  I moved his pen into the bedroom during the night, and that worked out really well.  The Captain is back at work for the first time today so I’m on my own.  We’re doing just fine so far.  I even managed to get most of his medicine in him this morning.  Some of it ended up on his bed, but oh well.  We did the best we could.




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  1. OOOOOhh I can't wait- whatever it is it looks lovely! Probably handmade by you.

    I'm so glad Ollie is doing OK- he's a cute little thing. I see Mommy made another cast cover for him! Hopefully he'll heal OK and never know this ever happened.

    So glad you posted after all today- I so look forward to your postings!

  2. I am so glad he is take some nice pictures. I like the catuses(sp)..not sure about the spelling. Have a great weekend.

  3. I know you posted because I posted...he-he... So, glad to see The Ol's sporting his new cast cover. Like the darker color, maybe, the pee won't show. I can't wait to see that plant stand all sprayed up. Hey, nice stitch. You know I'll be here all weekend.

  4. I've been thinking about little Ollie and am so pleased to hear he's doing ok. Those new plants of yours are beautiful - the colour in that first picture is amazing. I wonder how long that flower will last? I bought a new plant for a hanging basket about a month before Christmas. It grew quickly, flowered for about a month and now looks quite yucky. That sneek peek looks very interesting - nice stitch and pretty colour.

  5. Hi Pam. Ollie looks so ding dang cute in that picture! I see you crocheted him another splint cover too. I know you are taking excellent care of your little guy. He is sure to recover nicely. Love your plants. And love that plant stand. And I also love the CK bag you can see in the background of that plant picture!!!!

  6. Anonymous12:52 PM

    SO glad Ollie is doing better!

  7. Ollie looks almost perky in that picture! I'm so glad. But I bet poor Pammy Sue isn't looking too perky! Glad you got some sleep. It will do wonders!

    Love the plants, and the sneak peek! But most of all I'm glad Ollie is doing better.

  8. I'm glad Ollie is doing well.. I just know he'll come out of this just fine. I spied your CK bag too.. I have 2 of the day bags, one is green with flowers for summer and one is plaid for winter. That first plant is a bromeliad. I have one that I got at my daughters wedding in 2000 - each year it puts out a new plantlet. The red part comes up out of the center of the new plant - and the old part dies off. Interesting plant! Can't wait to see your plant rack with it's new color on it. ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. ohhhh my goodness! Gosh I have been a way for a week and so much to catch up on! 1st, I am so glad Ollie is doing okay.. What a fright! Our Pommie, Dakota, has a crippled leg from when he lived in the puppy mil, smashed his little leg in the kennel door, and the evil Amish Farmer didnt do a dang thing for him. Since he was a puppy & his bones were still growing, it just mended itself but it is bent something awful. Our Vet sad the poor little guy must have been in so much pain. No wonder he is so terrified. When we got him we looked at options. Tried to splint it and "force" it to turn back, but we all could tell this was just not going to work & we feared it was painful. We looked at surgery, but my Vet said they would need to rebreak the leg in two places & insert screws. It was decided since he is so small, and had so much time past since the original break, also since he had learned to walk/run with it deformed, and he seemed to get around so well... it would be best not to put this timid boy through the anguish and as long as he did not gain complications later, allow him to stay as is. He gets around beautiful. Only limps when tired (we must carry him part of the way on walks or he stresses it too much). So far he has been great. I worry that one day as he gets older he may have problems, but for now he is my happy little crippled boy. Love on Ollie & keep reasuring him. I remember when our Bluetick Coonhound, Riley had her thyroid removed (cancer), both the Hubby and I sleeped on the floor in the living room with her the first couple ofnights. We started on the couches but she wanted up with us. She's well over 100 pounds & we didnt want her hurt, so we came down to her & that made her happy.
    Ollie's Cast Cozies are adorable! He is such a fashioable handsome guy!
    Love to you~ Take care of yourself!

  10. OMGosh, I"ve been so out of the loop I did not even realize that your sweet baby got hurt. He is so sweet. I am glad he is doing better. :)

    I updated my blog with a pic of the ripple I am doing for your's you are gonna need sunshades brite.

    Hugs to sweet little Ollie and wishing you both a wonderful day. :)

  11. Yep, Teresa had it right. Bromeliad. I had oodles of these when I lived in FL. There are so many different kinds with different flowers. And they are pretty much self sufficient...well in FL anyways. They do well underneath oak trees and such. When it rains they hold the water in the center of them. I loved mine and do miss the plants that I had when I lived there. Can't have most of them here because it's too cold in the winter. Speaking of which...weird. Warm then cold then back to warm. xoxo


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