Sunday, January 01, 2012

New Vest for Harper

Harper's Vest

Harper’s Vest Front

Harper's Vest Back


Harper's Lavender Vest

I screwed up this vest from the very beginning of the pattern, but I didn’t realize it until it was half-way done.  The pattern clearly states that you start with 14 panels, but I only had 10.  I don’t know why because I started with one of the suggested chain counts.  So I made a few adjustments and managed to salvage it.  I refused to frog it and start over.  The pattern is not easy to follow.  It’s definitely for a more advanced crocheter, or at least a crocheter who pays very close attention, which we all know is not me.  I’m too easily distracted.  You have to know how to crochet using a graph only.  The language used is kind of strange and hard to understand because the writer obviously does not use English as a first language.  All in all, though, it is not bad if you know what you’re doing.

Anyway, I love the way it turned out even with the screw-up.

Here are the details:

Free Pattern: (Requires Registration)

Yarn:  Stylecraft Special DK (from

Colors:  Magenta & Clematis

Hook:  Size F


Obviously, from my completely bitchy post yesterday, I am not feeling very well.  It’s starting to get to me.  Looks like I may be going to the back doctor later this week for ANOTHER MRI.  I’m going broke from all these MRIs, even with insurance.  That makes me feel really pissy too.  That’s my yarn money flying out the window!  I’ve been forcing myself to walk every other day, but it doesn’t seem to be working at all.  I’m not better.

So just WAH.


I’m just a huge bummer and will try not to post if all I’m going to do is bitch and be negative.  That means expect very little posting from me (except maybe superficial stuff like recipes or crochet pictures) until things get better and/or I get a new attitude.

I guarantee you one thing…

I WILL be back.


Pammy Sue

P.S.  I have added several new blogs to my sidebar list.  Hopefully, I’ve picked some that update often.  So have a look over there.  Most of them are not crochet-based but are beautifully done and I’ve enjoyed reading them.  I think I’ve added 4-5 in the last couple of days.  Those of you who don’t update very often are about to be booted.  That doesn’t mean I don’t love you and will still read you…you just won’t be over there on my sidebar.  Those are the ones I go through on a daily basis, or at least I try.  They are automatically ordered by Blogger by the most recently updated.


  1. DO NOT CHANGE! I love to read that someone else has the same thoughts as me. Hope you feel better soon. I know what it is like to have back problems.

  2. Beautiful vest Harper will look wonderful! I love the new blog header too!xx

  3. That little vest is so very cute and the colours look great together. Must go have a look at that pattern as it sounds like our Aussie 8ply yarn will work well with it. Please don't disappear from blogdom just because you're not feeling well and don't ever feel bad about getting stuff off your chest - that's what friends are for. I hope whatever is ailing you can be resolved soon and you can get back to being happy Pammy Sue again.

  4. Harper is one lucky little Grand-daughter! How wonderfully beautiful! Don't worry so much about getting bitchy... it's your blog and you are entitled to say whatever you want!
    Look forward to reading your selections. Your recommendations are always splendid. Happy 2012! May you be pain-free.

  5. I can't see where you messed up. I like how it flares. She one lucky chick-a-dee.

  6. You certainly did an excellent job correcting this little project. We would have never known. Great save! And Happy New Year!

  7. Hi Pammy Sue
    I'm so sorry about the bad back it must be a nightmare, no wonder you feel bitchy. My husband has a bad back so I know it's hard to life with. Don't know if it will help you but he has a deep tissue massage every week while it bad. Hope the doctors can find what's wrong. Please don't disappear from blog land it's great to hear from you.
    I also love the vest for Harper, might give it a go myself.
    Happy New Year to you and yours

  8. The vest is very pretty! Of course I'm partial to those colors. :o) You're like me....when you get so far along and you don't want to frog it you find a way to not frog it. :o) I think you did a wonderful job!!

    I will start posting again soon. I promise. Hope your start of 2012 was a good one! xoxox

  9. We don't mind if you whinge a bit. That's what blogsisters are here for.
    Hope you find a solution soon.

  10. Gosh I hope you get your pain issues figured out sooner than later. I know what you mean.... when you are down you just can't get the ooomph going to do a post.

    I adore the pinkie pie jacket.. can't wait to see a photo of her with your crocheted things on her cute little self!

    Keep on keeping on my friend. We're here for ya.

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  11. Harper will look very pretty in it.

  12. Beautiful little sweater for Harper. Would never know you had any problem with it. Sorry you are still feeling poorly and that you soon are doing well.

  13. KYeah well b*tch if you want Pammy- you gotta have someone to air it out to. Hope the Dr can help and I know about dang medical bills. Like you said no yarn $$ that way.

    Love the vest!!

  14. So that is what you were making with the pretty purple in the previous post. Love it! Lucky little Harper!!

  15. ADORABLE vest!! Just love it. =)


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