Monday, January 09, 2012

Crochet Ta-Dah & WIPs


I made another little sweater vest with the Star-Shaped Baby Vest pattern over the last two days.  This one is made with Bernat Baby Jacquards yarn and an F hook.  I’m using wooden buttons on this one and a plain border. 

This is a fun pattern.  I enjoyed making it both times.


Here are my top-three unfinished projects that I WILL finish this year…

Remember these??


Rainbow Granny Ripple


Blue Granny


Pink & Green Granny


Now…what’s for supper tonight?

It’s leftover Chicken Taco Soup for us.  It sounds really good after the cold and rainy day we’ve had.


  1. Harper is going to be too cute ta-boot in her new vestie. And yes, I remember each of these and can't wait to see them at a time my friend, one at a time.

  2. Good luck with your ufo's in 2012. I'm not sure that sweater I started will ever get done. lol. The baby sweater you made is very pretty. You are going to have the best dressed granddaughter in the South! Have a great week. :-)

  3. All very nice, but my favorite is the Rainbow Granny Ripple. Such pretty colors!

  4. Love the blUe gRAnnY!
    Actually, all of the above :'}

  5. Hi P.S. You used to have your email address available but I cannot find it. I guess I prefer to do email instead of in the comment section. Anyway, my girls (30 yrs and up) love your videos, please make us some more. We laughed so hard at the very first one where you were pointing out your chin(s) problem. I'm sure we laughed so hard because I have a matching one (or 2). Its nice you have such mild weather as we're in Alaska and freezing to death. Thanks so much for sharing. xoxox Vicki and girls

  6. Hey Pammy Sue, I sure hope we'll get to see Harper in those sweaters! You'll love having her model for you. You're soOOooo fast of a crocheter!! I love all your things you're working on.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  7. Wow, wow and wow ... these are gorgeous. Will little Harper be modeling this adorable sweater?

  8. The sweater for baby is darling! I remember and LOVE the granny ripple. I too have a WIP I MUST get done. I am almost done, and haven't worked on it since before the holidays. I must need to do it!
    Cold and rain? Wow...not here! I wish it would get to feeling like winter!!

  9. Oooh I love the pink and green, and the rainbow ripple! I wish you lots of creativity and time to finish ;)

  10. Love the baby cardi! so cute! Your grandaughter will be the best dress baby around! I cannot wait to see all your WIP's completed!

  11. Thanks for the Unjury tip. I have bought their chocolate splendor but not the vanilla so will give it a try.

    I'll be cheering you on and can't wait to see more as the UFOs are finished. Darling little sweater. Too cute.

  12. Hi Pammy!

    I can't make up my mind of what to do first today... I need some " get up and go" ;-)

    I like that first one... Who is it for? The Pink & Green Granny is nice also. I always liked the Pink and Brown. But I don't think that would match anything in the house. Our house is mainly Blues & Grays.

    ~ Susan

  13. Awww..I love Harper's vest. The colors are awesome together. A cute little green pair of pants would just set it off nicely!

    And I do remember your wip's. I love the Rainbow Ripple. The colors are awesome. I get bored with anything granny that gets bigger. I wonder why? If it's small that's no problem, but not bigger things. Anyways...trying to catch up again.

    Thank you for your kindness Pammy Sue. It means volumes to me. xoxo

  14. Dear Pam, the vest is adorable! Your Granny Rainbow Ripple is great and the colors are really nice!
    Love, Anazard


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