Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Crochet Along?


Here is my progress with the Round Ripple with the Terra Cotta color added in.  I’m following the stripe pattern from the magazine, but I’m using different colors.  I’m pretty sure I’m going to use Peacock for the third color.  It’s a darker, brighter teal color than the Turquoise I started with.  The main color is the Turquoise.

I realize I should have planned this out a little better, but if anyone would like to make this along with me, I’d love that.  I could make us a Flickr page if enough people want to join me.  The author, Julie Reeves, is always around Crochetville and Ravelry.  I bet she’d be thrilled to know a group of us are enjoying her pattern.  I’ll contact her and let her know if I get enough participants to get a group started.  In fact, I may go ahead and start a group so people from Flickr who don’t follow my blog can join us too if they want.

Again, the pattern can be found in the December issue of Crochet World on Page 6.  Here is what the cover looks like:

DSCF5844I know I’m a little bit ahead of everyone else, but I don’t plan to rush through this.  I’m going to take my time.  So y’all join me, okay?  Okay!  I think it’ll be fun to see everyone’s color choices and color patterns.



I had a request for another Ollie picture so here he is with Sammi.  Can you believe how big he’s getting?  His legs are so long and skinny!  He’s such a doll when he looks at me with those big black eyes.

DSCF5845The Captain says he looks like a little white deer and he’s right!

He melts my heart like butter.


  1. Ollie is a cutie. Thanks for posting a picture.

  2. Hi Pammie!!!

    Ollie is so pretty sitting there...:-) Those little legs become well muscled though. Just wait.


  3. A Crochet along with be fun! I received this issue in the mail last month but have yet to take it out of the plastic and look through the patterns! Will try this week and see what colors I can come up with to join in :-)

  4. I just got my magazine and do have some acrylic I could use to make this. I'll join along.

  5. So, what did you feed Ollie over the holidays. Wow, he is big now. So, were you up all night doing those maroon rounds. It's looking great. Now, where did I put that hook?

  6. Love the colors you've used so far! Can't wait to see it progress!

  7. I really love the turquoise and brown together. I'm sure the peacock color is gonna look beautiful with it too!...I've got too many projects on my plate already to join you, but I'll be watching! :-]

  8. Anonymous10:11 AM

    i thought i melted ur heart like butter? or did u say Crisco? BP

  9. Wow.. I would have joined in if I knew... And I don't have a copy of this magazine either. Catch you I guess when you host the next one. ~tina

  10. He does look like a little white deer. He is so precious!! I think when Leo is gone, after a year or so, so that I can take my bike a bunch of places (maybe even ride to TX!!) that I want a little chihuahua. And all white like Ollie. He's the first white one I have ever seen though. Was his mom and dad white too? I just love Ollie to pieces.


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