Thursday, January 05, 2012

All Ollie All the Time

For Ollie Lovers…







I want a new camera so bad.  I mean a GOOD camera.  No, a GREAT camera!  Like stupid-expensive great.  And why not?  I use my camera every single day of my life!  Right?  I shall make my case to The Captain.  Any opinions, suggestions, etc., about camera options are appreciated.  I know nothing about them.  Ignorance is bliss…until you see others with GREAT cameras and their luscious, crisp, clear, color-perfect pictures.

Okay, that’s it for today…just a little Ollie love and camera lust.


  1. Om my gosh! I so needed some Ollie today! Posie from posie gets cozy takes amazing pictures. She has her type of camera on her side bar.
    He is soo precious I would never get anything done!

  2. Ollie is so cute.. did you see our new little one??

    I know nothing about cameras either... guess the best thing to do is research and read the reviews.

  3. Ollie is adorable. He looks like a young deer in some of those pictures. We see deer where we live. In the Spring, the doe being their fawns close to our house.

  4. Cute dog! I'm "limping" along with an older Cannon Powershot with low pixils. Once I learned how to set for different shooting conditions, and reduce the exposure time it seems to do pretty good for around the house....BUT I'm like you, I am drooling over one of the more expensive DLS cameras.....

  5. I just noticed that he "DOES" look like a baby deer! :-] Little cutie!!...My camera is a Canon Power Shot. I put it on 'automatic' and click! Easy Peasey! ^_^

  6. YES, make your case and make it a good one. Remind him of the beautiful sunset, beach, seaside shots you will be getting soon. And besides, I think you found your new calling..... PET PHOTOGRAPHER..... yes, we all need a new career. Me, I just need a LIFE. If I stare at the walls one more minute, I'm going to burn a big hole in them. CANON REBEL XSI... just put it this way to THE CAPTAIN, he will having gifting taken care of for the rest of his life. All I ever have on my list is a new lens. Scott loves shopping for that more than jewelry. And who needs jewelry anyways. We got mine as a kit at COSTCO about two years ago. I think the Margarita I gave him first helps. Do I need to have a chat with him?

  7. I ordered this camera before my honeymoon this summer it's half the price on amazon that it was when I bought mine. Most expensive camera I've ever had and it's nothing short of AMAZING! perfect size to travel with but takes extremely clear pictures and has a million different, easy to use/change settings for everything from babies to pets to nighttime etc!

  8. He is soooooooooooo cute. He reminds me of the one pound deer see here
    I know what you mean about wanting a good no really good camera.

  9. I have a deep passionate love for my Canon Rebel. It was a gift so I'm not too sure how expensive but I know it wasn't cheap (soooooo worth it tho)

    Ollie is darling <3

  10. He is such a cutie! I got my Boston Terrier this week. She is 6 weeks old and weighs 2 lbs 4 oz, her name is Stella. So spoiled rotten already! As for the camera, I have a Canon Rebel EOS and love it! I have a extra lens a 70 to 300 mm lens. Its a great camera and wouldn't trade it for anything.

  11. I'm also lusting over a *really* *GREAT* *camera*. How's this.. you do the research and let me know what you find out.. LOL!

    Ollie is a dollie. Are the other dog jealous?

    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  12. Oh Ollie Ollie Oxen...Free..Free...Free!!! Love that little cutie!!!

  13. Awww..thank you for my Ollie fix!! He's just so cute. And the last two pics looks like he's posing!

    I've heard Canon camera's are good. There's one...I can't remember exactly but it has HS and SX in the model but can't remember the number. 40 maybe? The only way I remembered it was High School and SeX. LOL. Hey...with my mind the way it is I have to remember stuff somehow don't I??? :o) Anyways, that camera is in the $300-$400 range but I saw some shots it took and they ware awesome!! I wanted one, but I had other priorities at the time. Try your iphone camera. I'm shocked at how nice some of my shots turn out. xoxox


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