Tuesday, December 13, 2011

Visit from the “Kids”


My dad holding Harper.  She just smiled and smiled at him!  All babies do that with my dad.


DSCF5583 Cooing at my momma.

DSCF5560 Precious little baby feet.


Ollie took a shine to my daddy too.



DSCF5578 My momma & daddy.




Not much crocheting going on here lately.  But I did make this hot pad for my cousin last Saturday & Sunday.  She received it with her Christmas card so now I can show you a picture of it.  It was fun it make.  Love you, Cuz.


It’s time for my happy place and a magazine.

I’m looking forward to doing NOTHING tomorrow.




Lots of nappin’ and ass-sittin’.

Maybe a bike ride if the weather is nice.

Nightie-Night, Y’all.


  1. Put the crochet away. It's baby time. What great fun today. I'm so glad you got to see the little one. I think Ollie is just the cutest all snuggle up with grandpa. The knows a good lap when he sees one. Hey, I think I have the same thing on my plate tomorrow, finally. Looking forward to it. So glad you had this special day.

  2. Your granddaughter is beautiful Pammy Sue. Looks like you had a wonderful evening with your family. Enjoy your day off tomorrow. :-)

  3. Oh my, you must have been in heaven having your parents and son and grandbaby there! She is simply beautiful! Thanks for sharing with us.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  4. Awww .. Harper is such a cutie and is obviously enjoying all the attention from your mother and father. The hot pad you made for your cousin looks really nice - those colours look so good together. Have a nice time doing nothing !! :)

  5. Harper is one of the prettiest babies I have ever seen!!! I mean it! She is just beautiful! Love the pics of her smiling up at your Daddy. And how fun to see both of your parents on your blog!!! Enjoy your day tomorrow!!

  6. Harper is just beautiful. And I love the picture of Ollie with your Dad.. so cute!

  7. Harper is such a pretty baby. I love pics of babies that are interacting with others. And although I love the Harper pics my fav is Ollie with your dad...the other baby pic. :o)

    Enjoy the idleness. I don't know what that is. xoxo

  8. Ahhhhh, what can I say other than "Sweet Baby!!!!" Nice to see pics of your parents. Cute hotpad. Take a day off, Pam, you deserve it.

  9. Such a nice name..Harper. Isn't it great being a grandma? I love it. It was a good day to put the hook down and enjoy the people in your life. I hope you continue to find the joy. Blessings.

  10. Thank you for sharing these pictures. Does she look more like Whitney or Shaun to you? I can't tell. Ollie is adorable!

    Sent you a box yesterday and another one goes out to you this morning. Also Figis is coming your way. I couldn't get all the boxes to the post office at once.

  11. What a beauty! So nice to enjoy grandchildren..Can't wait to see a picture of Ollie on the bike!

  12. What lovely pics, Pam. Your dad is really a good-lookin' man, no wonder she is smiling at him! Just look at that little Ollie! Harper is just adorable. Like the blue hotpads. Enjoy your solitude today.

  13. You have a beautiful family Pammy Sue!!! Your grand-daughter is getting so big WOW!!! It seems like yesterday that she arrived!!
    Wishing you and yours a Happy Holiday Season! :)

  14. What a beautiful baby your little Harper is. Aren't grandbabies wonderful? Blessings to all.

  15. ooh another Grandam..real jealous l am, no sign of a girlfriend let alone a wife or Grandkids..sad
    Wonderful pictures
    Merry Christmas x

  16. Oh Pammy Sue, she is the cutest little baby! It's amazing how much love babies bring to everyone, isn't it. :)

    Your hot pad is very pretty. Love the colors.

    Blessings always


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