Sunday, December 18, 2011

Video Hello Takes 3 thru 6

Okay, so here are some of the other videos I made that same day trying to get a good one. (See December 15th entry for the original videos.) I was alone and recording these from my laptop camera.

Take 3

Gawd...I gave up on the hat idea.  At least Eli was awake for this one.  These are kind of like watching blooper reels. Now you know just how goofy I am if you didn't already. I abandoned this one before I even finished., and I was cracking up at how dumb I looked before it even started recording.

Y'all should all make one (or 10 like me) of these.  I think it should be mandatory that you show all of us your goofy selves.  If you do, you'll see.  You'll be obsessed and start them over and over trying to get a good one.

Take 4

Good Lord.

Take 5
Take 6

See what I mean?  It's hard.

Obviously, I am bored today.



  1. Oh, lordy, you do crack me up in these. You really must be bored....he-he...I'm working on that last owl that needs to go out. But, you know I can't post it, right...

  2. You are a HOOOOOOT! I loved watching those. I actually used my iPhone to take a movie of me.. but it ended up on the "cutting room floor". LOL!
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  3. O Gosh Pammy Sue my sides hurt. They are funny! I never tried before. I know from people telling me I have a mans voice. I sound gross. I wish I had that sweet southern accent. I sound like a female Joe Pesci...Im born and raised NJ. I used to work in the elementary school doing morning annoucements. They kids used to ask who the man on the announcements were. UGGG

  4. Love them! Hi right back at ya!

  5. Oh my gosh, I am ROLLING!!!! I love your little Southern drawl!!!
    Hi Pammy Sue!!! And Eli!!

  6. I just sat here Laughing. Your a Nut Ya know. So Funny.
    Hello back at ya.
    Have a great day!!!!

  7. I was laughing so hard I had tears in my eyes..So Hi Pammy Sue! Merry Christmas..may you continue to find the joy and make us laugh..Hugs.

  8. Love it! And you too hon! I've been trying to catch up . Got a new I-Pad for me for Christmas and am trying to figure it out. I love it! My sister had one and she gave me money for Christmas and for once I spent it on myself and I'm so happy! you think you may have over done it with the porch and that's why your back hurts? I do the same thing....we feel good then over do it. I hope you feel better soon hon. xoxoxoxo


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