Sunday, December 04, 2011

Sickly the Owl

Sickly the Owl

Sickly the Owl

I’ve been working on him for a couple of weeks now – the whole time I’ve been sick, hence his name.  He is probably full of germs so, please, DO NOT LICK HIM.  I know you want to, but please refrain.

DSCF5372 Side View so you can see his tail.

It’s hard to see because it’s so dark.

I followed the basic pattern HERE, but I made a lot of changes.

Changes to his head, all parts of eyes, ears, and nose.

I just winged those because I didn’t like how they looked.

There are many imperfections, but I still like him.

I will make another now that I halfway know

what I’m doing.


You know I had to do it.

Mr. Sickly is bigger than Mr. Ollie.

And then…

I tried to tell him he was too big BUT…


He insisted his ass would fit

and I take his picture too.


Just take it anyway, Momma!

I can stand up.

Okay, fine.

But we were so distracted trying to fit his ass in the basket,

we forgot Mr. Sickly!  I wasn’t about to try this again.

Maybe next time, Fletch.



This stuff has worked wonders for me.

Notice it’s the “Less Drowsy Formula.”

Still makes me a little bit sleepy,

but that’s better than nauseous any day!


I have been living on this the last couple of days.

Dolled-up Beef Ramen Noodles

After the noodles cook, add:

1/2 Tbsp chopped ginger

2 Tbsp chopped cilantro

Squeeze of lime

Fresh chopped garlic is great in it, but I used it all yesterday.

I substituted ginger since it’s good for a sick tummy.


The Captain gets off work at 3:30 today.

So I’m putting this 4-lb ham in the oven.



Making dough for home-made rolls in my bread machine.


Just throw everything in and Start.

(My machine has different instructions for the order of the ingredients than the recipe below.)

When the Dough Cycle is done,

Shape dough into rolls and let them rise.


(Left-Click then print)

Honey Ham and fresh home-made rolls…

You can’t beat that.

And for dessert…

The rolls with butter & honey are delectable.



Just between you and me…

The eyes look like BOOBS to me!

Remember the Autumn Pillow I made?

Some of the squares looked like BOOBS to me too.

I hate that.

Once it’s in your head, that’s all you can see!

It’s that orangey color that’s doing it.

I plan to make another when I’m not sick in BLUEs.

Hopefully, no boobs will appear then.



A picture of Harper in the hat I made her!


Have a happy Sunday.

Love You!


  1. OMG, I'm dying laughing aloud! And my husband is looking at me like I've lost my mind! Pammy Sue on Dramamine...she's a funny girl! Fletch...the look on his face! Very funny post, my dear! And the owl licking...damn it! I LOVE to lick owls! The boob thing and licking...uhmmmmmmm, I can't go there but the jokes are running rampant in my mind!

  2. i hope Ollie didnt lick the Owl!
    Fletch as usual has cracked me up. Such an expressional fella.
    Love to you & hope you have fully recovered.

  3. Oh, don't make me laugh. Ouch! Please don't make me laugh. Ouch! Dang it -- you made me laugh!!!!

  4. That owl is a cutie. Hope you're all better soon.

  5. So...this is just what I needed about now. I love the picture of Ollie and Sickly. You need to write a book about the two of them. It would be a best seller. The best part was as I was reading along, I'm thinking what is she on.....sure enough I got my answer. Ok, I would type more but I had to re type my entire Christmas Card Mailing list, remember when I got kidnapped to Spain.....well. Not a pretty picture, I kind of thought that this would be the case.
    My shoulders are up above my ears from the neck crek and stress. I'll catch up more tomorrow.

    By the way, boobs, well...just a little...he-he.... but he is super cute.

  6. Sickly is adorable!!! Hope you all get back on the mend real soon!


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