Friday, December 02, 2011

Oh My God

This is real, folks!


Did you see Live with Kelly today?  She showed this on her show today.  It makes me pee just to look at the picture.  I can’t imagine seeing it in person!

Here is the first part of the article in The Telegraph.

World's biggest insect is so huge it eats carrots

Adventurer Mark Moffett has found the world's biggest insect - which is so huge it can eat carrots.

Former park ranger Mark, 53, discovered the giant weta up a tree and his real life Bug's Bunny has now been declared the largest ever found.

He came across the cricket-like creature, which has a wing span of seven inches, after two days of searching on a tiny island.

The creepy crawly is only found on Little Barrier Island, in New Zealand.


I will be posting again later today.  I will not be able to stand seeing that “thing” every time I open my blog.

I have something to show you anyway!


  1. It's so big, it's almost cute ;)

  2. You're right.....OMG! I'm so glad that thing is halfway around the world and not here. I am shuddering big time just thinking about it!!!

  3. YIKES!!!!!!...Are they attracted to carrots?...because I'm getting all of the carrots out of my house if they are!! LOL

  4. EWWWWWW!!! I should be taping the show. I used to always watch it, but since my grandson has come along, it is all about what he wants to watch. And it isn't EVER Live with Regis and Kelly. Who, by the way, I will miss so much. He made the show, in my opinion!!!
    How is the baby?

  5. I think I would have lost it if I saw one of those..there is a reason I don't live in New Zealand or offense to anyone who does..I am just saying they find things there that aren't anywhere else in the world..and have more poisonous critters.

  6. It is so big that it's ugly! And scary. Ditto earlier comments about carrots!
    Susan C

  7. Yes, please do take this down before WWF time as we play before bed. I'm seriously glad this is not in the states. If he can eat a whole carrot, imagine what he would do to a garden. No, Thanks, you keep it NZ.

  8. Yoiks! Egads! Blegh! Can't wait to see your next post.
    ((hugs)), Teresa :-)

  9. Oh Lord i'm totally creeped out, i think i'll shiver all night urgh!!!!
    Karen x

  10. Ewwwww! Post again soon please. lol. :-)

  11. I've been immersed in other things for the last couple of days so I have some catching up to do. First, I've seen your other two more recent so sorry to hear that you're still not feeling better! That gets so old SO quickly! This bug is giving me the shudders! Good God! YUCKKKKKKK!


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