Wednesday, December 07, 2011

HRT & More

This is a short post today because I have a lot to do.  Ugh.. I hate having lots to do.

Here we go…


I made the banana cookies.

(Recipe in previous post)

Definitely worth the trouble of frosting them.

Two Thumbs Up



I got a pedicure yesterday.

I’m showing you my ridiculous get-up.

I wore these legwarmers, flip-flops, and capris all day yesterday.

And the high temp was 36 degrees outside.

A fashionista I am NOT.

At least I didn’t wear this out of the house.

My husband was the only one who saw.

He wanted me.  Hee-hee.


My Tiger Rice Cooker

I’m making fried rice tonight for supper.  I wanted to show you my “authentic” rice cooker.  I bought it 15 years ago or more at an Asian store for $99.  That was before there were any rice cookers out on the market.  I love this one.  It’s so pretty and feminine-looking with the pink flowers on it.  It makes cooking rice so simple.  Just throw in the rice and water, hit “go,” and it cooks it perfectly and shuts off to “warm” automatically.  I’m sure you can order these online, but I’ve never looked.  I bet they aren’t anywhere near $99 anymore…probably $25-ish.  Just a guess.


I’ve got to get some work done now.

I have a doctor’s appointment at 3:00 today.


HRT Note:  For all of you who have mentioned your concerns about HRT, I have done my research.  What I’m looking at are bioidentical hormones (natural).  If you are one who is afraid of them, you need to do your research before speaking out against them.  Maybe you have, but I’m just sayin’.  They are different from the synthetic or animal (horse, pig, etc.) hormones of long ago.  In fact, the risks of NOT taking them (if you need them) are much worse than the risks of taking them.  Besides, my symptoms are so severe, if there are any risks to me (which I don’t believe there are), they are well worth it for me to be able to live a “normal” life again.  But if you don’t think they’re right FOR YOU, by all means, don’t take them!

I do appreciate your opinions and concerns!  Always feel free to say whatever you want here in my comments.  I certainly don’t hesitate to say what I think here on my blog.  Okay, I may hesitate, but it rarely keeps me from saying it anyway.  LOL.

HOWEVER…as I’ve recently found out (very painfully), there are people (or even FAMILY MEMBERS) who will use what they know about your personal medical situation against you to try and hurt you for whatever reason.  Don’t YOU dare to ever even think about it.  Be a better person than that.  I can be mean and vengeful with the best of them, but that is just WRONG and the lowest of the low.

Comment on…


And if you choose not to, well, FUCK YOU.

Good Day.


  1. I LOVE our rice cooker, but we only got it recently. It wasn't $99, but it was a little more than some because it has a Delay Cook feature.

    Love the legwarmers and capris, too. =)

  2. LMAO...I almost wet myself on that one....I have been doing research myself...You are right to take them if you need them.
    I am looking for a rice cooker love rice! Good luck at the Doctor. Have a wonderful day...I also have way to much to do and Im on the verge of freaking out so this was a great break from my life. Thank you.

  3. You go, girl! Love your 'rant's.'
    Susan C.

  4. I love your rice cooker. It looks so much prettier than mine. And you're right you can pick them up for about $25 or less. I was lucky enough to pick up a second hand one yesterday for $5

  5. Did someone get under your skin and ruffle a few feathers. Sure hope it's not me. I'll stick with nice manni and great looking cookies. Detailed email, please.

  6. I wish you luck with the HRT. I think it is great that we can be informed patients these days because so much information is available to us. I enjoy seeing what you are crocheting and cooking. I'm not nearly so prolific.

  7. I was seriously LOLing at the end! My girls thought I had finally lost it! Love it, I would love to say that to sooooo many people!

  8. Those banana cookies look yummie :-)

  9. Hi Pam, OMG we've been hit hard by the wind here (you may have seen on the news) just got power back on yesterday which is why I haven't been by to comment. I've lost 5 days of $ at the shop :(

    I read S. Sommers book on bio-identical hormone treatment (it's very good; read if you haven't yet) and I think it's great you are being pro-active on getting your hot flashes handled. Maca root has kept mine in check but I have noticed since my lack of estrogen I've gained weight in the mid section, less energy, more gray hair, aching joints on some mornings and yes, hot flashes when I get real emotional. In the new year I thought I'd go see a endocrinologist that specializes in bio-identical hormone testing. I want to feel like myself again!! I am looking forward to reading about your progress and traveling on your journey with you!!!! Isn't getting old "f-n" fun? I'll be back to read more of the posts I've missed. Hope you are feeling better by tonight. Take care buddy.

  10. Hi Pammy Sue,

    Been wondering about you, waiting for your blog post today :) Hope your Doc appt. went ok yesterday and your feeling better :)


  11. Well that's just plain wrong that someone would use something about you against you to hurt you. I say f'm too. They need to walk a few, if not more, miles in your shoes.

    I hope you feel better...luv ya!

  12. OMG I am rolling!! Please email and let me know what doc said. I just started to use a yam cream to treat hot flashes and it is amazing!!


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